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In “Bloodborne” You Become the Monster

“A common criticism of video games these days is that they are just getting too easy…” That criticism could never be made of any of the games made by the creators of Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Dark Souls II; those games are hard as hell, and now they’ve created a new title: Bloodborne, in which you become…

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The 3 Werewolves that Inspired The Order: 1886

Creative director Ru Weerasuriya discusses the werewolves that inspired The Order’s hideous lycans. So… which famous werewolves inspired the incredibly grotesque lycan mutants in The Order: 1886? Well, I’m sure you can guess the first one; it’s always going to be An American Werewolf in London. The movie’s transformation scene has always been inspirational to filmmakers, writers, –hell,…

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A Few Good Reasons to Stay on Team Jacob

Give me a hunky teenage werewolf over a moody pale vampire any day. I love this article; basically, you have to choose between two guys with some rather odd behavioral issues. For example, as sexy as Jacob is, we also have to remember that his original pack’s alpha, Sam Uley, accidentally ripped off half his…

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Photo Evidence: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are Werewolves

Have you ever wondered how Kim Kardashian and Kanye West became the most influential power couple of all time? In just one year, the couple’s famedom has skyrocketed and their collective net worth is estimated to be over $140 million. It’s obviously because they are some kind of royalty, nobility, or authority class amongst werewolves….

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Werewolves & More in ‘The Maltese Bestiary’ by Stephan Mifsud

“Books about mythical creatures hold a fatal attraction for me….”  And me; I generally end up with eight million books about Greek mythology in every house I live in, whether I want them or not, and lots of outstanding library fines in every city I’ve ever lived in, which is quite a few due to…

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The Big Werewolf Wedding on “The Originals”

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage! …”  If you’ve been avoiding The Vampire Diaries spin-off series, The Originals because you thought it was all about vampires and their crap, then you are missing out. The Originals actually deals quite a bit with werewolves, werewolf-vampire hybrids, and their own politics; interacting with and constantly…

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Crying Wolf (2015): It Puts the B in Beautiful

“The world needs more werewolf films…” Deddington, Population: Lots and lots of dead people. The movie is totally B, like, a BIG B, but the creature effects are very intricate, and clearly, plenty of time was spent working on them. Werewolves aren’t the only critters in town either; in fact, the town of Deddington goes…

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Will ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Be The New ‘Spider-Man’?

“‘Spider-Man’ is getting younger. For the next movie in the series, our favorite swinging superhero is heading to high school…” There are a lot of rumors flying around about who is going to step up to be the new Spider-Man, –according to recent report, Andrew Garfield is ditching the Spider-suit. Which makes sense, honestly, because it’s…

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Cody Christian from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is Coming to ‘Teen Wolf’ for Season 5

“A new face is headed to Beacon Hills! Cody Christian is joining the cast for the fifth season of Teen Wolf…” He’s cute but I’m way too old for that kid; I don’t have to feel guilty about crushing on Robert Pattinson, he’s probably older than me. As werewolves go, this kid is cute, but…

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Check Out the Video for Vince Ripper’s ‘I Was a Teenage Werewolf’

“Around these parts we appreciate fine horror-themed music. Such is the case with Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show from the UK, who just put out their CD entitled It’s Fun to Be a Monster.” I couldn’t actually make it through the whole video, frankly, because Mad Men is on, and I don’t want you to get…

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Somerset is Werewolf-Free Since 2013

“SOMERSET and neighbouring areas like North Somerset and Bristol appear to be werewolf free. But ghosts, UFOs, witches, aliens and zombies remain a concerning statistic.” I love this article, it’s the coolest thing ever: there’s actually a chart in the source article that shows the number of paranormal sightings reported to the police in the Somerset and…

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Neil Marshall, ‘Game of Thrones’ Director Talks About Working on ‘Tales of Halloween’

“If you are a horror director who didn’t work in some capacity on the new anthology film Tales of Halloween, it’s possible you might not actually be a horror director…” A lot of people have been involved in Tales of Halloween; there are a ton of directors working behind the scenes on the inter-connected anthology film,…

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‘The Howling’ & 25 More Horror Films That Will Make You Never Want To Have Sex Again

“…lycanthropy is more than just kinky sex.”  No shit. I love this movie; it’s up there in the top favorite werewolf movies everyone has, always. If I could name my top five favorite, I would say The Ginger Snaps Trilogy, An American Werewolf in London, Dog Soldiers, The Howling and Wolf. I have a huge lady boner for…

