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More Monsters in America!

The Full Map Of Monsters In America! Not just werewolves, but all kinds of other cryptozoological wonders: what I don’t understand is why so many of them are fish…. or at least, water-based? I wonder what that says about the human’s natural fear/fascination with the water? Anyway, there are a ton of different monsters on…

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New Video Game Has …”Vamwolves”

Also combines romantic undertone with murder mystery So think of all the time that could have been saved on the Vampire Diaries with all that hybrid nonsense; Klaus was a vamwolf! With lots of vamwolf experimentation he created vamwolf buddies! Woo! There’s a new game coming out and because it’s like, manga-based and manga is…

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Werewolves Not Swearwolves!

The genre bender horror-comedy ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ shows how vampires deal with the modern world. We’re all so excited about this new movie; not just us here on Werewolves but all of us on the Darkness network. It has something for everyone, –and it has werewolves! I knew it would, because any…

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Play as a Werewolf in Action RPG ‘Moon Quest: Dungeons Dark’

“You may or may not be familiar with Animoca, but for the uninitiated, Animoca is the game publishing company behind recently released Astro Boy games that have hit Google Play last year…” Excited? You should be: there are three character classes, werewolves, vampires and humans, you can play as a werewolf, and it’s sort of…

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9 Things We Learned from Hot Werewolves

“…look back and see what we’ve learned about hot werewolves in fiction and film throughout the years…” My favorites are #8 and #9, — so true, and I’m not telling you what they are, –you’ll have to click them. Oh and the .gif from True Blood featuring Sookie telling Alcide to “stop making that noise”…

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I Got Scott! Which ‘Teen Wolf’ Character Are You?

Teen Wolf Personality Quiz: Which ‘Teen Wolf’ Character Are You? This was fun: apparently, I’ma rolling bag or hormones, just splattering feelings and emo juice on everyone who comes my way. I also don’t desperately want to fit in and be normal, so I’m not sure how accurate this quiz is… Friends and family are…

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9 Monsters in America: Werewolves & Other Weird Sh*t

“Frankly, we’re a little weary of Bigfoot and Nessie. What about those mysterious critters that don’t have dedicated reality shows[?]” Right? Cryptozoology is such an awesome science…(that is basically just considered complete nonsense by the rest of the scientific community) –especially since you would have to be pretty smart to find new species of mythical…

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Watch It Now: The Feeding (2006) on Netflix!

Deep in the woods, a creature has eaten all the deer and moved on to humans…. First off, I love the review for this film. If you get a chance to click through to the source article to read it, you’ll probably get a good giggle or two out of the clever commentary. Naturally, there’s…

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Feminist-Friendly Werewolf Novels

“Becca Thornton is about to meet the Wolf’s Point werewolf pack and nothing is ever going to be the same again…” I posted those awful werewolf erotica ebooks the other day: these are sort of similar, but the characters are a lot different. It’s important that I stop you and keep your attention for a…

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Werewolf Mice & More Crazy, Creepy Critters

They include the ‘hardest bat in the world’ (pictured) from Morocco which has a taste for killing scorpions and eating them head-first and a unique turtle from Texas that urinates through its mouth. Ooh, oh, ewww. I just gagged a little when I read that last one. But omg, okay: the true star of this…

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The Black Fables (As Fabulas Negras): Brazilian Splatterfest Has Werewolf?!

“Word has come across our desk that Coffin Joe himself, the great Jose Mojica Marins, is on board as one of the four directors of the upcoming Brazilian splatter anthology The Black Fables…” See the monster on the far lower right? Looks werewolf-y, right? The trailer has tits, ass, blood, lots of gore and super splattery…

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17 Facts & Folklore On Werewolves

“Do you think werewolves are just the stuff of legends? You may be correct. Yet there’s always the chance that those thousands of eyewitness accounts may be true…” Are werewolves just folklore? Well, some of the facts don’t lie… werewolves appear in ancient Greek texts, all the way back to stories and observations made by…

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Bite, Claw, Jump, Survive! in the Bloodthirsty Werewolf Game for Android

“Help Jacob the werewolf survive as long as possible in the Haunted Forest ! Be careful not to die…” The game is super simple, and looks a little anime-y, –which I gotta be honest, –doesn’t usually do much for me. But I love werewolves and I love smart phone games, –and we also support a…

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Scream Factory is Releasing ‘The Howling II’ on Blu-Ray this Summer!

