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Woman Puts Child In Oven

We tend to look at the state of things in our present day and bemoan the erosion of decency and sanity. We pine for the good old days before everything went to hell in a handbasket. We desire to return to a gilded age of innocence and morality that never existed. Things were simply better,…

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ota benga teeth

The Man in the Cage

Let me ask you, how could THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON be seen as racist? Likewise, who wouldn’t recognize the description of a part animal, part human creature as a device of popular fiction, of cryptozoology, or of folklore? Don’t you automatically think of a werewolf, or one of the filmed versions of H.G….

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death rabbit

Easter, Bunny! Kill! Kill!

I didn’t expect, at all, to find anything to comment on, for this or any of our sister sites, to commemorate the current holiday season. How could I connect anything related to Easter with werewolves, or with vampires, comic books, Horror or zombies? The latter would be a possibility, except I’ve reported in the past…

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feirce lion

Moved by the Spirit, Mauled by the Lion

It is recorded in both the Gospels of St. Matthew and St. Luke that Jesus Christ responds to temptation by quoting from a passage in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy: “Thou shalt not put the Lord thy God to the test” (alternately, “Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God”). This edict, which seems…

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dead sheep

“Well, Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming?”

I reckon you can tell I’m a big fan of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, as I’ve covered it a few times on this site, and movie buffs should recognize the quote that serves as title for this article as one of the lines of dialogue from that film. I just used it because I…

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Wolverine is a vampire? And a terrible driver, too?

Here’s the exact quote from the linked-to article below: “The driver was described as looking like a wolverine with a short, stocky build. The same witness said the driver appeared to have ‘vampire teeth.’” This description is in reference to the one provided to police officers in New Haven, Connecticut, by a witness to a…

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The Do-It-(to)Yourself Werewolf Kit

I guess I sometimes take it for granted. Things that, to me, are common knowledge, I just assume that other werewolf enthusiasts know all about them, as well. Why write about the case of Peter Stubbe, I might ask myself, when every werewolf fan knows all about that? It has been covered ad nauseam in…

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neanderthal CU

“Neanderthal” is not a dirty word.

I kinda fear the Geico has jumped the shark. Yes, I am speaking of the car insurance company. Used to be their commercials were really clever and funny; as of late, they seemed to have lost their edge, their originality. What the hell does Geico have to do with werewolves, you ask? Reading this article…

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Bred for Aggression?

First we have lions in this week’s news, now it’s dogs. Again. This isn’t the first time I’ve reported on a person or persons being mauled to death by dogs. Certainly it isn’t anything rare these days. Usually, the victim is a child, or someone in some other way less capable of defending him or…

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The Oscar FX Awards – A Long Time Coming

We genre fans take it for granted, the realization that special effects, in particular make-up effects, can either make or break a movie. Really, we wonder, are there people out there who DON’T know this? In truth, yes, there are, still to this day. In days past, this knowledge was even more esoteric. Mainstream critics…

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werewolf wine

The Hair of the Dog

Have you ever wondered why they refer to liquor as “spirits?” I did, so I looked it up. There is no clear-cut explanation, but the most popular theory traces the terminology back to the Middle Ages and the practice of Alchemy. The boiling of chemicals led to the evaporation of some of that substance’s essence,…

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No, you didn’t accidentally click on the wrong link. This IS werewolves.com. And I AM about to offer a succinct review of the latest Pixar production, THE GOOD DINOSAUR, just out on video. “Dude’s lost it,” you may be saying to yourself. (Hopefully you’re intrigued enough as to WHY I would be mentioning an animated…

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Father Feeds Son to Pigs

First in the news this week, we’ve got lions—Cave Lions, to be exact—and now we’ve got pigs. For any of you who might not know it, folks who grew up in exclusively urban environments, perchance, and have had little to no interaction with swine, they can be dangerous animals. They can be deadly. I still…

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Stranger Than Fiction

Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. This is a dictum every writer knows and frequently practices, at least every writer worth his or her salt. Real life can and does provide great fodder for the storyteller, but usually, in one respect or another, can be improved upon by a…

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frozen cubs

They’re Gonna Clone a Couple of Cave Lions!