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19 Year Old Kills Homeless Man, Believed He was Battling Werewolves

A teenager who killed a homeless man was smoking cannabis and believed he was battling werewolves, a court hears. There’s a lot of emphasis being placed on the fact that this kid was smoking weed, but chances are, this was him self-medicating for the manic behavior he seemed to be sinking into over a year’s…

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10 Spoilers for Season 5 of ‘Teen Wolf’

The new season of ‘Teen Wolf’ might premiere a bit later than we expected, but that just gives us a bit more time to go over what we’ve learned about the upcoming episodes. Oh oh oh! Should we read it then… is this cheating? I haven’t actually seen any Teen Wolf episodes in a while, which, I…

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Channing Tatum is “The Universe’s Only Hairless Werewolf” in Jupiter Ascending

“The designs of ships and species seem fueled entirely by a “this looks cool” mentality with no concern for what makes sense in the world…” As it should be! Dude. DUDE. It’s fantasy, therefore, anything goes. Or sci-fi/fantasy, but whatever; either way, it adds up to fiction. And Channing Tatum’s character barely qualifies as a…

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School Forced to Apologise After Teacher Shows Children Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

A primary school headteacher has apologised to parents of schoolchildren at a Southampton school who had nightmares after being shown the music video of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. What is wrong with people today? I mean, as someone trying to get involved in my community’s school system, the idea of showing horror films to kids never…

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The Order: 1886 Earned an M for Mature Because it Has Scenes of… Coochie and Ding-Dongs!

“In a move that surprises no one, the ESRB has rated The Order: 1886 M for Mature….” We all expect scenes with lots of cussing and blood and gore, all the good stuff really. But believe it or not, the rating was actually imposed because there are scenes with sexual content as well. Oh, and…

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Colton Haynes Didn’t Actually Like Filming ‘Teen Wolf’

‘We basically did only night shoots [for ‘Teen Wolf’]. It was in Atlanta, which believe it or not, it actually got really cold,’ says ‘Arrow’s’ Colton Haynes. Most of us, including me, would like to believe that our favorite actors, from our favorite movies and shows, actually enjoyed filming the shows and films we love….

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‘Silverhide’ Released On DVD in the UK

“Yes! Finally. One film I have been anxiously awaiting for is Silverhide (formerly known as Pounce)…” Before you get excited, I will warn those of you who try to stick to the bigger budget films that this movie is very much B-grade horror, –it’s not quite a micro-budget horror movie, but it is fairly well…

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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Premier Might Be Late Because of Winter Filming Issues!

We might have to wait a bit longer for Season 5 of ‘Teen Wolf’. It’s no secret that most of the central U.S. has been getting the full brunt of winter right now. It’s snowing heavy in some parts of the midwest, and we’re even getting snow here in Kansas City… and all the idiot…

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Meet the Famous Werewolf Kitty

“Meet Atchoum the cat. At first glance, the demon like eyes of this fuzzy fellow will send shivers down your spine…” I know y’all have seen pictures day in and day out, –of people who have hypertrichosis. It’s the rare disorder called “Werewolf Syndrome” that causes people to grow excessive amounts of hair all over…

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The Originals; Hybrids, Werewolves and Vampires Getting Their Own Book Trilogy!

“The Originals has gotten its own spin-off. Rather than on the TV, this time it is in books. It follows the success of the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed and Veronica Mars…” Hybrid werewolf-y vampire combo Klaus, his siblings, and the werewolf Hayley headed back to New Orleans and started their own show…

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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Tyler Posey From ‘Teen Wolf’

Love Tyler Posey? Here are some things you might not know about him. Well, one of the first things is clearly that he looks better in a bikini than you might have thought. He certainly rocks those coconut shells. He also, and I bet most of you won’t remember this, was in Maid in Manhattan as Jennifer…

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George R.R. Martin Movie Adaptation of ‘In the Lost Lands’ Has Milla Jovovich, Werewolves, and Zombies!

Another George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones) story is getting an adaptation, this time on the big screen with Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil) starring. How exciting! A George R.R. Martin movie, and it’s supposed to be like, an anthology film, I believe. The movie is going to follow the interconnected short stories about women who…

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