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The Wolfman DVD and Blu-Ray Details

June 2nd, 2010 § 0

As most of you werewolf fans know, The Wolfman, staring Benicio Del Toro and Emily Blunt, was released on DVD and Blu-Ray yesterday. Yay! If you haven’t picked it up yet I highly suggest doing so. Why? Because not only does the movie rock, but the special features kick massive ass!

Blu-Ray Special Features:

  • Deleted and extended scenes
  • Includes 2 exclusive alternate endings
  • “Return of The Wolfman”: See how Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and director Joe Johnston tapped into the tragic roots of the legend and cinematic lore to unleash a new terror
  • “The Beast Maker”: A detailed look at how legendary make-up wizard Rick Baker transformed a classic monster into a modern nightmare
  • “Transformation Secrets”: Whether transforming werewolves, producing hallucinogenic nightmares or recreating the fog-covered streets of Victorian London, we’ll see how the visual effects team created a haunting world of moonlit monsters and unsettling thrills
  • “The Wolfman Unleashed: The team behind the stunt and action units shares with us the physical challenges of bringing The Wolfman to life, including the climatic werewolf battle at Talbot Hall
  • Digital copy of the film for a limited time only (expires 6/30/11)
  • Take Control: Special Makeup Artist Rick Baker, Visual Effects Producer Karen Murphy-Mundel and Director of Photography Shelly Johnson ASC take control of the viewing experience by stepping inside the film to reveal details of the filmmaking process and offer a personal visual commentary
  • “Werewolf Legacy, Legend and Lore”: Take a virtual tour through over seventy years of Universal’s Wolf Man films and a thousand years of Werewolf mythology
  • BD Live™: Access bonus content, trailers and more through an internet-connected player
  • Exclusive content: Watch the first ever online streaming of the original 1941 Wolf Man for a limited time only

As for the DVD, well unfortunately, the only special features it has are deleted and extended scenes. Lame, but at least the Blu-Ray version rocks.

- Moonlight

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