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chinese meat market

Canned Human

People are going to believe what they want to believe, regardless of the evidence, regardless of fact. Belief trumps fact; it shouldn’t, but it does. This past week, upon seeing a ludicrous claim posted on a friend’s social media profile, I felt the need to spare him any more public embarrassment, hoping to encourage him…

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Gilles de Rais: Slandered by Sabine Baring-Gould?

A couple of months ago, my theatrical company, EVIL CHEEZ PRODUCTIONS (shameless plug time!), finished up our run of my original work, BLUEBEARD: THE TRIAL OF GILLES DE RAIS. (More shameless plugging!) Thanks to the wondrous Interwebs, the play was noticed by a young lady named Margot Juby, a resident of jolly old England, a…

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Woman Murders Chihuahua to Fake Miscarriage (!?!)

A friend brought this story to my attention, and, as we not infrequently report on this site about humans being mauled by canines, I felt it was a case of turnabout being fair play and such to cover it here. Also, if I am being honest, it’s juts too damn bizarre NOT to cover it….

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Gustave in Florida?

Hey, it could happen. Like, it really COULD. Scientists have confirmed that there are now Nile Crocodiles in the Everglades. (Note: If’n you don’t know it, Nile Crocs are from Africa, and the Everglades are in Florida, so’s it’s doubtful the Nile Crocs got there by themselves. It’s a safe bet they didn’t make the…

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I’d first heard about Carl Kolchak, the Night Stalker, back in an old issue of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, back when I was yet too little to be able to pronounce the guy’s name. (Remember those “See Jack run” primers from first grade? Well, I was learning to read comic books and monster magazines at…

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Kids Need Fairy Tales—the Bloodier the Better!

A recent report by yours truly (http://www.werewolves.com/the-ancient-origins-of-fairy-tales/) was all about how our most common fairy tales have a much older pedigree than previously believed; as established by linguistics experts they predate the Greek myths and many religious texts. They did not historically exist in the forms by which most of us know them today, however,…

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Luna lamp2

Luna the Lamp

Now you can be a werewolf anytime, not just on nights of the full moon! Just like the cartoon character Fangface, who would transform if he so much as LOOKED at a PICTURE of the full moon, any potential lycanthrope is sure to be spurred into transformative action by these babies! They are WAY more…

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Carl Kolchak was a hapless newspaper reporter turned reluctant monster slayer, reluctant in that he ended up having to dispatch the fiend in most episodes because no one else could or would do it. Usually no one else believed the monster even existed, and no one, including Kolchak’s editor, ever believed Kolchak, despite the many…

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Review: HOWL

Let me be honest with you. I write quite a few articles per week, every week, and it’s hard to keep up with all the topics I have covered, all the movies or television shows or web series or comics that I have reviewed. I run the risk of repeating myself, though I earnestly try…

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I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957)_018

Forget denigrating horny teenagers. Quit denigrating Wolves!

A poster recently tacked up by the librarian at Desert Ridge High School in Mesa, Arizona does a fine job of underscoring exactly what is wrong with the whole tendency towards victim-blaming and slut-shaming. If a girl dresses provocatively and gets raped, she was “asking for it.” And if high school girls dress that way…

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wolf's museum of mystery interior2


I didn’t even know it was there. And I chanced upon it by accident. I seem to recall, after the fact, reading something about it, someplace—well, on the Internet—and some time in the past. But I had forgotten all about it. Even when I stopped off last week in Saint Augustine, Florida, the oldest city…

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vacation 5-2016 PO and skunk ape SA exterior

A visit to the SKUNK APE HEADQUARTERS, Part One

Even before I had Roadside America and Weird US to guide me, I always sought out the strange, the unusual, the odd and offbeat while traveling. Finding myself in south Florida recently—like, WAY south—I knew I had to visit the Everglades, and I just HAD to stop by the SKUNK APE RESEARCH HEADQUARTERS in Ochopee….

