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Kate Beckinsale returns for Underworld 4!

That’s right Underworld fans! Kate Beckinsale has confirmed that she is returning to her role as death dealer vampire, Selene. After her unbelievably sexy roles in Underworld and Underworld Evolution she opted out of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. But Underworld 4 is a whole other story! She originally said that she would never do…

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Moon Myths: Part 2

More moon myths! You guys loved the first edition of Moon Myths, so I am giving you a second post to enjoy. Here are more of the old superstitions surrounding the moon. It was believed that a waning moon was bad luck and that it was a horrible time for births and weddings. It was…

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Bree Despain’s ‘The Dark Divine’ Headed to the Big Screen

That’s right readers, another werewolf book is being made into a movie! This time it is Bree Despain’s The Dark Divine, the first book in her werewolf trilogy. Check out the book’s synopsis: I stood back and watched his movements. Daniel had that way about him that could shut me down in an instant. ….

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Nickelodeon’s Upcoming Werewolf Movie

That’s right readers, Nickelodeon has a werewolf movie on the way and it stars newest teen sensation Victoria Justice. In the upcoming TV movie, The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, Victoria plays Jordan Sands, an unpopular teen who accidentally becomes a werewolf after a trip to Romania. Unfortunately, you guys have to wait a month before…

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There’s a newly released book that has been getting a whole lot of hype – Paranormalcy. Written by Kiersten White this new supernatural-packed novel already has a HUGE fan base. Check it out: Weird as it is working for the International Paranormal Containment Agency, Evie’s always thought of herself as normal. Sure, her best friend…

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The Werewolf of Allariz

Manuel Blanco Romasanta was Spain’s first documented criminal psychopath and serial killer – he was also believed to be a werewolf. Romasanta confessed to thirteen murders in the mid-nineteenth century and he told the court which tried him that he was afflicted with a terrible curse that turned him into a ravenous wolf. But was…

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Werewolf Movie Trivia

Hurray!  Here’s some inside info on me, I am a HUGE trivia junkie. I absolutely love random and completely useless facts. I also love werewolf movies, so when you combine the two you’ve got posts like this. Here’s a list of some radass werewolf movie trivia: In The Wolf Man (1941), Talbot battled a bear…

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Lost Girl

Hey there werewolf fans, if you’re looking for a werewolf show that’s a little more grown up than The Vampire Diaries and The Gates then you’re in luck. Lost Girl, a new Canadian show, aired this past week and it’s definitely directed towards adults, and not tweens. Lost Girl follows supernatural seductress Bo, a Succubus…

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Moon Myths: Part 1

What is the best known myth about the full moon? That it triggers a werewolf’s transformation of course. But that’s not the only moon myth out there, back in day people believed all sorts of strange things about the moon. So today we’re going to take a little break from the werewolf lore and explore…

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Who is Mason Lockwood?

The Vampire Diaries’ second season premiered this past week and it got a lot of fans asking about the mysterious uncle Mason. Well you guys are in luck! Taylor Kinney revealed all sorts of goodies in a recent interview about his character, Mason Lockwood. Check it out: Spoilers ahead! Uncle Mason seems to be pretty…

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Eclipse Re-released in Theaters Today

That’s right Jacob Black fans, you get to see his sexy body in theaters all over again! But why you may ask – because of Bella Swan’s birthday of course. Yeah, the movie is be re-released in theaters because of a fictional character’s birthday… and because theaters like money. Her birthday is actually on the…

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Castlevania’s Cornell

Time to get all geeky on your asses. Cornell the werewolf was the main playable character of Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness on the Nintendo 64. He’s also a playable character in Castlevania: Judgment on the Wii and there’s a rumor that he will be in the upcoming game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Spoilers ahead! Cornell’s…

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Exclusive Interview with Paul Jessup

I was lucky enough to interview the awesome Paul Jessup! Woo! He is the critically acclaimed author behind Open Your Eyes, Glass Coffin Girls and his newest book Werewolves. Check it out! Can you tell us about your book Werewolves? Sure can! It’s an illustrated journal about a teenage girl named Alice who gets bitten…

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Hallow Pointe

This year hasn’t featured too many horror movies, good ones that is, but it looks like that will all change in 2011. One horror flick we have to look forward to is Hallow Pointe – a werewolf movie! Dead of Night Films sent out a press release Hallow Pointe not too long again, giving us…

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A Decade’s Worth of Werewolf Movies: 1940s

Here we are again werewolf movie fans! This time I bring you the werewolf flicks of the 1940s, check it out. The Wolf Man: This classic is one of the best known werewolf movies out there. It follows Larry Talbot, who returns to the family estate in Wales after having spent 18 years in the…

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