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The Alpha Wolf

There are many different kinds of werewolves, and the Alpha Wolf is just one. Although some may argue the Alpha Wolf is the most important and powerful kind of werewolf there is.

Historically the Alpha werewolf is a shape changing creature that can become wolf by rubbing an ointment on themselves or by wearing a charm. Other ancient legends point to heredity playing a big part in the Alpha wolves. These legends state that one can only be an Alpha wolf if they are born into it. The legend also states that it can sometimes skip a generation, leaving some members of the family in complete unchanging human form. Should a new generation have the Alpha wolf gene passed onto them, it usually does not show up until puberty. Those who become Alpha wolves this way are thought to have supernatural strength and even some psychic abilities.

Ancient legend also states that there is one way to become an Alpha wolf without being born into the family line. That exception is to make a pact with the devil but this was a most extreme method. It was thought to only occur when a human wanted to seek revenge upon the death of someone they loved. Being in Alpha form could then give them supernatural abilities to conquer anyone and anything. Should one become an Alpha wolf this way, it’s thought that the shape-changing can be done at the wolf’s will and no conditions, such as a full moon, are needed.

The Twilight series focuses heavily on the Alpha wolf, with Jacob Black as the rightful heir to the title. In this take on the myth, Jacob gives up this right to another in the pack, Sam, and becomes Sam’s right-hand companion. Twilight has a very interest take on the Alpha role position and it continues to come up throughout the entire series.

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kate • October 6, 2009

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  • Reba Necker

    i love <3 werewolves

    • SheWolf

      You wouldn’t if you really knew what we do and how we do it.

  • DamnWolf

    is there even a such thing as a were.???

  • ms.wolf

    to danmwolf if you don’t know already were means man so its really man wolf but there are girl/woman werewolves.. and to everyone who thinks werewolves are mean we are not mean we are just very angry sometimes and if you ask me we or at least i don’t eat people unless we have to but mostly we eat other animals like dogs cats rabbits small animals.

  • http://google joelyn

    I Have lived for 23 years and i have belived in werewolfs but never seen.

  • http://idonthaveawebsite. Anthony.D

    werewolves are not blood thirsty evil beasts thats just a stereotype
    started by vampires and store owners that sell silver objects.

  • http://idonthaveawebsite. Anthony.D

    why is it that whenever i look up werewolves on the internet the
    IMORTAL NIGHT GAME AD is right there stairing me in the face.

    • http://tuuututututututu.net payton mae mehsling

      i do to but i dont wunt to eat my family hahahahahahahaha

  • vijesh

    i like this creature, i want to b com a were wolve

    • http://tuuututututututu.net payton mae mehsling

      hahahahahahahahaha thats funny !!!!!!!oh srry i bet your not kidding:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

      • http://werewolves1.yolasite.com faolan lykos

        you know,stop acting that way.you’re acting immature and ignorant.

  • http://hahaha brianna

    hi im brianna ive always belived in vampires and hoped somethiung like twilight would happen to me but no i wish a hot vampire came to me and wanted to be my boy friend

    • http://tuuututututututu.net payton mae mehsling

      stop being mean

  • MidnightRider

    I don’t understand why you idiots believe you’re actually werewolves or acclaiming to want to be werewolves. It’s a tribal situation, one can’t just become one. And it’s not like lycans are nice to anyone. It’s a lifestyle, not just an occupation. Not a fantasy world for you no lifes to live in. We’ve been around since Lilith seduced Adam, as in Adam & Eve. You only know that you want your life to be different, so change it yourself. Just get a job, save your money, and move away. Stop wanting something that won’t ever happen.

  • http://tuuututututututu.net payton mae mehsling

    i dont believe there real because they dont look like it dont you guys think?

  • http://tuuututututututu.net payton mae mehsling

    i love that pic up dare

  • Albert

    I don’t know much about werewolves but I want to become one since I was little. Can anyone help with this??

  • http://WWW.YAHOO.COM silverfang/ginga

    listen up midnightdoodoohead. we can believe what we want to. i bet you believed in werewolves. why are you even on here? are hurt other people’s feelings calling them no lives and idiots? i think you need to just get off the computer, get your butt in a corner and think about how people feel right now about your comment. i bet you believed in many creatures that could exsist in another galaxies or dimension or a parralell universe which is possible to get to with being killed. if we could go back in time the closest type of werewolf like thing would be the anubis an egyptian type of werewolf. midnightrider just shut up with your mean comments and say something nice. apoligize to those you terrirized with your typed words.

  • http://yahoo.com silverfang ginga

    sorry you can live going through a parralell universe

  • http://facebook.com ?

    the stupid were wolfs on twilight arent real if you had close contact you wpuld understand cuz i am one reason i know is cuz my friend took a pic of me right before i bitt him you say im an idiot im a lone wolf black fur and the rest of the details i cannot say if you call me an idiot ive tried to loose the curse it never goes away but that fake twilight stuff is retarded!

  • yo

    Im a were wolf so u people who dont belive in them shut up

  • justin

    all natives are were wolves not white people like Layne Barker

  • http://facebook.com scarlet

    i now its weird i love warewolfs

  • tiger-eye

    you say soo many thing but once the full moon come you will fear the dark that come. you dont know until you see what really happend. the way i know becuse i live in the navajo rez here there not much light to see there. if a person hate you for no good reson they’ll made you sick. we call them skin-walker once the full moon in the night sky people dont do much cuz they fear. befor their wasn’t much of them but after year’s past more and more were made.but as for us navajo we kill them our self

  • Matersae of Draconae

    What should you do if a werewolf is being hunted and you want to help it?

  • Unknown

    Actually According to our Scientific studies. is that we have found plenty of unusual bites on human beings. But apparently they do not cause any body-shaping to those who were bitten. Yet, people have reported some unusual Reports, As in an animal, big and black (is all they remember) Seeing when last being with those victims. Some people are unclear with what they have seen and are traumatized for life. Although most people do not believe in This Alpha. but in what i think, it is. With the bites we have seen, I’m pretty sure there IS something out there. but all i must say is only in urban territories. But some, very rare are in the city. And for myself, i have seen quite alot of Extremely awful things in the forest’s all i say to you. is dare not go out in a full moon, midnight in to the woods or forests, whichever you recall is more dangerous. Therefore, these Beasts Or monsters whatever they are being referenced as are something that is very horrible. DO NOT make a pact with the devil. You must be pretty brave to doubt this. – Unknown



  • ghosteagle

    What u should do if a werewolf is being hunted , shoot it while you can do him a favor , lol, not like bullets hurt them anyways

  • sadowmare

    silver kills them plus alphas cant die un less a natural wolf hunter kills him with a silver sword….

  • Jen

    You people are nuts. They’re mythical creatures and don’t exist. Just came n here to do some research for my fantasy novel. What is wrong with people. There is a difference between fact and fiction!!! Maybe you guys need to seek some help and get a life! Wow. That’s all I have to say….

  • http://facebook zomarrius

    im the alpha you know how my grandfather was one of the alphas and he past it to me when i was born

    • Nedim

      you stupid there is no such a thing like a werewolf

  • b

    I won’t to become one so badi have loved and believed in wolfs my whole life

  • Erin

    How does one become a werewolf?