Yeah, this story would be more appropriate for this site if we were dealing with a pair of mummified Dire Wolf pups instead of Cave Lions, but this is just too cool NOT to run with, so here we go. These little furballs lay frozen in a cave in Russia for the past 12,000 years,…

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THE REVENANT gets the shaft!

I reported recently, upon seeing the best picture contender THE REVENANT, in the theater, on why it is the film, a pseudo-biography, merits mentioning on a website dedicated to all things werewolf. (http://www.werewolves.com/review-the-revenant/) Seems fitting to follow up with a report on how the movie won the best picture award at the 2015/2016 Academy Awards….

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werewolf diet

Have you tried the Werewolf Diet?

This shouldn’t have surprised me. There’s any kind of diet you could think of these days, isn’t there? Atkins, Paleo, Carb-lovers, Carb-haters, liquid, ad nauseum. I don’t know if any of them work. I’ve been overweight, I’ve been at my ideal weight, and I’ve been under my ideal weight, and every time I lost weight…

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werewolf sliders

Werewolf Burgers

Sometimes the Universe gives you a gift. Just drops something right in your lap. You’d then be a louse of the highest (lowest?) order to grouse (See what I did, there? Rhyming words, all poetical like?) or turn up your nose at said gift. You should always embrace it, use it, or, if appropriate, eat…

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devil monkey

It’s just a Devil Monkey, with evil in its eyes!

Expanding on the theme I addressed in this week’s posting on a Bigfoot sighting in Colorado (look for it, you’re bound to see it), I suggest to you, the DEVIL MONKEY! What, pray tell, is a Devil Monkey? A paranormal entity, or perhaps a cryptid. And what, pray tell, is the difference betwixt the twain?…

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Bigfoot in Colorado

And here is your weekly Bigfoot report. Why? ‘Cause Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, the Alma, the Orang Pendek, etc.—if they exist at all outside of human imaginations, and if they DO exist, whether they do or do not comprise the same species of creature (My take? Maybe and no way, respectively.)—are man-beasts, not necessarily lupine…

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Showin’ some love for la Lupe

Once upon a time, wolves preyed on humans. Possibly. There are accounts in history, but it is a remote history. We can safely assume that such attacks occurred in prehistory, too. This predation inspired a dread of the wolf well nigh universal in the shared human psyche, as well as a senseless hatred for the…

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Evidence of Paleolithic Hanky-Panky

I reported last week on the presence of Neanderthal DNA in the genetic pedigree of modern humans (http://www.werewolves.com/caveman-dna/) and how this recidivist genetic material may be to blame for such modern human ailments and depression and certain types of addiction. This week we’re looking at it from an inverted standpoint. We are examining the evidence…

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Dem bones, dem bones, dem GIANT bones…

This one is just for fun. Despite what the article proclaims, no, it is NOT real. The footage is fake. The story is fake. There are no giants that big and there never have been. How can we know that? It’s basic physics, peeps. There is a limit to how large an organism can get…

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the witch moon


No need for a spoiler warning, here. There really isn’t anything to spoil. THE WITCH, which opened in theaters this past weekend, is exactly what it purports to be. There are no twists, no surprises. Everything is exactly what you think it is. There really is a witch, the family depicted in the film really…

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Human-Animal Hybrids Exist! No, Really! And You Can Blame the Freemasons!

This linked site is a parody, right? A satire site? It has to be. Sure. Nobody’s that stupid, to actually believe this, right? Yeah. Who am I kidding? Of COURSE there are people stupid enough to believe it. There are people stupid enough to believe ANYthing. But applying the edicts of Poe’s Law—which states that,…

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