10 Huge Spoilers for Season 5 of ‘Teen Wolf’

Orny Adams the actor who plays Coach on “Teen Wolf” will not return for season five of the MTV supernatural series.

…and you just got your first one for free! The next big spoiler? The season is apparently going to operate on a few themes: the primary story is identifying the ‘Desert Wolf’ –but the subplots will also follow up on Deputy Jordan Perrish’s monster, the Argent’s, and Christ is going to continue hunting for his were-jaguar sister. Jeff Davis says that the season will also be more mythologically complex; they’ll actually be looking into some of the stories and folklore behind the monsters.

Dylan Sprayberry, who plays Liam, says that he’s going to get a new love interest in season 5. Two episode titles have also been revealed: “Creatures of the Night” and “Conditional Terminal.” If you want to check out the rest of the spoilers, click the source link to learn more!

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