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Review of Werewolves by Paul Jessup and Allyson Haller

October 24th, 2012 § 5


After hitting up the local bookshop I got my hands on the graphic novel-like book Werewolves. Written by Paul Jessup and illustrated by Allyson Haller, Werewolves is the journal/sketchbook of a teenage girl who is bitten by a werewolf.

Book description:

“Werewolves takes the form of an illustrated journal that plunges readers into the life of a high school girl-turned-werewolf as she makes her transformation. After Alice and her brother are bitten by what they assume are large dogs, her journal/sketchbook becomes a place for her to record the changes they start to experience her socially awkward brother falls in with some creepy new friends, and she surprises herself with new strengths and instincts and a suddenly nonvegetarian interest in raw steak. Joining the werewolf pack that bit them, they discover the pleasures and dangers that come with the cycles of the moon, including threats from “hunters” who stalk them, a researcher seeking a cure, and escalating violence within the pack itself. With a fresh take on the lore and legend, Werewolves gives fans a ripping tale to sink their teeth into.”

As a chick who has been journaling since she could write, I’d say Werewolves reads just like a teenage girl’s journal. I found that impressive. But what I found most amazing in this book was the style and the artwork. Everything from the realistic handwritten entries, to the totally random doodles (which I do in my journals too), to the gorgeous drawings, was highly impressive. I am so in love with Haller’s artwork in this book, I was mesmerized by each piece and found myself constantly stopping to examine the images. The style is traditional, with a mixture of mediums, and perfect for the story. Love!

As for the story itself, well, it was good, but it wasn’t the most amazing tale I have ever read. It was simple and expected. But in spite of that, I am in love with this book. The story and the artwork blended flawlessly and it felt like a real journal.

This is totally a book I recommend, and as I write this post, Werewolves is currently on sale on Amazon for 90% off! It’s only $2! So I would definitely take them up on that offer.

- Moonlight

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Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to werewolves and other supernatural beasties. She writes for top genre sites like Vampires.com and Werewolves.com. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of folklore with coffee in hand. You can stalk her via her Twitter.


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5 Responses to Review of Werewolves by Paul Jessup and Allyson Haller

  1. Rhio2k says:

    The price is right…but good lord: over 11 bucks for shipping?! What the fudge?

  2. Rhio2k says:

    Thank heavens Amazon offers a llst of New and Used sellers with more sane prices. I ordered new from Tri-City for 27 cents and 3.99 shipping.

  3. This sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing! Now I have two books to look for the next time I go to a bookstore

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