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San Diego Comic-Con 2011 brought us all sorts of awesome last month, including info on one of our favorite shows – Being Human! One of the big questions last year was if Syfy’s Being Human would continue to follow the original British version (which is on its fourth season). The US version was such a hit that they have been signed on for a second season and that’s got a lot of folks wondering if, like season one, they’ll mimic the original. For those that have watched both, then you know that SyFy stuck damn close to the UK version, in some episodes it was copied scene-for-scene. But, according to the Being Human panel at Comic-con they aren’t doing that in the second season.

“This year, we’ll see that we’re striking on a way different path,” promises American executive producer Jeremy Carver. “We’re laying down our own framework here.”

Thank goodness! I really don’t like the idea of them copying every little detail from the original, they really need to try and branch out.

Unfortunately, we have a bit of a wait before we can see the new changes.  Shooting for season two  started a few weeks ago and is set to return to Syfy channel in January. So far!

During the panel the cast and crew chatted about what’s to come, but of course, they couldn’t give away any spoilers so they didn’t share too much.

Sam Huntington, who plays Josh the werewolf, said that his character “[is] stronger and he’s more in tune with who he is. His relationship with Norah has developed in very interesting ways,” he says. Norah is, as you fans remember, his girlfriend, who may have lost their werewolf love child during the full moon when Josh may or may not have made Norah a werewolf like him.  Damn cliff hangers…

As for Aidan the vampire, Sam Witwer said that with Bishop dead, Aidan has kind of gone off the rails. Despite the rocky relationship that Aidan had with his maker, Aidan is lost without him. “He kills a girl in the first episode,” Witwer said.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, Carver added that season two will feature “new types of werewolves, vampires and ghosts.”

Sounds good to me! What do you guys think, are you excited about the second season? I definitely am, but then I do like the US version WAY more than the original.

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  1. This should be interesting. And good.

    I like both versions of Being Human, when comparing Season 1 with each version, there are elements of dialogue, plot and scene handling that I’ll like better over the other.

    Branching out to fully become their own entity from the BBC series will be great.

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