‘Being Human’ Coming Back for a Fourth Season!

We talk about Being Human a lot here at Werewolves.com and if I’ve learned anything it’s that most of you prefer the original BBC Being Human over the new American version. So I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to know that Being Human is coming back for a fourth season! BBC recently announced that the next season has been confirmed and that they’re already working hard to make sure it lives up to the fan’s high expectations.

Following the drama-packed season three finale, which involved werewolf George making some difficult choices, season four will see the aftermath as the housemates return to their home in Barry Island. The upcoming season will also introduce some new characters following the success of recent guest stars Lacey Turner, Robson Green and Michael Socha.

On the  Being Human website the team behind the hit show chatted about how the feel about Being Human’s success and what fans can expect next season.

Harry Lansdown, Acting Controller, BBC Three says that, “Being Human’s brilliant mixture of fantasy and everyday life continues to provide, must-see, ground breaking drama for BBC Three, and I’m delighted to announce a fourth series for 2012”

Toby Whithouse, Creator and Executive Producer added, “We were overwhelmed by the response to series three, and so we’re absolutely thrilled that the BBC have given us this opportunity to continue our show into a fourth year. We’ve got another intense and epic story lined up for you, with some new faces and old, and even more horror and mayhem and mugs of tea. I can’t wait to get started.”

Rob Pursey, Executive Producer, Touchpaper Television also spoke about the upcoming season, saying that, “Being Human feels like it’s taken on a life of its own now, and we are delighted. I’ve never known a drama develop such a strong relationship with its audience. We’re very excited to be making a fourth series.”

So how excited are you guys about the upcoming fourth season? What do you think the show has planned?

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  1. That will rock!

    I like the US/SyFy Being Human… if any complaint… it’s that they’re doing a remake too soon and while the original is still in syndication.

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