“Oh boy, this is exciting news. Scream Factory, never shying away from bringing us the best-worst horror movies…” Yay! Okay so, maybe you’re like me, and you saw The Howling and then you were basically like.. “Okay, all the sequels to this look super dumb, I’m just going to preserve my first experience and try…

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Review: Project: Metalbeast (1995)

“What to make of a film that can’t even be bothered to change its own credits when the title is altered?” Okay, okay, so “Metalbeast” isn’t exactly the biggest b-movie gem out there, –but I mean, –it has Barry Bostwick in it! Come on! Give the old bastard a chance! This hilarious review covers the…

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5 New Werewolf Movies That Might Mean a New Trend in Hollywood

Like Werewolves? Watch the trailer for Wheelchair Werewolf! There are actually some movies on this list that I haven’t heard of, –and one I’ve seen. I have to tell you, “Wer” is the absolute single best werewolf movie I have seen in about a million years, –so maybe you guys can see why I’m having such…

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More Sexy Werewolf Romance: Sexy Bites, Oooh La La!

“SCHOOL BITES: Middle school teacher Toni Freedman deals with a dangerous population: the pre-adolescents from Crimson City’s newly created Wolftown….” This stuff is so demented, and completely pornographic; makes me think I’m in the wrong line of business. I mean, there was a time when I could cyber with the best of them, so why…

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The Werewolf (1913) Among 7 Other Classic Horror Films Gone Forever

These 8 terrifying old horror movies are sadly lost forever. And some of them are genuinely scary; Lon Chaney’s ‘London After Midnight’ for example; there’s a .gif that looks seriously sinister. Unfortunately, that film, The Werewolf, and many others, –probably more, –have been lost forever to time and deterioration. Film reels were not as well…

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4 Theories on the ‘Creature’ in the First Episode of ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5

Jeff Davis gave fans the first spoiler for “Teen Wolf” Season 5: a title for the premiere. Find out what it is and who it might refer to. Wel; here we are: the third and final post celebrating the new season of Teen Wolf, and, because I know how much you guys love lists, –there’s…

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One of the Stars of Teen Wolf is Giving Up Social Media! Oh God… NOOO!

An actor from “Teen Wolf” told his fans that he’s taking a break from social media, but he didn’t explain why. This is the second post on our newly minted “Teen Wolf Day”, a day when we celebrate all things Teen Wolf, –the show, –maybe when the show gets cancelled we’ll celebrate the movie, its…

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9 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Teen Wolf!

“If you’re anything like us here at Clevver, you’ve devoured each and every episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf, and just can’t get enough of this addictive show…” This is Teen Wolf Day! I suggest we start an annual Teen Wolf Day, Jan.5 of every year… Anyway, wait till you hear this stuff: The wolf howls…

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“Met by Moonlight” Fan-Art from Skyrim

“It’s a fanart of Skyrim scene from Daedric quest: “Met by moonlight”…” The name of the piece is “Night of the Hunters” –and I love this; not only do I love the Companions storylines, but there is so much to do in Skyrim, and the werewolf quests and perks tree is my favorite: kill people,…

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Jason Momoa is a Werewolf in ‘Wolves’

Game of Thrones and Red Road star (and future Aquaman) Jason Momoa discusses his horror film Wolves I dunno about you guys, –well, I should say, girls –but I am so ready to see Jason Momoa again, –good god almighty he is gorgeous. He could be the next spokesman for Wendy’s, I don’t care, just…

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Time Flies: Teen Wolf Season 5 Spoilers!

“Teen Wolf” Executive Producer Jeff Davis has revealed the title of “Teen Wolf’s” fifth season premiere. Can you believe that season 5 of Teen Wolf is already out? God, I remember when if first came out, and I was all like, “Ugh, please don’t let it be all MJ Fox lame,” not that Teen Wolf,…

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India’s TV Dramas Have Werewolves, Witches and Icchadhari Nagin!

“Indian television is no longer limiting its family dramas to kitchen politics; the makers have now started infusing paranormal elements in family dramas and comedies…” There’s ghosts, and vampires, –and no, I’m not gonna tell you what an icchadhari nagin is, you’ll have to Google it. Ooooor, you could just read the source article. I…

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