10 Gifts For Werewolf Lovers

tom-wood-wolfmanWith Christmas quickly approaching you’re going to need to get a gift for your werewolf lover and I’m here to help you out. Here are 10 gift ideas perfect for any fan of the furry.

1. Pure Instinct Perfume
You know wolves have a great sense of smell right? So why not play on that fact with this perfume, sure to drive any werewolf wild with lust. The difference between this perfume and others is that it doesn’t really have it’s own scent, instead it enhances your own personal scent through pheromones. This brand is usually sold through Passions, but you can also buy it on sites like Amazon. As someone that has used this perfume I’ll say that it rocks and it really does smell differently on everyone.

2. Werewolf Art
This is a simple one, I mean, what werewolf fan wouldn’t want wolf-y pictures on their walls? You could go for the easy and cheap poster gift, like this one.

3. Severed Vampire Head
Because really, who doesn’t want a fake severed vampire head? Werewolves hate vampires right? Right. So this is a great gift that is sure to put a smile on your twisted werewolf’s face. And hell, you can even buy the severed werewolf head if you want.

4. Werewolf Action Figures
You’re never too old for action figures! So go ahead and get your old and young wolves some to play with. Raaawr! There are loads to choose from too, just pick a movie and chances are there’s an action figure – from A Werewolf in London to Jacob Black.

5. Werewolves Of Millers Hollow
Hey remember that post I did on the werewolf role-playing game? Well, they made it into a board game. Now you can have pre-made cards and even some extras.

6. Wolfman Belt Buckle
This gift shows to everyone that the wearer loves werewolves so much that they want to display their love right where everyone can see it.

7. Jewelry
This is another good gift for someone that wants to show off their were-love… just make sure it’s not made of silver. You can get all sorts of items, like this totally kick ass ring, to this rad bracelet or necklace.

8. Cage
If you aren’t buying for a werewolf fan but an actual werewolf you may want to invest in a cage. You never know, they may want to lock themselves up during the full moon.

9. Cupcakes
Yay cupcakes! Damn near everyone loves a good cupcake. Since most people are broke these days this is a great gift for those on a budget. All you need to do is bake up some werewolf cupcakes for your guy or gal. If they aren’t a fan of cupcakes you could always make them werewolf suckers.

10. Giant Werewolf Cutout
A massive 6 feet tall cardboard cutout of a werewolf sounds like a sweet ass gift to me. Picture them proudly displaying it in their bedroom or living room, it’s be a great conversation piece for sure.

– Moonlight

By moonlight

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