167 Werewolf Inspired Songs for Werewolves

threeweresWelcome back faithful readers and hello new readers,
If you are on this site reading this I am assuming you like werewolves. Right? Good. You probably like music as well, because come on, who doesn’t? So if you mix the two you have werewolf-y musical goodness! Hurray!  This post is dedicated to music that has to do with werewolves. This list of werewolf songs, whether they be about actual werewolves or have a somewhat were-theme, is pretty massive and I have that list for you at the bottom of this post. Since there are SO many, I’ll just cover a few worth a listen…

1. Warren Zevon: Werewolves of London – This is probably the best known werewolf song out there. You got the classic rock sound, a bloody story, and a catchy beat; the makings of an awesome werewolf song. So great in fact that many bands have covered the song over the years.

2. Metallica: Of Wolf and Man – You can’t have a list of werewolf songs and leave out the hugely popular Metallica song, Of Wolf and Man. Whether you like metal or not you can’t help but want to scream along “So seek the wolf in thyself!” Cue the head banging… Now!

3. The Cramps: I Was a Teenage Werewolf – This is one of those weird, trippy 80’s songs that you can’t help but love right away. You listen to the odd lyrics, the excellent guitar riffs and you just fall into a musical daze where all you can do is sway your hips to the beat. You can watch a crazy live performance of the song here.

4. Shakira: She Wolf – Haha! How is this for different? A mainstream pop singer, singing a werewolf themed song. Ok ok, the song may be a bit cheesy but you have to admit it’s catchy and the video is so damn sexy it makes me wish I had a cage of my own to play in.

5. Moonspell: Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade) – A beautiful gothic rock song with haunting lyrics… “She brought the Night hidden in her sad Wolf eyes…A werewolf masquerade. In her eyes the wolfshade.” Moonspell has quite a few other werewolf songs as well, all worth checking out.

6.  Heather Alexander: Wolfen One – If you like folk music, you’ll like this song. It’s pretty difficult to find a wolf song by a woman that isn’t folk. This song is mellow, has a great drum beat and is a song to sit back and relax to.

7. The Misfits: We Bite – We covered rock, metal, pop, folk – so now it’s time for punk and who better than The Misfits. We Bite is your old school punk song, perfect for crowd surfing and breaking stuff.

8.  Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising – This song may not be about werewolves but it’s used in plenty of werewolf films and can for sure be seen from a werewolf point of view. A classic song everyone knows and loves and can’t help but sing along to.

9. Ozzy Osbourne: Bark at the Moon – This may not be the greatest song of all time but come on, it’s a classic. Plus the music video is entertaining; who doesn’t love bad acting, campy effects and straight-jacketed Ozzy?

10. Type O Negative: Wolf Moon – And we end this song list with a well loved goth band and their incredibly eerie song, Wolf Moon. The vocals are so powerful in this song, as is the instrumentals; it sends chills down your back.

For more werewolf/werewolf themed songs check out the huge list below. If you know of any songs we missed please let us know.

