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Werewolves Are Serious Business in the Philippines

Werewolves are being blamed after herds of goats were slaughtered during full moons on a tiny island in the Philippines. According to reports, the goats show signs of having been killed by supernatural beings and villagers … To be fair, werewolves in other parts of the globe are an echo of folklore in culture with varying…

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Help Make a New Werewolf RPG Happen on Kickstarter

Lie to survive and determine which of your friends is lying to kill you in this familiar twist on the popular role playing game, Mafia. Two different awesome decks, one set in the North Pole, the other set in a werewolf infested village, –the decks are awesome, the guys making them are super generous, and…

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Is It Scientifically Possible to Turn Into a Werewolf?

Practical effects vs CGI has us wondering what a real-life werewolf transformation would look like. Let’s do the science. I actually read this; the process of turning into a werewolf laid out here for all is pretty interesting. How would it actually look… or work, for us –regular people, to turn into werewolves? Is it…

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Why You Shouldn’t Do the Werewolf Diet

“It seems like we hear about a new diet every day. Paleo, Atkins, low-fat, low-sugar; the list goes on and on. You might think you’ve heard it all, but have you heard about the Werewolf Diet?” Eat like a werewolf and lose weight? Apparently… it’s really bad for you to eat this way, so if…

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New Werewolf Movie “Wolves” Opens in Canada this Weekend

“[A] story about a teenager who discovers that his nightmares are part of something unpredictable and wild… and he needs to discover the truth … before it forces him down an even darker road…” Apparently we’re just not having a good year for horror movies in the United States, but that’s okay, because a lot of…

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Blood of the Werewolf – New Werewolf Game for Steam Addicts

After her husband is killed and her son kidnapped, Selena vows revenge on the creatures responsible. Switch between human and wolf forms and hunt them down. I love Steam, I have so many goodies on there, and the best part is, most of them were presents from my friends. Now, there’s a new werewolf game…

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Emily Isabella Burt: Real Werewolf?

Tucked away in Talbott County, Georgia is the grave of Emily Isabella Burt, a woman widely believed to have been a werewolf. Like all good stories, this one has gone on to be legend, though one that is all but forgotten these days. While I am usually pretty skeptical about this kind of thing, I…

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New Werewolf Movie Coming! – Late Phases

Late Phases features an awesome lineup of genre familiars and some creepy special effects. This could be a lycanthropic homerun, and you’ll likely agree after checking out this awesome trailer. So excited! I’m right there with the guy who wrote this, –I’m close to losing my mind too. I love werewolf movies, and I gotta…

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Werewolf Skull Found Sealed in Box

A Bulgarian born farmer claims to have found a box, chained shut, containing a werewolf-like skull while ploughing a new section of field. Is this proof of the existence of werewolves… or is it proof that some weirdo decapitated a baboon at some point, and kept his head buried in a box?  There is no…

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Plants to ward off werewolves

When thing go bump in the night and the air is filled with howls, turn to plants to protect you from the worst of monsters: werewolves. Proof right here, that we are not the only weirdos on the Internet who take werewolves seriously. I mean, you have to be prepared for the forces of darkness……

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Goosebumps Werewolf Skin 2 – YouTube

Goosebumps Full Episodes Now, I know not all of you were Goosebumps kids, but those of us who were, absolutely effing loved the Goosebumps shows, –and now, they’re all online, and watchable on YouTube. Oh sure, you could watch them on Netflix too, but YouTube is free!  All together, bow before your lord and master,…

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I Am a Bride – Finnish Werewolf Folklore Comic

A short comic inspired by Finnish werewolf folklore in which it is many times the wedding couple and/or the entire wedding party that is bewitched… This is short, but I love the bleak, black and white illustration. I read this about 8 million times, I wish I had it for my house, framed. It was…

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News from the Developers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — A Ton of Free DLC

“Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt” is coming soon, and all the news about the game points to a really stunning final product. “The Witcher 3″ release date will be February 24. Werewolves, witches, and really pale angry guys, –oh my! I saw the trailer for this a while back and loved it. Plus, unlike its…

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Overcast – Walden and the Werewolf (Official Trailer) – YouTube

