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Werewolves that Kick Butt the Most

Werewolves that Kick Butt the Most I am generally not a fan of horror movies or TV shows, but monster movies, books, and TV series are totally different matter. While there may be an element of horror in them, it’s the monsters that make the difference, particularly if the monsters in question are werewolves. There…

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‘Teen Wolf’s Aunt Kate’s New Look For Season 4

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 4 is bringing back Kate Argent, and Jill Wagner tells  all about her purple, drooling were-jaguar in this interview. Just when you think no one will return from the dead this season… in strolls dear ol’ Aunt Kate. With this turn of the tables, will Kate Argent become more human, or at…

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‘Teen Wolf’ Man Candy Just For You!

In honor ‘True Blood’ premiering its seventh and final season on June 22, and Season 4 of ‘Teen Wolf’ premiering on June 23, check out our gallery of the sexiest supernatural creatures and vote for… In a little over a day ‘Teen Wolf’ season 4 begins, new faces, new enemies, and unbelievable grief from our favorite…

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Is our old friend from ‘Twilight’ potential zombie food?

There’s another survivor joining Rick’s gang on the AMC horror drama.the night desk’s insight:Is it out of the pot and into the fire for Christian Serratos? She goes from playing with werewolves and vampires to becoming possible zombie food in the ver…


The Mortal Instruments: Book 1 City Of Bones Official Trailer

CITY OF BONES! SHARE ME on FACEBOOK! http://on.fb.me/Xf1msc The first official trailer for ‘The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones’ (2013). When her mom is at…the night desk’s insight:The news has reported this amazing movie has failed to hit its fin…


Teen Wolf – DVD Plans are Starting to Shape Up for ‘Season 3, Part 1′

TVShowsOnDVD.com Teen Wolf – DVD Plans are Starting to Shape Up for ‘Season 3, Part 1′ TVShowsOnDVD.com A few weeks ago MTV aired the summer finale of the show’s current season, and now Amazon has begun taking pre-orders for a release of Teen Wolf…t…


the vampire diaries feat. stiles stilinski (humour) PART 1

hope, you’ll like, actually, hope, it’s funny) if you want ‘to be continued’, I’ll think about part 2, just ask)) please, sweeties, sub my back-up) I don’t w…the night desk’s insight:This video is hysterical. A perfect he said/ she said and Stiles a…


Hemlock Grove Season 2 Gets Ready For Production

Update: Hemlock Grove production designer Drew Boughton tells WebPronews, (Hemlock Grove Season 2 Gets Ready For Production via @webpronews #WPN http://t.co/GVcqyodrld)…the night desk’s insight:By episode three of season one, I was anxious for seaso…


Netflix Posts New ‘Hemlock Grove’ Q&A Video

Breathecast Netflix Posts New ‘Hemlock Grove’ Q&A Video WebProNews Netflix announced that it had renewed Hemlock Grove for a second season back in June.the night desk’s insight:An interesting background look at the show from some of its main chara…


Werewolf Books Coming Out in 2013

  Happy September everyone! Here are some werewolf books coming out this Fall: The Wolves of Midwinter: The Wolf Gift Chronicles by Anne Rice This next book in the Wolf Gift Chronicles is the sequel to The Wolf Gift, and continues the story of Reuben Golding, a werewolf (or Man Wolf, one of the Morphenkinder,…

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My Favorite Werewolf Movies!

THE WOLF MAN (1945) Contrary to popular belief, this was not the first werewolf movie. It wasn’t even Universal’s best, but it was a huge improvement over Werewolf of London. Written by Curt Siodmak, a German Jew who had fled Nazi Germany, the film is infused with the themes of alienation and the monster within…

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Have Werewolves Become Boring?

*Points to the title* Is it so? Have werewolves become boring? Beings who transform from human to wolf could never get old, right? Well, it kind of seems like they have. Before you send me hate mail, hear me out… Lately it seems that nearly every werewolf book, movie or show is the same. The…

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Werewolf attack jump

A Playground For All the “Real” Werewolves

In the many years working for this fabulous website I have learned that people LOVE pretending to be werewolves. Some do it for fun, others do it to mess with people. Due to the latter group I had to write up this list of rules (naughty naughty werewolf fans). However, I am learning more and…

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What is On Your Werewolf Wish List?