* Indicates covers
A-Ha – Cry Wolf
A Radio With Guts – Werewolf Weather
Acoustic Rescue – The Lycanthrope
* Adam Sandler – Werewolves of London
Annika – Varulvar och alvor (Werewolves and Elves)
The Barbarellas – Teenage Werewolf
Barry Dransfield – The Werewolf
Betty – Wolfwoman
Binary Star – Wolf Man Jack
Blaster The Rocketman – I Like Lycanthropy
The Browns – American Werewolf In Calgary
Calabrase – Werewolf Boy
Chama C. Fox – The Wolf in You
Chama C. Fox – Wolves
Cradle Of Filth – Amor E Morte
* Cradle of Filth – Halloween 2
Cradle Of Filth – Of Mist And Midnight Skies
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising
The Cramps – I Was a Teenage Werewolf
Cynthia McQuillin – Fleas
Cynthia McQuillin – Hunter’s Moon
Cynthia McQuillin – Night Heat
Cynthia McQuillin – Wolfling
Da boy tommy – Full Moon
Danzig – Killer Wolf
Danzig – I’m The One
Danzig – Trouble
David Bowie – Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
Deadman Our Eternal Ghosts – Werewolves
Death In June – Smashed To Bits (In The Peace Of The Night)
Death In June – Power Has A Fragrance
Diamondback – Midnight
The Doleful Lions – The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here!
Dr. Killbot – Lycanthrope
Duran Duran – Hungry Like A Wolf
Dylan McLeod – Wolf – Clowns
Echo’s Children – The Least of My Kind
Evileye – Lycanthropy
Fang – Diary of a Mad Werrwoulf
Five Man Electrical Band – Werewolf
Forgive-Me-Not – Werewolf
The Four Eyes – Lycantrope Nerd
Fugitives – Wolfman of the Bricolage
Garmarna – Varulven (Werewolf)
Genesis – White Mountain
George Fenton – The Message And Main Theme
Ghoul Squad – I Was A Teenage Werewolf
* Gosling – Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
Gowan – Strange Animal
Grateful Dead – Dire Wolf
Guana Batz – Werewolf Blues
Heather Alexander – Wolfen One
Hedningarna – VargTimmen (Hour of the Beast)
Hedningarna – Räven (Fox Woman)
High on Fire – Fireface
The HopHeads – I Was a Teenage Werewolf
Iced Earth – Wolf
Ilaria Graziano – Valse de la Lune
Inkubus Sukkubus – Woman To Hare
Jefferson Airplane – When I Was a Boy I Watched the Wolves
Jerk Alert – (I’m a) Werewolf
Joni Mitchell – The Wolf That Lives In Lindsey
Josef Jahn & Kirk Adams – Eclipse Jam Mix
Joyce – Run, Wolf Warrior, Run
Julia Ecklar – Timmain
Julia Ecklar – The Wolf Pack
Julia Ecklar – Golden Eyes
Kamatu – Shapeshifters
Kamatu – The Wolf Within
Kamatu – Howlin’
Kathy Mar – Shapeshifter
Kathy Mar – Fox-woman
Killers By Trade – Loup Garou (Evil Version)
King Diamond – House of God
Krokus – Night Wolf
Kroll – Werewolf
Leslie Fish – Cat Maiden
Leslie Fish – The Beast!
Little Miss Freak – Werewolves
Llanfair P. G. – Werewolves Song
Los Lobos – Will the Wolf Survive?
The Lucky Nightsticks – Japanese Werewolf
Lurking Fear – Werewolf
Luxuria – Animal In The Mirror
The Lycanthrope Project – Lycanthrope Spell
The Maulies – Werewolf
Meco Monardo – Werewolf (Loose in London)
Megadeth – She-Wolf
Metallica – Of Wolf And Man
Midlife Crisis – Werewolf of Love
Miguel Bose – Como un Lobo
Mikhal – Loup Garou
Mil’nica – Oboroten’
The Misfits – We Bite
The Misfits – Wolfsblood
The Misfits – Demonomania
Moon Theory – Shapeshifter
Moonspell – Full Moon Madness
Moonspell – Sanguine
Moonspell – Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
Moonspell – Wolves From The Fog
Nazca Nine – Werewolves
Nazca Nine – Werewolves II (live)
Otyg – Varulvsnatt
Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon
Pearl Jam – Animal
Pegazus – The Werewolf
Penumbra – Lycanthrope – Emanate
Rainbow – Run With The Wolf
Ray Obiedo – Werewolf
Ritchie Blackmore – Wolf of the Moon
Robert Miles – Full Moon
Robert Mirabal – Skinwalker’s Moon
Running Wild – Prowling Werewolf (Live)
Running Wild – Prowling Werewolf
Sagent – Lycanthropy Paraphrase
Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs – Little Red Riding Hood
Samhain – Halloween 2
Samhain – The Shift
Samhain – The Howl
Savage Garden – The Animal Song
Schoolyard Heroes – Curse of the Werewolf
The Schulz/Lockhart Project – Werewolf Silence
Seasons Of The Wolf – October Moon
Seraphim Shock – Shapeshifter
Sha-Boom – Werewolf
Shakira – She Wolf
The Shy Guys – Werewolf in Love
Sicko – My Tribute to the Misfits (aka- Your Sister Is a Werewolf)
Siouxsie & the Banshees Juju – Nightshift
Six Feet Under – Lycanthropy
Smoove Diamonds – Loverbeast in Paris
Soil & Eclipse – Lycanthropy – Meridian
Sonata Arctica – Fullmoon (From “White Pearl, Black Oceans”)
Sonata Arctica – Ain’t Your Fairytale
Soul Whirling Somewhere – Every Female Werewolf Ever…
Southern Culture On The Skids – Werewolf
Speed Devils – Werewolf
Steve Roslonek – Werewolf
Strawberry Bazzare – Wolf
Sturmtrupp – Der Werwolf
Styx – Witch Wolf
Tad – Lycanthrope
Tanglefoot – Loup Garou
Tera Mitchel – The Werewolf’s Lament
This Busy Monster – Loup-Garou
Tool – Forty Six and Two
The Tragically Hip – Im A Werewolf, Baby
Trance Factor – Lycanthrope
Type O Negative – Wolf Moon
Ulver – Ulvsblakk
Ulver – The entire ‘Nattens Madrigal’ album
V.S.B. – Werewolf
The Vacancy – Teenage Werewolf
Various – Hour of the Wolf
Walker T Ryan – Werewolf Blues
Walter Egan – Full Moon Fire
Warlock – Cry Wolf
Warren Zeavon – Werewolves of London
Wednesday 13 – American Werewolves In London
The Whisky Horrors – The Minotaur In Me
The Whisky Horrors – Werewolf Moon
Willy DeVille – Loup Garou Bal Goula
Wolfstone – Crowfeathers
XIII Stoleti – London After Midnight
XIII Stoleti – Transylvanian Werewolf
XIII Stoleti – Bratrstvo vlkodlaka