Download : http://store.steampowered.com/app/293180 Official Website : http://www.microblastgames.com/ Contact : contact@microblastgames.com Now, I just wanted to make sure someone knew about this, because it is actually kind of scary, and it is a werewolf horror game. And I also kinda wanted to make up for that stupid SIMS shit that I posted earlier.  Got a Steam…

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♥ The Sims 3 Supernatural – Werewolf and Vampire Got a Twins

Check New MMORPG Game FOR FREE: http://play.any.tv/SH5f0 (2012) The Sims 3 Supernatural – Werewolf and Vampire Got a Twins ——- Enter the mysterious town … Did you know there was a supernatural expansion pack for this incredibly lame game for people who basically aren’t capable of playing real video games? Add something slightly more exciting…

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Werewolves that Kick Butt the Most

Werewolves that Kick Butt the Most I am generally not a fan of horror movies or TV shows, but monster movies, books, and TV series are totally different matter. While there may be an element of horror in them, it’s the monsters that make the difference, particularly if the monsters in question are werewolves. There…

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‘Teen Wolf’s Aunt Kate’s New Look For Season 4

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 4 is bringing back Kate Argent, and Jill Wagner tells  all about her purple, drooling were-jaguar in this interview. Just when you think no one will return from the dead this season… in strolls dear ol’ Aunt Kate. With this turn of the tables, will Kate Argent become more human, or at…

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‘Teen Wolf’ Man Candy Just For You!

In honor ‘True Blood’ premiering its seventh and final season on June 22, and Season 4 of ‘Teen Wolf’ premiering on June 23, check out our gallery of the sexiest supernatural creatures and vote for… In a little over a day ‘Teen Wolf’ season 4 begins, new faces, new enemies, and unbelievable grief from our favorite…

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Is our old friend from ‘Twilight’ potential zombie food?

There’s another survivor joining Rick’s gang on the AMC horror drama.the night desk’s insight:Is it out of the pot and into the fire for Christian Serratos? She goes from playing with werewolves and vampires to becoming possible zombie food in the ver…


The Mortal Instruments: Book 1 City Of Bones Official Trailer

CITY OF BONES! SHARE ME on FACEBOOK! http://on.fb.me/Xf1msc The first official trailer for ‘The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones’ (2013). When her mom is at…the night desk’s insight:The news has reported this amazing movie has failed to hit its fin…


Teen Wolf – DVD Plans are Starting to Shape Up for ‘Season 3, Part 1′

TVShowsOnDVD.com Teen Wolf – DVD Plans are Starting to Shape Up for ‘Season 3, Part 1′ TVShowsOnDVD.com A few weeks ago MTV aired the summer finale of the show’s current season, and now Amazon has begun taking pre-orders for a release of Teen Wolf…t…


the vampire diaries feat. stiles stilinski (humour) PART 1

hope, you’ll like, actually, hope, it’s funny) if you want ‘to be continued’, I’ll think about part 2, just ask)) please, sweeties, sub my back-up) I don’t w…the night desk’s insight:This video is hysterical. A perfect he said/ she said and Stiles a…


Hemlock Grove Season 2 Gets Ready For Production

Update: Hemlock Grove production designer Drew Boughton tells WebPronews, (Hemlock Grove Season 2 Gets Ready For Production via @webpronews #WPN http://t.co/GVcqyodrld)…the night desk’s insight:By episode three of season one, I was anxious for seaso…


Netflix Posts New ‘Hemlock Grove’ Q&A Video

Breathecast Netflix Posts New ‘Hemlock Grove’ Q&A Video WebProNews Netflix announced that it had renewed Hemlock Grove for a second season back in June.the night desk’s insight:An interesting background look at the show from some of its main chara…


Werewolf Books Coming Out in 2013

  Happy September everyone! Here are some werewolf books coming out this Fall: The Wolves of Midwinter: The Wolf Gift Chronicles by Anne Rice This next book in the Wolf Gift Chronicles is the sequel to The Wolf Gift, and continues the story of Reuben Golding, a werewolf (or Man Wolf, one of the Morphenkinder,…

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