10 Werewolf Movies Done Right (Part 1)

These are some of the best representations of werewolves in films; my favorite effects, as opposed to our last post in which we went over some the really awful werewolf movies out there.

 1.  Silver Bullet (1985)

silver bullet

Gary Busey, werewolves, gore; I’ll tell you honestly, it wasn’t really the werewolf in the movie, that made the movie. It was that the film was legitimately scary. There was atmosphere, and horror. It made you want to be careful at night.

2.  Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

trick r treat

The werewolves in Trick ‘r Treat were done well, because who expects a bunch of hot chicks to be werewolves? And this wasn’t technically a werewolf movie, they were just a sweet bonus.

3.  Late Phases (2014)

late phases

This movie was incredibly exciting, because how long has it been since there was a scary werewolf movie? It was gritty and disturbing, it took place in a setting full of defenseless, helpless victims, and it was also pretty smart and fun. If only more werewolves could be done like this.

4.  Hemlock Grove (2013)

hemlock grove

This isn’t a movie, but because it took the werewolf transformation scene, and made it absolutely horrifying, Hemlock Grove has earned a place in my heart forever. I’m so ready for season 3. Yum.

5. The Howling (1981)

the howling

We all know why this is in the list; the first ‘Howling’ was actually scary, and really well executed. Its sequels were all incredibly terrible, but The Howling’s original installment remains one of the greatest werewolf films of all time.

6. The Company of Wolves (1984)

company of wolves

One of my life’s greatest regrets is that I never got to see this movie when I was a kid; it would have been that much more magical for me, then when I had seen it as an adult, –I can’t even express how much I love this film. It’s a gritty coming of age story; told in the tenor of Little Red Riding Hood.

7. Wolf (1994)

wolf 94

This movie is just one of the reasons why James Spader is just… a sexy asshole to me. He’s rapey, and competes for alpha male, in this charming, villainous way. He’s gorgeous and terrible, which is why I fell for him instead of that other idiot, in Pretty in Pink.

8.  Dog Soldiers (2002)

dog soldiers

While I wouldn’t necessarily say this was the scariest werewolf movie, I would say it still packs a punch, and the fight scenes… well, I won’t say anything, I’ll wait for you to see the sequel to this piece.

9.  An American Werewolf in London

werewolf in london

Because the entire movie was leading up to this… we waited, and waited, through gorey corpse visitations, through the original blurry werewolf attack that ended in grue. We’re so ready by the end, that, when the credits roll, it’s like, “Shit…” and it sort of leaves you wanting more. Which is as it should be.

10.  The Ginger Snaps Trilogy (2000 – 2004)

ginger snaps

And last, but most awesome, of course, is my favorite probably of all time, –The Ginger Snaps Trilogy. It went into weird places, and made werewolves sexier than we ever thought they could be. And it was plenty nasty along the way too.

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