– Moonlight

By moonlight

One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.


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  2. Some other good songs are
    Wolf Like Me- TV on the Radio
    Fresh Blood – Eels. The whole album Hombre Lobo by Eels is about a werewolf and its pretty good!
    You’re A Wolf- Sea Wolf

  3. Some songs you might have missed,…: ( Some of’em ‘Werewolf’ish, some of’em a little off topic.Some i don’t know the album name, so i put X in /album/. ) :)

    (*)= Werewolf in music video


    Mana/Sueno Liquido/Un Lobo Por Tu Amor

    Shadow Reichenstein/Werewolf Order/Werewolf Order

    Stormwitch/Various Albums/
    >Night Stalker
    >Werewolves On The Hunt
    >Slave To Moonlight

    Plus 44/When Your Heart Stops Beating/Lycantropy

    Bullet For My Valentine/Scream Aim Fire/Waking The Demon*

    Evanescence/The Open Door/Call Me When You’re Sober

    Lordi/Get Heavy/Would You Love A Monsterman

    Three Days Grace/One-X/Animal I Have Become

    Methodman/Tical 0:The Prequel/We Some Dogs

    Whitesnake/Whitesnake/Still Of The Night

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs/It’s Blitz/Heads Will Roll*

    Kiss/Creatures Of The Night/Creatures Of The Night


    this is all i can think of at the moment (these songs are on my pc), but if i find anymore i will be sure to post them here.

  4. Def Leppard/Hysteria/Animal

    Found this one while going through the songs on my mp3 player
    just for reminder, any songs i find i will post here ^.^

  5. what about WITHIN TEMPTATION – THE HOWLING ? If we’re going with songs that interpret well into werewolf songs, this seems to fit the bill…

  6. The Howling by Within Temptation
    Dangerous by The Who “Can you feel it in the shadows / Watching you, touching you / Changing you into a mad dog / Howling at the moon”

    1. Little Red Riding Hood is *actually* a cover of a tune from 1966, by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, who also did Wooly Bully.

  7. Another song that isn’t on the list is Werewolves of Armenia by Powerwolf. A really awesome song that I just can’t stop listening to. It is from their Bible of the Beast album. Also, their first album, Lupus Dei, is pretty much werewolf themed. Please, I urge you all to listen to them. They are amazingly awesome!!!

  8. I’m surprised that CocoRosie – Werewolf is absent from the list

    also – Werewolf by Gary Warren, later covered by The Born Losers is a must listen. Don Hinson & the Rigamorticians have an excellent 60s or 50s Halloween album out that includes the very fun “Werewolf Watusi.” Also for the record the “80s” song that user Billie mentions is the 60s song already listed – by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs of course.

    Still I commend the extensive research put into this list.

  9. Mouth by Bush
    -The Bush reminds me of the movie I first heard it, which was An American Werewolf in Paris and I think the lyrics suit.

