19 Year Old Kills Homeless Man, Believed He was Battling Werewolves

A teenager who killed a homeless man was smoking cannabis and believed he was battling werewolves, a court hears.

There’s a lot of emphasis being placed on the fact that this kid was smoking weed, but chances are, this was him self-medicating for the manic behavior he seemed to be sinking into over a year’s time. The “kid” was 19, and had basically been acting strangely for a almost a year before he finally acted. 

At one point, he told friends he believed his father was a werewolf, and then later began telling them he believed in a worldwide conspiracy with regard to vampires and werewolves. The most disturbing part of this story to me is that no one ever seemed recognize the fact that this guy needed serious mental health. Everyone just let it go, until he eventually lost all touch with reality, and killed someone. If you or someone you know is experiencing this kind of disassociation with reality, I strongly urge you to seek help.

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