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eddie cropped

A visit to WOLF’S MUSEUM OF MYSTERY, Part Three

The titular venue, located in the “Ancient City” of Saint Augustine, Florida, has SO much stuff to see and admire that it would be easy to miss something. In fact I’m sure I DID miss something. I was kinda on the psychological equivalent of a sugar rush—I would say on a drug trip, but the…

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wolf's museum of mystery bigfoot3


Located in the “Ancient City” part of Saint Augustine, Florida (Saint Augustine is the oldest European settlement in the United States, officially founded in 1565 but “discovered” by conquistador Ponce de Leon some half a century earlier), which one must traverse mostly on foot, is WOLF’S MYSTERY MUSEUM. If one word, and only one, could…

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vacation 5-2016 PO and skunk ape SA me and print

A visit to the SKUNK APE HEADQUARTERS, Part Two

Don’t head to the SKUNK APE RESEARCH HEADQUARTERS in Ochopee, Florida, looking for a museum. It isn’t one. It’s more of a general store. In fact it put me in mind of the MONSTER MART in Fouke, Arkansas, a little town famous as the home to a small tributary called Boggy Creek—and if those two…

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wolf's museum of mystery bubbles

Werewolfery on Vacation

That is to say, I discovered werewolf-related stuff while on vacation, not that werewolfism itself has taken a holiday. I reckon one could argue that it regularly takes a holiday, if one subscribes to the theory that transformations from men into beasts occur only monthly, during the zenith of the full moon. If that were…

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The Wehrwolf Bunker

The spelling here should tip you off to the fact that we’re gonna be talking about the Germans, in particular the Nazis, who codenamed their defensive plan—to have operatives remain in place as Allied forces plowed through German forces, getting closer and closer to the Fatherland, conducting guerilla warfare to impede the Allies’ progress— “Project…

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humans interbred

Brains vs. Brawn

Hey, we need both in order to attain the ideal. And Nature or Providence has gifted us with both, although most people possess more of one than the other, and many are seriously lacking in both. But how is it that we came to evolve our big brains? Because we needed them, is the obvious…

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Giant Rats Threaten London

We are defining “giant” here not as kaiju-sized, or FOOD OF THE GODS-sized, nor even the size of the ROUS’s in THE PRINCESS BRIDE or the wolf-sized KILLER SHREWS (which were just dogs in cheap monster make-up), which, let us be honest, would be plenty big enough to be terrifying, but as considerably bigger than…

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penny dreadful werewolf 3

PENNY DREADFUL’s Werewolf Sharpshooter

Over at our sister site, Vampires.com, I was talking about how I had finally gotten around to watching PENNY DREADFUL and how hopelessly smitten I am with the series. I’m not a “binge-watcher” but I have been binge-watching this one. There’s a tie as to who is my favorite character. Either it’s the Frankenstein Monster,…

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The Ancient Origins of Fairy Tales

When I was a little boy, my grandmother told me a story about “Rawhead and Bloody Bones.” It scared the pee out of me. As an adult, it fascinated me to learn just how many other kids had also had the urine frightened out of them, and for how long this had been going on….

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The Mc-Long Pig?!?!

“Long pig” is a slang term for human flesh, when it is used for food by other humans. Supposedly the term can be traced back to a letter written by one Reverend John Watsford, a missionary to the Pacific Islanders in the 1840s, who described witnessing the butchering, cooking, and eating of human bodies. According…

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REAL Werewolf Encounters?

Ignore the cute kitty, poised in prayer, at the beginning of this video. It’s about WEREWOLVES, baby! And not the kind you see in the movies. REAL ones. What’s that, you say? Werewolves don’t exist? Hmm. I sense a skeptic among us. Check out this video, friend, and you just might be a believer! All…

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1 legless corpse deimosimine


What does that word even mean? I don’t know, but it’s the title of the upcoming release from the guys who organized the LEGLESS CORPSE FILM FESTIVAL this past weekend, which has been so all up in my article posting for this week. Chad Armstrong is the director, Andrew Thompson the scriptwriter and producer, and…

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1 legless corpse film festival april 2016 murder for pleasure

The Ugly Bastard Offspring of LEGLESS CORPSE FILM FESTIVAL

I have saved the worst for last. The one offering out of the dozens I viewed that was just plain BAD. I don’t mean bad in the good sense. Not the Ed Wood, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE kind of bad, where the film is so enjoyable simply BECAUSE of its shortcomings. I’m talking about…

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