    Du riechst so gut by Rammstein
    -The music video for the Rammsein song, while in parts maybe corny was still a good watch, to know you have the right one it starts off with a lady riding a horse.

  10. Alice Cooper’s DaDa has a song that really sounds like it could be from the view of a werewolf. It’s called Fresh Blood.

  11. Motorhead- In the Year of the Wolf, The Wolf, Snaggletooth, Night Side (werewolves, vampires, and general evil)

    Rob Zombie- Werewolf Baby, Werewolf Women of the SS

  12. how about any song from mate,feed,kill,repeat by slipknot
    its really based off of werewolves:the apocalypse, but werewolves none the less

  13. WHAT! no Timeless Miracle?
    they have ‘Curse of the werewolf’
    And ‘Return of the werewolf’

  14. Wolfen (Das Tier in mir) “Wolves (The Animal in me)” by E Nomine (a German band) can be found on the Finsternis album.

    The album in general seems to deal with the horror and occult such as werewolves and Dracula.

    1. I love that song. Also:

      Murder by Death – Ash
      “Who could tell the dogs from the men? I’ve seen their faces and I know where they’ve been. I know I’m with them, but I ain’t like that…”

      Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Do You Love Me?
      “I found God and all His devils inside her
      In my bed she cast the blizzard out
      A mock sun blazed upon her head
      So completely filled with light she was
      Her shadow fanged and hairy and mad”

      Andrew Jackson Jihad – Darkest Heart (I’m not sure if this is about loving a werewolf or a cannibal, either way it’s awesome)
      “Show me your fangs, show me your claws
      Break all my bones, break all my laws
      Show me your darkest heart
      So that I may rest in peace.
      Eat my arms
      Eat my legs
      Eat the flesh between my ribs
      Eat my face
      Eat my hair follicles
      Eat my brain
      So that I may rest in peace”

      Bobby Boris Picket and Crypt-kicker Five – Werewolf Watusi
      David Bowie – Bird Distraction (reading from Peter and the Wolf)
      The Fever – Crying Wolf and Little Lamb & the Shiny Silver Bullets
      Ed Harcourt – Little Silver Bullet
      Guana Bats – Werewolf Blues
      Radiohead – Wolf at the Door
      The Goo Goo Dolls – Full Forever
      Echo and the Bunnymen – Killing Moon

  15. Here’s some songs i didn’t see in the list
    Lycanthropy – Back to Zero
    The Howling – Blitzkid
    Blood of the Wolf – Calabrese
    Venomwolf – Calabrese
    Werewolf – Noctunes
    Wolf’s Howl – The Independents
    Full Moon Arise – The Independents
    Wolfsblood – Misfits
    Demonomania – Misfits
    American Werewolf in London – Wednesday 13
    Wolfskin Killer – Zombeast
    Werewolves on Wheels – Ghoultown
    Night of the Werewolf – The Meteors
    Howlin at the Moon – Nekromantix
    Moonchaser – Nekromantix

  16. No Powerwolf????
    You forgot the greatest powermetal werewolf-theme band ever!!!

  17. “The Animal” by Disturbed
    “Waking The Demon” by Bullet for my Valentine

    Also, GrimWolf is a “Pure American Werewolf Metal” band, if that helps any. c:

  18. ancient – lycanthropy
    anthrax – alpha male
    anthrax – howling furies
    cradle of filth (128 ww songs)
    devil driver (around 40 ww songs)
    graveworm (12 or so that i know of)
    peices yall =)

  19. Some more great songs would be;
    Florence and the machine – howl
    Cat power – werewolf
    Cocorosie – werewolf
    Lunar click – a forest

  20. Awesome list! This might be a long shot but does anyone know of song where a woman howls throughout it. All I remember is ahhh hooo part but not the lyrics. It was a rock/electronica song and the singer reminded me a little of Amy Lee. Thanks

  21. Nice list! You should add:

    “No One Lives Forever” by Oingo Boingo. Complete with references to wolves, the gothy contemplation of mortality, and wolf-like howling. :)

  22. You forgot about Sonata Arctica’s “Full Moon”, that’s all about a confused werewolf being hunted down.

    1. huh, nevermind. I must have missed it. I did do a “find” on the page I mustn’t have seen it. Apologies

  23. I just have to say Shakira’s howl in “She Wolf” is so damn sexy!!!
    Even real wolves would agree with me^^

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