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Best and Worst Werewolf Transformations

Hmm, let’s see if I agree with this listing. (It’s available at the source link below. I’ve started including this tagline because there have been people in the past who, when reading one of my posts, weren’t able to find the original article I was referencing. It’s listed as “source.” Look down. See it? Good.)…

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How Sadistic Are You?

The term “sadism” is derived from the Marquis de Sade, the notorious French aristocrat who enjoyed inflicting pain on others, and enjoyed even more fantasizing about inflicting pain on others. A prolific writer, Sade produced a litany of overtly violent, oftentimes pornographic fiction that would require a person to be a masochist (that is, a…

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A dead Hellhound? How’s that work?

The infamous “Black Dog” is a curiously British cryptid or specter. Known by different names in different parts of the Kingdom, this creature, or these creatures, plural, are likewise given a variety of origins and properties. They are evil, manifestations of the devil. They are sometimes helpful. They are omens of disaster, warnings. They are,…

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What is it?!

I never trust anything I read on the Internet without checking first. I even double-check snopes. I confess, then, that I have no idea if this article I’ve linked to (see source link below) is for real or not. Doesn’t matter. It’s a photograph of a weird-looking something, and as weird-looking somethings, photoshopped or not,…

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Lost in America? No, ashamed in Alabama!

I consider Huntsville a bastion of culture and sensibility in the midst of the republic of redneckism that is my sometimes sweet, sometimes sour home of Alabama. I think of Huntsville this way because it’s true. We’re the home of NASA, after all. We put people in space. We have the highest average IQ of…

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Evidence of Human Sacrifice on Mt. Lykaion

It might be expecting a little too much from the reporter who penned this linked-to article (see source link below) for him/her to have gone into depth on the subject, but I do wish he or she had done a little more research. I reckon it’s a case of, if you want something done right,…

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Weird Wilderness

Summer is by far my favorite season. Those who know me well are surprised that it isn’t autumn, which brings with it Halloween. No, it’s the sizzling summertime, which, living as I do in the American Deep South, is akin to spending four months trapped in a sauna. What can I say, I’m a glutton…

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Only ONE Werewolf Made the List!

Ah, but WHAT a werewolf! Also, the TYPE of list of which we are speaking is more than a little relevant. We are talking about the “10 Incredibly Sexy Horror Movie Villainesses!” mentioned in the linked-to article available at the source link below. Note that it doesn’t claim to chronicle the TOP ten sexiest villainesses,…

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Cannibals, cannibals, everywhere!

If all else fails, do some copy on some cannibals! Werewolf marks are always eager to sink their teeth into a good cannibalism story (pun most definitely intended). This article, available at the source link below, offers several good cannibalism stories. My favorite is the one about Justin Bieber being a cannibal. Don’t believe me?…

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Horror Hosts with the Most

Any Horror and Monster movie fan of a certain age is familiar with the original variety of “shock jocks,” the late night Horror movie host. The most famous of this entire species is probably Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, but she is hardly the first (just the bustiest) or the best. In fact her shtick…

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The Wold Newton Connection

Okay, y’all stick with me, here, as this can get a little complicated. The Wold Newton Triangle in England is, just like the Bermuda Triangle which its name calls to mind, or the Alaska Triangle, or the Great lakes Triangle (Ever wonder why such areas are always triangles? Why not the Wold Newton hexagon? The…

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What’s the going rate for souls these days, anyway?

