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Meet the Famous Werewolf Kitty

“Meet Atchoum the cat. At first glance, the demon like eyes of this fuzzy fellow will send shivers down your spine…” I know y’all have seen pictures day in and day out, –of people who have hypertrichosis. It’s the rare disorder called “Werewolf Syndrome” that causes people to grow excessive amounts of hair all over…

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The Originals; Hybrids, Werewolves and Vampires Getting Their Own Book Trilogy!

“The Originals has gotten its own spin-off. Rather than on the TV, this time it is in books. It follows the success of the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed and Veronica Mars…” Hybrid werewolf-y vampire combo Klaus, his siblings, and the werewolf Hayley headed back to New Orleans and started their own show…

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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Tyler Posey From ‘Teen Wolf’

Love Tyler Posey? Here are some things you might not know about him. Well, one of the first things is clearly that he looks better in a bikini than you might have thought. He certainly rocks those coconut shells. He also, and I bet most of you won’t remember this, was in Maid in Manhattan as Jennifer…

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George R.R. Martin Movie Adaptation of ‘In the Lost Lands’ Has Milla Jovovich, Werewolves, and Zombies!

Another George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones) story is getting an adaptation, this time on the big screen with Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil) starring. How exciting! A George R.R. Martin movie, and it’s supposed to be like, an anthology film, I believe. The movie is going to follow the interconnected short stories about women who…

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Author Brian Taylor Shares His 5 Favorite Werewolf Movies!

“SNAFU: Wolves at the Door (Cohesion Press) is almost a week old. Aww, look how it snarls at strangers! Careful, don’t get too close. It bites!” I don’t always spend a lot of time congratulating first-timers, or a lot of new authors, but this guy put in some effort, he’s a real werewolf movie fan,…

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See the ‘Werewolf of Wysteria’ in ‘The Lives of Hamilton Fish’

 “In The Lives of Hamilton Fish, a film by New York City artist and songwriter Rachel Mason, a politician named Hamilton Fish is linked by fate to a criminal also named Hamilton Fish.” Why is he called ‘The Werewolf of Wysteria”? Serial killer, obviously, and also, a comedy writer. And a cabaret performer. Why? Well,…

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VMFA-122: ‘The Werewolves’

“The Werewolves made history August 29, 2008, when the squadron stepped off American territory and headed east to participate in Operation Iraqi Freedom…” A lot of people seem to think that the only military to have ever had werewolves, is the German Army, a la the days of Hitler. Not so, however. In fact, we…

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New Werewolf Movie: Blood Redd

“Ah, you can never have too many werewolf horrors, so I am very happy to be sharing the trailer, poster and details of Blood Redd, the latest addition to the popular horror genre.” So, I watched the trailer; it’s great, and if I was into micro-budget, badly acted werewolf horror movies then I would probably…

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9 Werewolf Sightings: Some Classics, Some Brand New!

Check out real werewolf sightings from actual people who encountered werewolves. There werewolf sightings in Wisconsin are far and wide; for some reason, cheese and werewolves are like, a total Wisconsin thing. I reckon it’s because it’s so damn cold there and everyone is unnaturally nice. The reason people are so nice in Wisconsin? They’re…

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Run Like Werewolves Are Chasing You!

You’ve heard of an American werewolf in London. This is ingenious: how come we can’t have running or racing events in the United States that involve being chased through a dark forest by werewolves? So last weekend, more than 100 runners in the Otley Chevin forest set out to break or set the record for…

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Maricka Hackman Turns Into a Werewolf And Slaughters Bandmate

Hackman’s darkest imaginations come to life. In the new video for track Animal Fear Maricka Hackman starts off playing guitar, –it looks a lot like your standard, standing-around-strumming-crooning-in-a-dark-room video. But then her fingernails get unmanicured, and then it appears she needs her teeth capped, badly… and then she grows a crazy beard. You see where I’m going…

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Read This: Tinder by Sally Gardner

“A young soldier, a captive princess, witches, wolves and Death all come together this epic new novel.” I love modern fairy tales, some of my favorite authors in the genre are Francesca Lia Block (The Rose and the Beast), and Jackson Pearce (Fathomless, Cold Spell), so yeah, this book is very much something I want…

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‘Wolfcop’ Screening at Panic Fest in Kansas City!

