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END OF THE ROAD – A Werewolf Short (Not About a Short Werewolf) – Also, a Deranged Mouse Fairy

I’ve never been to DragonCon in Atlanta. Just never got around to it. I spend enough time on the stage, in costume, in my other identity as a theatre junkie that the idea of cosplaying holds no appeal for me, and isn’t cosplaying half the point of going to DragonCon? The other half of the…

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werewolf beach

The Sunshine State beckons to Werewolves

Everybody really does want to move to Florida, it seems. Even werewolves. You tend to think of Lycanthropes preferring dark forests in Europe, or dark forests anywhere. The south of France, maybe, or the high mountain peaks of Greece. If you’re talking about the American South, you’d think the Louisiana bayou country would be a…

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eddie cropped

Wolf’s Museum of Mystery – The Movie

You may recall my coverage here of my visit to Wolf’s Museum of Mystery in Saint Augustine, Florida back in May. A veritable smorgasbord of the strange, the exotic, the unusual, and the fantastical, the Museum of Mystery also features movie props and memorabilia, among these a bust of the werewolf Eddie as featured in…

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claw comparison

A Tale of Two Claws

While preparing an article this week on the forthcoming (supposed to have already been here) werewolf film BIG BAD, I was struck by the similarity of one of its posters to…SOMEthing. I couldn’t quite place it, but I knew I’d seen that image before. I wondered if I HAD in fact read something somewhere about…

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Who’s afraid of the BIG BAD?

Not me, that’s for sure. I’m thrilled to see it. The “it” in question is the trailer for an upcoming werewolf film, BIG BAD. This is the first I’ve heard of the project, although it was supposed to hit theaters in July and VOD and video in August. Again, I have seen nary hide nor…

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barmston dam old stinker

Ol’ Stinker returns! (Maybe.)

Ask and ye shall receive! Just last week I was lamenting that Ol’ Stinker, the Werewolf of Hull, England, and denizen of the infamous Wold Newton Triangle, might have gone back to his home dimension. I speculated that the “window” that occasionally opens between our reality and his (its) might have closed up again. (Note:…

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Review: THE TURNING by Micky Neilson

Astute readers may recall that I posted a few weeks back a “non-review” of the novel THE TURNING by author Micky Neilson. I had read about the premise—a werewolf onboard a cruise ship—and found it so promising that I chose to comment on it even before reading the novel. As luck would have it, either…

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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - APRIL 12:  Remnants of crime scene tape lay on the ground near the spot where 16-year-old Pierre Loury was shot yesterday by a Chicago police officer on April 12, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. Police have said Loury took off running when the vehicle he was in was pulled over by police because it matched the description of a vehicle used in an earlier drive-by shooting. The chase, according to police, ended with an "armed confrontation".  (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

“Cannibal Killer” likely poisoned himself

This one could easily go here on this site or on our sister site zombies.org. It concerns a guy who attacked and murdered a Florida couple, then proceeded to start eating the male victim’s face off. The killer was supposedly out of his gourd on the synthetic drug Flakka or something similar, and was a…

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Night Terrors – So much cooler than Pokemon

I admit it; I’m something of a hypocrite. I’m a guy with a collection of action figures and other sundry toys. I have enough to open my own small store. Yet I, if I’m honest about it, view the playing of that new POKEMON GO game by adults as silly. Would I ever be interested…

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Hunting for Old Stinker

This article, available at the source link below, harkens back to a magical time, a more romantic time, a simpler one. Three months ago, to be exact. Back in those bygone days, the Werewolf of Wold Newton, Old Stinker, was still roaming around the English countryside, scaring some and exciting many more. The article chronicles…

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Old Stinker, where have you gone?