If you’ve never traveled the “Blues Trail” in Mississippi, I highly recommend it. Even if you aren’t really a fan of the Blues as a musical genre—and I admit that I am only a tangential fan—it’s a fascinating exploration of American culture and Art. You’ll do a lot of driving, but the flat Mississippi Delta…

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I can’t review this book because I haven’t read it yet. I can review the premise: A werewolf onboard a cruise ship. That’s one of those ideas that seems so obvious, you wonder that no one has done it before. There WAS an episode of KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER with a werewolf on a ship,…

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freaky monsters


Every monster fan of a certain age has a profound love for the magazine FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND. There aren’t adequate adjectives to describe of thrill of walking into the neighborhood supermarket and seeing the latest issue of FMF on the stands. It was a creation just for us, the fanboys, and a love letter…

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deimosimine poster

A Visit to the Set of DEIMOSIMINE

I’m not sure exactly how much I am at liberty to reveal about the upcoming production DEIMOSIMINE from my buddies over at Legless Corpse Films. Without giving away the plot, I can safely say that the title is NOT the name of the monster. I think. In a way it is, but the monster isn’t…

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A Real-life RINGU Video?

Perhaps I shouldn’t even be reporting on this. If there IS truly something to it, something nefarious in nature, then I’d be unwittingly spreading the toxic influence, wouldn’t I? If I talk about this movie, the French silent picture FURY OF THE DEMON, and some of y’all get curious and go watch it, then you…

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legend of tarzan Djimon-Hounsou-as-Chief-Mbonga

The Leopard Men

I am, by my own admission, a massive Tarzan mark. I’m so jazzed over the new movie, which came out a month ago and has performed far, far better than industry insiders and overly PC candyass critics predicted, closing in on 350 million global as of this writing, that I’ve been pimping it heavily here…

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Hot, Hot, Hot!

It’s been hot here in the dirty South thus far this summer. Like, HOT hot. Like you wanna just sit inside with the AC cranked up and a fan aimed directly at you hot. And it’s a wet heat, too, a high humidity heat, like a sauna. Ask anyone who’s lived in both the desert…

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tiger fierce

Don’t Blame the Animal for Being an Animal

A few years ago my better half and I were on vacation and made a stopover to tour the Okefenokee Swamp in south Georgia. A remarkable place with wildlife everywhere, I recommend it to any and all nature lovers. As it was winter when we visited, and a particularly cold morning, the alligators, some of…

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It’s the Devil!

Remember Dana Carvey’s character from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, the Church Lady? Oh, come on, there are bound to be SOME of you who do. For all you Millennials out there, just google it. Wait, what’s that? Who’s Dana Carvey? Oh, lawd, I am feeling old. He was Garth from WAYNE’S WORLD. What? You’ve never heard…

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Do you smell what the Wolfman is cookin’?

Thus far news that Universal Studios plans to bring its pantheon of established “classic” Monsters out of retirement and put them to work in a Marvel-esque “shared universe” have been met with skepticism, if not outright derision. It’s not that any self-respecting Monster fan doesn’t want to see the legends back in action on the…

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derek nance

What’s to eat? Raw Meat!

I don’t even like my steaks to be too rare; I always order them medium. Guess I’m just hopelessly civilized, and I’m okay with that. Lexington, Kentucky’s Derek Nance has a rare medical condition that won’t allow him to eat anything EXCEPT raw meat. That’s all he’s dined on for the past five years, and…

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The Man-Beasts of TARZAN

In the new film THE LEGEND OF TARZAN (which is spectacular, and if you haven’t seen it yet you need to remedy that, and if you have seen it you need to see it again to catch all the in-jokes—the crocodiles being summoned by a “mating call,” for example), the Mangani, the ape race that…

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old stinker at work

Hull Werewolf Sightings Prompt Public Inquiry

Ah, the good ol’ Freedom of Information Act. And here I thought it only applied to American government. Apparently it carries some clout in jolly old England, too. When a dude named Wayne Carr made a request to the city of Hull concerning their werewolf problem (more on that in a moment), the city’s information…

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Gonna go old school with this one. I’ve said before how I consider it a moral obligation to turn you youngsters out there on to the classics. 1978’s DEVIL DOG: THE HOUND OF HELL certainly qualifies as the latter; albeit it is a “classic” of a different sort. The story is fairly straightforward; there are…

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