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Take the Werewolf Diagnostics Test

In case you can’t figure it out for yourself, here’s a handy Internet quiz to apprise you of the fact that you are a werewolf. Go ahead and take it. I know, you’re probably scared to find out; if you didn’t already at least suspect that you were lycanthropic, you wouldn’t even bother with such…

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Temporary Lycanthropy?

There is a condition known as Wendigo Psychosis (although some psychiatrists refuse to acknowledge that it even exists, that it is a prime example of the Rumplestiltskin Effect, something that exists only conceptually, and only because someone coined a name for it) that is defined as a sudden, irresistible craving to consume human flesh. In…

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TV Censors Know What’s Best For You

The Parents Television Council, or PTC, has labeled the recent season debut of AMERICAN HORROR STORY the “most vile and shocking content . . . ever seen on TV.” Then, because they didn’t have enough to be morally outraged over, they attacked SCREAM QUEENS, urging advertisers to boycott these series. Because somebody has to think…

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Kerwin Mathews The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

The Lamest Movie Monsters of All Time – Werewolves Included

I was so excited when I saw this linked headline, and then so disappointed that the list proved so short. There is almost a limitless collection of contenders to choose from, and this guy picked just a handful, excellent choices though they are. THE GIANT CLAW is a given. Then we are offered a were-mosquito,…

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Werewolves: Two Legs, or Four?

Do you believe in werewolves? I certainly do. Not that I believe that somewhere out there is a human being who physically transforms into a wolf or wolf-like creature once a month, or ever (although it’d be pretty darn cool if there were). But I believe werewolves exist, without question. You should, too. Chances are…

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The Abomination That Is The “BRONIE”

I almost didn’t post this one, but I just can’t resist. But how to link it to the subject of werewolves? Well, I do frequently explore how the werewolf is a psychological archetype, a Jungian conflation (or distillation) of all that is base and primitive in human nature. This certainly qualifies in that regard. We…

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Even though this creature, reportedly seen in the early 1870s in New Zealand, was described as many things by many different people, one thing it almost certainly was NOT was a gorilla. I’d actually believed that the gorilla as a species hadn’t been “officially” discovered (ancient Phoenician sailors left written documentation of encounters with them…

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Pic shows: Elizabeth Juarez.
A teenager was brutally raped by a group of men and then had her eyes gauged out by her sister in a terrifying exorcism ritual.
Elizabeth Juarez, 16, is now fighting for her life in hospital after the horrific ordeal in which her family said they had acted because they believed she was possessed by the devil.
At the end of which, the teenager was pinned down as her elder sister Sandra cut both her eyes out.
The horrific attack happened in the town of General Pinedo, in the north Argentine province of Chaco.
Police have arrested Sandra, who claims the local pastor ordered her to remove her sisterís eyes in order to help drive out the evil things her sister was seeing.
Sandra said the devil was gaining access to her sister through her visions, and it was believed that because demons are terrified of pain, the act would drive out the devil.
It is understood officers are about to arrest a group of men who took part in the bizarre ritual and rape after doctors reported that the victim had also suffered several injuries in the genital area.
Poor Elizabeth was in the intensive care unit of the Perrando de Resistencia hospital where she was transferred to be treated for her terrible injuries.
Police Commissioner Pablo Almiron said that the parents of the girl also believed she was possessed by the devil, and said she kept seeing animals like goats that were not there, and they had asked the evangelic centre and its pastor to help them "cure her".
He said: "It is the first time in 22 years of my career in the police to have an event of this nature. The prosecutor has also said that it is the first time in his life. It is very difficult to explain that something like this could happen to a teenager."
Sandra claimed that the religious centre, who provided her with a sharp knife, said that she must be the person to remove the eyes of her sister in order to cure her.

Girl blinded, mutilated in exorcism gone wrong

What is the werewolf, if not a metaphor for the worst in human nature, our inner beasts freed and asserting their dominance? And those beasts are sneaky. They will, like compressed air in a tire, take advantage of ANY excuse, any opening, to escape. Even if the human in question is able to reassure himself…

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Explore our (Un)natural national heritage!

Regular readers already know that I frequently post articles relating to the wilderness, or to humankind’s primitive past, the theme of human isolation in nature. I do it because it is from this dark domain that the werewolf was birthed; it is there where the beast still dwells, whether one is peaking of a metaphorical…

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Is it or isn’t it?

A remake, that is. I’m talking about the new THE HOWLING movie, subtitled REBORN, the happening of which has already been announced on this site. Since it’s subtitled, one might assume that this new flick is NOT a remake, and I have seen it repeatedly referred to as a re-BOOT than a re-MAKE. That’s good….