There are two basic explanations. What is certain is that cases of paranormal phenomena, or alleged paranormal phenomena, do tend to occur in clusters, in certain areas over a specific period of time. Such bursts of “condensed” activity are called by those who study such things “flaps.” Usually what you’ll have are UFO flaps, but…

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Teeny Tiny Crime Scenes

I’ve got an idea for you, Lego. It’s a guaranteed moneymaker. There are a lot of geeks like me out there, Horror and True Crime marks who would gladly shell out some dough for a build-your-own-famous-crime-scene collection. You could give us the Lizzie Borden set, complete with all the parts to construct the rambling Borden…

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No. Just no. Some things need to be left alone. Some things cannot be recreated. Some films cannot be remade, or should not. They CAN be, but the results are always disastrous. Check out the recent BEN-HUR remake, for example. Does it qualify yet as the biggest bomb in box office history? If not, it’s…

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kolchak primal scream


I’m still working my way, slowly, through the 1974-75 TV series KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER, wherein a wisecracking, straw-hat-and-powder-blue-suit-wearin’ reporter, played by actor Darren McGavin (who would go on to lasting fame as the father in A CHRISTMAS STORY) pursued scoops involving paranormal threats, and typically ended up having to dispose of those threats himself,…

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Are Monster Movies Inherently Racist?

You might think, and justifiably so, that the answer to this question is a resounding “Hell, no!” But if you stop and ponder it for a moment, you can see the point the critics are trying to argue, even if you think they are a little off-base. Take a movie like THE CREATURE FROM THE…

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Carnivore Island*

(*Because a good title is of paramount importance, no?) A writer really does need to know everything. If he wants to be a GOOD writer, that is. Even a fantasist needs an endless plethora of facts floating around in the fishbowl of his brain. Failing this, as we all must fail, as there is no…

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oz wolf

Best and Worst Werewolf Transformations

Hmm, let’s see if I agree with this listing. (It’s available at the source link below. I’ve started including this tagline because there have been people in the past who, when reading one of my posts, weren’t able to find the original article I was referencing. It’s listed as “source.” Look down. See it? Good.)…

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How Sadistic Are You?

The term “sadism” is derived from the Marquis de Sade, the notorious French aristocrat who enjoyed inflicting pain on others, and enjoyed even more fantasizing about inflicting pain on others. A prolific writer, Sade produced a litany of overtly violent, oftentimes pornographic fiction that would require a person to be a masochist (that is, a…

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A dead Hellhound? How’s that work?

The infamous “Black Dog” is a curiously British cryptid or specter. Known by different names in different parts of the Kingdom, this creature, or these creatures, plural, are likewise given a variety of origins and properties. They are evil, manifestations of the devil. They are sometimes helpful. They are omens of disaster, warnings. They are,…

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What is it?!

I never trust anything I read on the Internet without checking first. I even double-check snopes. I confess, then, that I have no idea if this article I’ve linked to (see source link below) is for real or not. Doesn’t matter. It’s a photograph of a weird-looking something, and as weird-looking somethings, photoshopped or not,…

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alice cooper tour 2016 2

Lost in America? No, ashamed in Alabama!

I consider Huntsville a bastion of culture and sensibility in the midst of the republic of redneckism that is my sometimes sweet, sometimes sour home of Alabama. I think of Huntsville this way because it’s true. We’re the home of NASA, after all. We put people in space. We have the highest average IQ of…

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Evidence of Human Sacrifice on Mt. Lykaion

It might be expecting a little too much from the reporter who penned this linked-to article (see source link below) for him/her to have gone into depth on the subject, but I do wish he or she had done a little more research. I reckon it’s a case of, if you want something done right,…

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Weird Wilderness

Summer is by far my favorite season. Those who know me well are surprised that it isn’t autumn, which brings with it Halloween. No, it’s the sizzling summertime, which, living as I do in the American Deep South, is akin to spending four months trapped in a sauna. What can I say, I’m a glutton…

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Only ONE Werewolf Made the List!

Ah, but WHAT a werewolf! Also, the TYPE of list of which we are speaking is more than a little relevant. We are talking about the “10 Incredibly Sexy Horror Movie Villainesses!” mentioned in the linked-to article available at the source link below. Note that it doesn’t claim to chronicle the TOP ten sexiest villainesses,…

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Cannibals, cannibals, everywhere!

If all else fails, do some copy on some cannibals! Werewolf marks are always eager to sink their teeth into a good cannibalism story (pun most definitely intended). This article, available at the source link below, offers several good cannibalism stories. My favorite is the one about Justin Bieber being a cannibal. Don’t believe me?…

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