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The Many Looks of Werewolves

January 13th, 2010 § 19

If you were to have a werewolf movie marathon you would obviously notice that each flick has it’s own werewolf look. Some of them look more human-like while other look more beastly, but each is unique. Here are a few different werewolf appearances. Make sure to check out the photo gallery at the bottom.

Underworld: The crew on this movie did an excellent job in my opinion. It’s a perfect mixture of both human and wolf – not too much human, not too much wolf.

An American Werewolf in London: The special effects team on this flick became huge due to having the best effects at the time. Not only the effects though, but the costumes and makeup were also a big hit. The werewolf in this movie looks a bit… odd, kinda like a monkey and a wolf had a baby. Still impressive though.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Ok, I am a huge Buffy fangirl, I totally admit it, but the werewolves in Buffy were so laughable. Maybe if they didn’t run around like a kid pretending to be a puppy it would be a different story. The overall look was a super hairy human with a smooshed in face.

New Moon: This popular film went with the full on CGI wolf look, which I adore. They were beautiful giant wolves.

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban: Remus Lupin is probably one of the most adorable werewolves I have ever seen. He looked sorta like a hairier Gollum from Lord of the Rings. His look was a thin little beastly creature that stood hunched over.

Blood and Chocolate: This is another one that went with the total wolf look, no human mix. The really cool thing about this movie is that they used real wolves, not CGI created ones like in New Moon. The result is a pack of stunning wolves to feast our eyes on.

The Wolf Man: While the new Wolf Man looks awesome, I’m talking about the original 1941 Wolf Man. His look was a big afro, a pig nose and a bunch of patches of hair glued to his body. Not all that fancy, but hey, it was the 40s.

And this ends my list, while there are countless werewolf looks they are all similar to one of these in some sort of way.

Out of all the werewolf movies and shows out there which is your favorite?

- Moonlight

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19 Responses to The Many Looks of Werewolves

  1. ziad abdool says:

    The harry potter one sucked ass. the one van helsing turned into in the movie was my favourite but it wasnt on this list

  2. OrbWeaver says:

    I thought Underworld did a really good job on their werewolves. Of course, that’s about the only thing I liked about those horrible films. I think the werewolf in An American Werewolf in London is a lot better than you do. Though I had a cousin tell me “It looks like a bear.” That’s better than “a monkey and a wolf had a baby” at any rate. The Howling actually did a pretty good job, too.

  3. 8Ddi says:

    It is just my opinion, but i feel the New Moon werewolves are just lazy. The CG is far from sufficient; there is no excuse because the technology is out there. This may be the case because the money that should go into doing something profoundly creative, went to the marketing instead. I am more excited to see the newer Wolfman coming out because of Rick Baker’s marriage of both CG and makeup (which he was wanting to try according to interview with him in the American Werewolf in London DVD special features).

  4. karen says:

    How about the movie, “Dog Soldiers”? It’s my fave werewolf movie of all time .. just love it

  5. Werewolfgurl101 says:

    shut up they not lazy. go die in a hole….. the last pic looks like chubaka

  6. Fiannabear says:

    I agree, “Dog Soldiers” was very good. And for effects, “Van Helsing” was spot on too. I can’t see how “Underworld” doesn’t get bashed daily though, as much as I liked their mythos, the design was horrible. The behind the scenes stuff even has the artist talking about how he didn’t want them covered in hair, and wanted them to be more “cat like”, really? It’s a freaking werewolf. They did look a little better in the second one though. Even though it was cheesy, “Bad moon” did a good job with the final look of their wolf. My favorite of all time though is Eric Cord’s look in “Werewolf”, the TV. show. Oh, and Werewolfgurl, don’t fuck with the classics. Lon Chaney’s werewolf was the first and most iconic. It set the standard for many years.

  7. 8Ddi says:

    werewolfgurl01: Like i said, “just my opinion.” I would rather not die in a hole. Also, it’s “Chubaka” looks like last pic. :)

  8. Demonofthefullmoon says:

    lol the spill sed new moon’s wolves looked like care bears

  9. Lucy says:

    They forgot Chubaka, although the last one kind of looks like him. ;)

  10. Ryan says:

    Actually the “werewolves” in the Twilight saga aren’t werewolves they are only shape shifters. The fourth book clears the air on that confusion.

    • moonlight says:

      It’s the same thing really. They are changing their human for into that of a wolf and only a wolf, that equals werewolf or shapeshifter.

  11. bill corbett says:

    iam a werewolf i have been one for 4 years i normaly change on fullmoon nights but last night i started to change this is wrong i normaly lock my self up ihave kids there safty is 1 on my list is there any way to controle it and why now is it now going out of controle and all you kids that pray to be one its a curse i have lost alot because of it please help

  12. Madeline says:

    The Harry Potter Werewolf scares the absolute shit out of me, the Underworld one is good, but all the others just make me laugh.

    What scares me about Lupins’ wolf is its’ gangliness and hunch. It has a very ominous and dark feel about it, and when it comes out from behind the tree I almost have to cry. The way it runs with a sort of limp is the way I imagine a real werewolf to run. The transformation was perfect aswell.

  13. ReDw0Lf says:

    mates,i believe the most handsome and lovely and bloody is van helshing,there are nothing like him,his the best!!!

  14. ReDw0Lf says:

    all the other sucks!!but the second loving movie was underworld,the white one werewolf in evolution rocks,or the 2 in 1 werewolf and vampire is something else!!

  15. ReDw0Lf says:

    madeline are u sure?i believe that van helshings is good!!!

  16. shawn says:

    ive seen a few werewolf movies i would have to say the white werewolf in underworld is the best ive seen in a long time and dog soldiers wasnt to bad either but the way they moved threw me off a bit, looked like they were on stilts holding onto the rafters lol

  17. Dean says:

    I thought that Remus Lupin was an absolutely adorbs werewolf but of course wouldn’t be very fun to meet at night–after all, he looks obviously like a monster, which is good. I like the werewolves that look even only slightly monster so a different feel can be captured than the average canid creature.

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