Panic Fest 2015 pushes the horror even longer at Screenland Armour Some people are soooo lucky. I am not one of them. As a local Kansas City dweller, I am so jealous of everyone who can afford to attend the whole tamale up at Panic Fest 2015; lots of very cool special guests will be…

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Werewolf Game ‘Hunt’ Delivers and Then Falls Flat On Its Furry Ass

“Survival horror is a genre that is really difficult to pull off. It’s a complex mix of tense atmosphere, player disempowerment and a fear of the unknown.” The good life: taking your trusty crossbow out into the trees, the tall, dark grass, with very little light, and hunting werewolves. Sure, your weaponry isn’t all that…

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The Werewolf Woman of Alabama!

“What does it say about your job when several people email you links to a map showing which monsters live in which states?” I have the same job, lady, and it’s not as fun as you think. But! This is cool; we recently posted about the map that came out recently, showing all the monsters…

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6 Mythologies From Around the World That Should Be on Teen Wolf!

With ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 on the horizon, Hypable is itching to find out what sort of myths and creatures we might be seeing next. More coyotes is the first; lots more Native American werewolves and animagi legends, –I kind of think that’s cheating though, because Native American werewolf legends are pretty prevalent, –I mean,…

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The Scoop on ‘WER’

“This is one the most intelligent werewolf movies I’ve ever seen.” Truer words were never spoken: WER is one of the most intelligent werewolf movies I have certainly ever seen, in fact, I think it is the most intelligent werewolf movie I have actually ever seen; I mean, I’ll always love Ginger Snaps, but this…

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Am I Menopausal or a Powerful Werewolf?

Maybe real life has gotten so boring for those constantly entertained by television that we’re sure we must have magical powers, because checking in and out of a mind-numbing job is just a little too depressing to accept…. This whole article is fantastic; if you actually take the time to read it: it’s not just…

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Enter to Win Werewolf Nights by Mari Hamill – 2 Weeks Left for the Giveaway!

“Enter to win one of 2 free copies available. Giveaway dates from Jan 14-Feb 13, 2015. Town’s Werewolf Legend Comes to Life in New Book by Mari Hamill…” Okay guys, looking at the book’s cover, you are thinking, I already know: “what is this goofy shit?” but! The author’s writing, from what I’ve seen, is…

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‘Late Phases’ Coming To Blu-ray & DVD in March

“Fans of werewolf cinema will be pleased to know Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s critically acclaimed film Late Phases…” Oh yeah, it’s coming out, finally, to watch: yay! I’m excited to see it, finally, and the wait won’t be that long. February’s a short month, it’ll be over (and rent will be due) before you know it. I’ve…

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Theo James from ‘Divergent’ is Going to Be in the New ‘Underworld’ Movie! Eeee!

“Theo will reprise his role in the fifth installment of Lakeshore Entertainment’s popular vampire vs. werewolves series of films, which began in a 2003 film anchored by Kate Beckinsale…” You know what’s crazy, right? Theo James started out in an underworld movie that came out in 2012, Underworld: Awakening, which I didn’t see because they sent…

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I Bet You Don’t Love An American Werewolf in London as Much as This Dude…

“Think you love An American Werewolf in London? Probably not as much as this guy…” I love monster tattoos! I’ve got a few tattoos, but not really much of a central theme going on. My favorite is the tentacle mass on my shoulder, with a matching set on my right shoulder coming soon. This guy…

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‘I Was A Teenage Werewolf’ Coming Back to the Big Screen?!

The latest shared universe to hit movie screens will not come from Marvel or DC Comics, but from American International Pictures cult classic 1950s “B” movies. The next decade is going to be a huge era of movies that are adapted from comics, as well as reboots from Universal’s monster universe. And now, other ancient…

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Werewolves in Wisconsin: Cheese, The Packers, and Now… Werewolves!

“…Wisconsin is as well-known for sightings of things that look like fanged, shaggy werewolves as it is for cows, cheese, and the Green Bay Packers.” I love Green Bay; it’s one of my favorite places I’ve ever lived. I had great sex there, was with my very first long-term significant other, got my education underway,…

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‘Mystery of Irma Vep’ Werewolf, Mummy, & Vampire Together in Texas

The Civic Theatre brings classic horror with a humorous twist to the stage in “The Mystery of Irma Vep”… This play almost makes me wish I still lived in Texas! Almost. Anyway, it’s a horror comedy on the stage, playing around the Killeen-Temple area, and it’s on until February 1st, so if you’re out that way, you have…

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