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Gone Wild

I’m a country boy, born and bred; I grew up living right at the edge of the woods, where we frequently had deer and coyotes traipsing through our yard. My mother told stories of the night—I was too young at that time to remember it—when a bear got into the chickenhouse, and a neighbor once…

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My Son, the Monster

Actress Tilda Swinton (who will forevermore be the White Witch from THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA to me) gives an anguished performance as the parent of a psychopath in the chilling WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN. What must it be like to be mother or father to one of these fiends, these two-legged predators in…

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There’s Something Out There

It’s a common rule of monster movies, the kind aiming for genuine scares. Don’t show your monster too much, or it stops being scary. Details the imagination can provide are far more terrifying than even the most elaborate makeup or FX. Nothing is scarier, either in the movies or in real life, than being alone,…

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NCIS: Necrophiliac Cannibalistic Incestuous Siblings

If they are STEP siblings, then they aren’t really guilty of incest. I mean, there’s depraved and then there is depraved, am I right? And these two are plenty depraved enough without the incest angle. Then again, they DID commit incest, and necrophilia at the same time. They just didn’t commit it with EACH OTHER….

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You Are What You Eat

Are you familiar with the term “long pig?” It’s a reference to human flesh, specifically human flesh intended for consumption by other humans. I’m not sure of the origins of the phrase. It might go back to some backwoods native tribe somewhere. Supposedly it first appeared in a book by Fredrick O’Brien, a travelogue of…

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A so-called supermoon is seen at the start of a lunar eclipse above Lofer, Austrian province of Salzburg,  in the early hours of Monday, Sept. 28, 2015. Supermoon, or perigee moon, is the name given when the full or new moon comes closest to the Earth making it appear bigger. (AP Photo/Kerstin Joensson))

Werewolves and the Blood Moon

Did you see the recent super “blood moon?” If so, I’m jealous. I wanted to see it but the part of the country where I reside was blanketed by clouds. I had to settle for looking at some admittedly sharp photos online. Oh, well. Such is life. Anyway, the eclipse got me to thinking. Since…

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Give that head a hand!

It’s a veritable treasure trove of archaeological oddities, that Lagoa Santa (“holy lake”) in Brazil. There are signs of human habitation dating back 12.000 years, such as stone tools, campfire remains, and animal bones. More impressively, there is 9000-year-old graffiti, the oldest rock art ever discovered in the New World, in the form of a…

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They dug up WHAT?!

There are a few possibilities, here. Either there are a lot more strange phenomena that go down in Russia than anywhere else in the industrialized world, or else the Russian press is simply better at covering it. Perchance the Russian government is less restrictive than its counterparts in the West, as far as what information…

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Ghost Town of Abandoned Stuffed Animals

Whenever possible I seek out locations where magic still lingers, and ghost towns certainly qualify. Even among these latter, Dogtown, Massachusetts stands out as creepier than the average. Originally an offshoot community of Gloucester where the affluent settled, it degenerated into a community for the outcasts of society: criminals, social pariahs, the extremely poor, and…

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Paging Dr. Moreau. Paging Dr. Moreau.

My college Biology class was tough. I was one of maybe a half dozen students out of thirty to actually pass. I say this not to brag, but to illustrate what a hard class it was. It didn’t come naturally to me, as did my English and History courses. Even so, I enjoyed it. The…

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Man’s Best Frenemy

How did humans tame wolves? Take a look at a wolf. Then take a look at a Chihuahua. Supposedly the latter evolved from the former. I say, take a look at a sewer rat, too. Which one does the shaky, bug-eyed little ankle biter more closely resemble, the rat or the wolf? I will concede,…

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ANGELIC WOLVES: Check it out on Amazon Prime

Beautiful young woman hiking alone in the woods meets mysterious dude. They wander off together, where he anxiously reveals to her his secret . . . Sounds like the set-up for a porno, but it’s actually the Horror short ANGELIC WOLVES, which I was asked to review by its creators at Dark Libra Films. They…

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Man in maniacal rage disembowels girlfriend, tries to blame booze

In extremely disturbing details, police say Fidel Lopez, 24, confessed to flying into a drunken, violent rage early Sunday morning. This one would be easy to make a joke out of, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve seen such risqué, gag-reflex-prodding comments making the rounds on the old www, and if…

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Man murdered little girl because she was “possessed?”

From Yahoo News: BOSTON (AP) — The father of a 2-year-old girl whose body was found on a Boston-area beach in June says her mother has told him her boyfriend killed the child because he believed she was possessed by demons. Two possibilities here. (1.) Batshit. (2.) Lying—and REALLY bad at trying to come up…

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A newly unearthed hominid revives some difficult questions for Christians. Here’s a tricky theological conundrum for you. Did Neanderthals and other earlier forms of Humans, just as deserving of that appellation as us Homo sapiens, possess souls? If they did, what became of those souls after death? Did they go to the good place or…

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