10 Werewolf Romance Series You Need to Read

There’s more out there than just Twilight, and Laurell K. Hamilton regurgitae-maximae. the popular writers get a lot of coverage, but with so many werewolf romance stories out there, sometimes it’s just easier to grab what everyone else is reading, instead of choosing something that no one has told you anything about, and that you haven’t seen too much of on the Internet, or the TV. There are a ton of awesome werewolf romance series out there, just waiting to be devoured by the adventurous reader. Here are a few I’ve decided to pick up myself:

Women of the Underworld Series, by Kelley Armstrong (Book 1 is ‘Bitten’)

Historical Werewolf Series by Susan Krinard (Book 1 is Touch of the Wolf’)

Legends of the Wolves Series by Alice Borchardt (Book 1 is The Silver Wolf)

Tale of the Sazi Series, by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp (Book 1 is Hunter’s Moon)

Kitty Series by Carrie Vaughn ( Book 1 is Kitty and the Midnight Hour)

Carnal Desires Series by Celeste Anwar (Book 1 is Carnal Appetite)

The Werewolf Series by Connie Flynn (Book 1 is Shadow on the Moon)

Devoncroix Dynasty Series by Donna Boyd (Book 1 is The Passion)

Hunter’s Moon Series by Cheri Scotch (Book 1 is The Werewolf’s Kiss)

Midnight Series by Emma Holly (Book 1 is Catching Midnight)

Let me guess, you’re wondering why I haven’t summarized the books, or the series at all? This is why: it’s time to open up your horizons, and take a literary adventure! Some of these books are well known, others aren’t. I even snuck in a few really cheesy werewolf romance books, just for fun. So grab a couple, get involved, and take the risk. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love.


  1. Abiey!
    I was scrolling down here to say the exact same thing! I just finished reading that this morning. Definitely one of the better books I’ve read lately.

  2. Bitten and stolen by kelly armstrong is a fantastic novel, with strong imagery and true werewolf characteristics displayed. It’s not sweet and fluffy like twilight, this has some proper gore and sexual scenes with a wolf pack and mutts included in the story. However it is still humourous and has a well written plot. Myer cannot compare to Armstrong at all for literary skills.

  3. Here’s a plug for Christine Warren’s Others series. She mixes all manner of mythical creatures, but her wolves are the best.

  4. I Love werewolf romance. My favorite being Brigg’s, Mercy Thompson series. Does anyone know of a couple other authors who DON’T submerse you in Sex, but still give you the protective, romance of the werewolf?

  5. Kindle book: When, Were, & Howl Series by Jeanette Raleigh. Each listing is about a fourth of a book. So far there’s 2 up. They have some funny parts as well as the romance.

    1. Please try the first volume in my new Werewolf Priest series, A Purer Evil. It’s dark and very different.

  6. A Purer Evil: The Werewolf Priest is about the monster in the soul of men and the humanity in the soul of monsters. And it is about saving the souls of those nature has condemned. It is also about passions: the passions that animate us for good or evil; our passions for life, for blood, for sex.

    Arthur Lehmann, a young Episcopal priest, is the new pastor of a quiet congregation in rural Ohio. He has come there to grieve and reconstruct a life for himself after the tragic death of his pregnant wife in a car accident. He wants nothing but peace, quiet, and an undemanding routine to dull his pain. His only companion is a dog.

    Then one night, while walking his dog, he is attacked by a strange animal, and his peace is destroyed forever. His passions and zest for life return, but there is something horribly wrong. He is slowly changing, into what he does not know. Then, under the full moon, the change is complete. He is consumed by the primal cravings of a beast: he hungers, he craves, he lusts.

    Lehmann has become a monster, what people would call a werewolf. He becomes a slave to primal urges that threaten to take him over, to drag him down into a squalid world of subhuman creatures where a quick death is his most likely fate. He must fight for his mortal existence and for his eternal soul or he will lose them both.

    What keeps him human? Only his moral core and the love of a woman. But she too has secrets, and other temptations challenge his commitment to her.

    A Purer Evil: The Werewolf Priest is a dark look at the paranormal. The creatures Lehmann meets are wretched, living a squalid existence that can only end in misery and death. He tries to survive, to retain his humanity, and he fights to control these diabolical urges. But as he does, he is sucked further and further into a world he did not know existed, a netherworld of violence, primal lusts, and relentless persecution. For he is one of them, and to the world they all are monsters that must be exterminated.

  7. My favourite werewolf series is called The Alpha Girl series by Aileen Erin, it’s a amazing series, a little clichĂ©, but still an amazing read. It has 5 books in the series, with a another 2 coming out next year. Most of the series is based around a girl called Teresa, but the fourth book in based on Teresa’s cousin ‘Claudia’ and the next book that’s coming out is based around Teresa’s best friend ‘Meredith’. If you love werewolfs, romance, action, dram and a female protagonist you will love this series I know I do

  8. As a horror writer myself, I am afraid I do not subscribe to the current trend for romanticising werewolves. They have done the same annoying thing with vampires. Werewolves should be SCARY, not misunderstood, slushy, romantic, teen hunks.

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