10 Coolest Scenes of Werewolf Movies Done Right (Part 2)

Okies, so yesterday, I showed you the best werewolves, in movies and shows, –now I’ll impart the best scenes to you. It goes without saying, SPOILER ALERT!

 1.  The Ginger Snaps Trilogy (2000 – 2004)


This is probably my favorite scene out of all the films, because it was very “girl power” –she lures in this rapey asshole, who basically just kicked the shit out of her, and with just one quick swipe, she slices open his throat and splat.

2.  An American Werewolf in London (1981)

ww in london

I loved this scene and here’s why: Jack comes back, and without a shred of irony, tells David that everything is real, all the evil that we’re taught to disbelieve. Monsters are real, and he convinces us, and that the speech is trite or cliche never even occurs to the audience.

3.  Wolf (1994)


I don’t know why, but I felt through this whole movie, and still feel, that Jack Nicholson has never looked as good human, as he does as a werewolf. The effects weren’t crazy expensive, very little CGI used… The film was an homage to classic werewolf stories of old, and should not be missed under any circumstances.

4.  The Company of Wolves (1984)

the company of wolves

This was my favorite sequence of the film; it’s basically the last of the stories, within the story, within the dream. It’s the story of a female werewolf, for all intents and purposes, wounded and nursed back to health by a priest. She crawls back into the well, and disappears into the night once healed.

5.  The Howling (1981)

the howling

This is the best scene, and here’s why; Dee Wallace turns into a werewolf on the news, and no one believes it, just one guy, in the whole bar. It was basically a foreshadowing of the times we live in. Nothing is credible, –and the way the guy states this, pure fact. “It was real,” he says, and people just shrug it off, and go back to their lives.

6.  Hemlock Grove (2013 – )


This was my favorite part of the series because I had no idea what I was seeing, what he was doing, any of that. It wasn’t until his eyes got wolfy, that I realized what was happening. Now I see it, and I think of that song Peek a Boo, by Siouxsie and the Banshees.

7. Late Phases (2014)

late phases

I loved this scene; the woman next door to the main character, resident old cranky guy, was sort of cool. She was the only nice woman in the whole place, pretty much, and naturally, nice people finish last. The scene was actually pretty scary, and set the tone for the whole film.

8. Dog Soldiers (2002)

dog soldiers

Best scene in the whole is when Spoon gets full on vicious with a werewolf; he’s out of ammo, says “F*ck it” and decides to go old school, and honestly, if it hadn’t been for a second werewolf popping up out of nowhere, Spoon probably would have just about killed himself one of them.

9. Silver Bullet (1985)


I love this monologue; Reverend Lowe finally reveals why he’s been picking off the townspeople, –though he has no excuse for killing kids, so, he’s really just insane. And you know, watching Corey Haim get called a “meddling little shit” is also hilarious.

10.  Trick ‘r Treat (2007)


I love this scene, I loved the entire girly-werewolf sequence; these bitches weren’t like Dee Wallace’s little… weird shih-tzu version of a werewolf, a la, The Howling. These chicks were super gruesome looking. And then the whole thing with Anna Paquin, looking incredibly cute, before she unhinges her jaw and eats this douchebag… Just wow.

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