It’s Christmas month werewolf fans! It’s the time of year you get lots of gifties! Yay free stuff! Anyway, since I was sick of friends and family constantly asking me what I want for Christmas I made myself an Amazon wish list because it’s easy. I like easy. So, while making this list I was…

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Have You Ever Heard of Wolf Lake?

Well, if you haven’t, it’s a werewolf show that came out a few years ago – a very short-lived werewolf show. I hadn’t thought about Wolf Lake in a while, I actually forgot about it completely, until it came out up my Amazon recommendations. Turns out the show just came out on DVD a few…

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New Monster Show ‘Mockingbird Lane’ Has Aired

Mockingbird Lane, the new remake of the monster show The Munsters, has finally aired. I was honestly expecting the first episode to bomb, but surprisingly it brought in loads of viewers and has plenty of great reviews. Check out the info on the show below, as well as a promo. About the show: “Mockingbird Lane,”…

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Review of Werewolves by Paul Jessup and Allyson Haller

After hitting up the local bookshop I got my hands on the graphic novel-like book Werewolves. Written by Paul Jessup and illustrated by Allyson Haller, Werewolves is the journal/sketchbook of a teenage girl who is bitten by a werewolf. Book description: “Werewolves takes the form of an illustrated journal that plunges readers into the life…

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Tim Burton’s New Movie Has Werewolves

Ok, honestly, I don’t usually care much about what Tim Burton does because it’s all the same – same style, same actors, same vibe… blah blah the same. However, his latest film project, Frankenweenie, caught my eye after seeing a photo of the movie. Yeah, it’s the same old creepy cartoon style, BUT, there’s a…

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Would You Willingly Become a Ferocious Werewolf?

If given the chance, would you become a werewolf? Now, before you rush to the comment section and write “YES!” over and over, there are some terms. You don’t get to choose which type of werewolf you get to be in this game – I do. Bwahaha! Almost every single day I read comments by…

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Design Your Own Werewolf: What Does Your Movie Wolf Look Like?

There has been a lot, and I mean a LOT, of debate here on Werewolves.com over what movies and TV shows have the best looking werewolves. Many may love one particular style of wolf, but countless others may despise it. It’s a never ending battle on which werewolf looks more badass. Because I love myself…

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Review of the Upcoming Comic Ursa Minor

Coming soon is the comic Ursa Minor, the latest miniseries by Big Dog Ink and Tom Hutchison.  I was lucky enough to get an early look at the first issue of this kickass comic and I’ve got my verdict below. Bababuuum! Check it out: “After a pack of werewolves assassinates the President during the televised…

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Do You Believe in Werewolves?

Do you believe in werewolves? It seems like a simple enough question, right? But it really isn’t so easy to answer. I know that everyone that comes here loves werewolves, you love watching them on the screen and love reading about them in books. But have you ever thought for a moment about whether they’re…

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First Look at Big Dog Ink’s Ursa Minor

Hello my wolftacular readers! I’ve got a tasty sneak peek at Big Dog Ink and Tom Hutchison’s upcoming comic book miniseries Ursa Minor. Coming this May is a new dark world of lycanthropes, vampires and more. More info below! From the Official Press Release: In May 2012, comic book publisher Big Dog Ink will take…

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What Would Happen if Werewolves Were Discovered?

There is a question I often ask authors when I am doing interviews, a question that has nothing to do with their book, but one that’s fun to ask in spite of that (cliché interviews are SO boring).  Every author has given me a different, yet fantastic, answer so far, and I love hearing every…

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Werewolves in Blade

Out of all the classic comic book characters out there Blade is doing pretty damn well for himself, I mean, there are three successful Blade live-action movies, a short-lived live-action TV show and now a new Blade anime airing on G4. As much as I’m sure you werewolf fans love this vampire killer, you may…

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