10 Spoilers for Season 5 of ‘Teen Wolf’

The new season of ‘Teen Wolf’ might premiere a bit later than we expected, but that just gives us a bit more time to go over what we’ve learned about the upcoming episodes.

Oh oh oh! Should we read it then… is this cheating? I haven’t actually seen any Teen Wolf episodes in a while, which, I admit, is totally shameful, especially since I remember getting really into the show. Dude, I am way behind on a lot of my shows. I need to like, take an entire day, or a week even, and just catch up on -everything-. Alas, school is in session, so I can’t really just abandon life and crawl inside Netflix to die.

I dunno guys, if I read spoilers for season 5, and I haven’t even seen season 4 yet… should I be reading this? Omg, tough decision. Screw it, I need to know. Anyway, if you want the spoilers for the next season, click through to the source article and check it out!

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