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kolchak rakshasa

What’s a Rakshasa?

It’s a demon from Hindu folklore. … Wait, you wanted more? Okay, um, it was featured in that cartoon SECRET SATURDAYS, about the kid who goes around chasing cryptids, as a cute (well, I thought so) cat-like creature. Rakshasas are featured prominently in the RAMAYANA, a Hindu epic written some several centuries BC; this last…

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Of Panthers and Primates

I think a goodly part of the reason for the skepticism among those who deny evolutionary Science, apart from the undeniable confirmation bias on the part of the rigidly religiously minded—try saying that five times really fast—whose entire belief systems are dependent on a literal interpretation of ecumenical texts, is the basic ignorance of how…

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Patti Lupone’s Geek Cred

This is pretty much PENNY DREADFUL week here and at our sister site, vampires.com. Lots and lots of coverage for the show, although this particular post is mostly tangential in its relation to it. Patti Lupone made her debut during season two as the Cut Wife, and came back for season three as Dr. Seward….

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I See a Rare Moon Risin’…

Considering that it was Curt Siodmak who largely invented the whole connection of the full moon to werewolves in his screenplay for 1941’s THE WOLFMAN (technically it was THE WOLF MAN, but I prefer to grammatically correct the title when posting it), it’s impressive just how prevalent the image has become, how much an intrinsic…

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PENNY DREADFUL’s Dreadful Werewolves

We finally got to see just how formidable is the “Lupus Dei,” Ethan Lawrence (Talbot) Chandler, in this past weekend’s PENNY DREADFUL season three-cum-series finale. The first half of the two-hour program was as excellent and epic as anything we’ve seen in the show’s three seasons. He went through a whole pack of vampires like…

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penny dreadful embrace

PENNY DREADFUL Creator’s Cop-Out

When news first broke that PENNY DREADFUL had been cancelled, I naturally assumed that Showtime was to blame, as in every case where a popular show gets cancelled it is always a network decision. (This is the price you pay, folks, for not telling us ahead of time that season three would be the last.)…

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Who’d win in a fight?

The werewolf has been depicted in a variety of ways in pop culture. Historically, a werewolf was a human who turned into a wolf—a regular wolf, that is, no different from any other in terms of its appearance. We can credit Hollywood with giving us bipedal werewolves. In the days before CGI it was easier…

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Canada Makes Bestiality Legal, Kinda, Sorta

English can be a weird language. Look at the word “beast,” for example. Add an L and a Y to it and you get the adjective “beastly.” But a synonym for this latter term is “bestial.” Both mean “beast-like,” yet where’d the A go in the second word? It’s the same with “bestiary.” No A….

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Hey, spit that corpse out!

[NOTE: This article was written before the tragic killing of a toddler by an alligator in Florida this past week.] In this week’s addition to be filed under the “snarling beasts with big teeth that can eat your ass” category, a 911 call out of the Sunshine State of Florida alerted officials to an unusual…

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red dragon Inn


I am referring not to a movie or even a book, here, but to a board game. I had never heard of the game before, I confess, but recently while visiting with some friends I became introduced to it and had the opportunity to play a session. THE RED DRAGON INN, a production of Slugfest…

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bigfoot crossing

Sasquatch mowed down by Semi in Alabama?

This one caught my eye due to the location in which the reported accident took place, the town of Decatur, Alabama. Decatur is a mid-sized city located in the northern part of the state, some twenty miles or so south of Huntsville, not too far from the Tennessee state line. The reason I know so…

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I’m not your average collector, in that I actually take my figures out of the box. There might be the occasional product, if I’m only picking it up because I think it might go up in value, that I’ll leave in situ in its packaging, but this is rare. It’s rare that I buy anything…

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old stinker pic

The Hunt for Old Stinker Called Off Due To Inclement Weather

I have a source, an “in,” my own personal “Deep Throat,” if you will, on the ground in Hull, England. What does that mean, exactly? It means that I get some firsthand information concerning the recent Hull werewolf brouhaha. What’s that? You didn’t know Hull HAD a werewolf brouhaha? Well indeed it does! Several sightings…

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Human-Animal Hybrids Already Exist

It was in my college biology class some years ago. I had the professor who was notoriously tough but whom everybody liked anyway due to his sometimes caustic but always comical personality. I was always more inclined towards the earth Sciences, so biology was a challenge for me. I didn’t breeze through it, the way…

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skaggs castle

The Castles That Never Were (But Should Have Been)

Take a look at this design from artist Craig Skaggs. He’s been working for the Bradford Exchange for a dozen or so years now, and this is one of the projects he submitted to them instead of the other way around, where someone from the company approaches him to design a product. Skagg’s idea was…

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Coitus Interruptus

This is one of those stories too beautiful not to share. It comes to us from Hull, England, a place that has been in the news a lot lately as the focal point of some werewolf sightings. Near the Wold Newton Triangle of weirdness, legendary for its UFOs, Bigfoot sightings, ghosts, and meteoric strikes, the…

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Wolf (Canis lupus), captive, cubs. Germany

Double Domestication

As a friend of mine has asked, at what point exactly did packs of wild Chihuahuas roam the desert wastes of old Mexico? It’s easy to see his point. Take a look at a Bichon Frise, a Chihuahua, or a Pomeranian. Then take a look at a wolf. We are supposed to believe the former…

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penny dreadful hecate


(SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read if you haven’t watched this week’s show, “No Beast So Fierce”!) Ethan Talbot, Penny Dreadful’s werewolf leading man, seems to have passed his moment of great temptation, the temptation to turn evil. He resisted killing his hated father, when he had the old man (portrayed most effectively by a slimy Brian…

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Alice Cooper weighs in on “Old Stinker,” the Werewolf of Hull

If Alice Cooper says it, you can take it to the bank! So what does Mr. Cooper say on the subject of the recent werewolf sightings in Hull, England? Nothing, actually. He posed the question online as to whether or not his fans believed in the beast. Instead of answering him, however, a bunch of…

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When Evil Has a Pretty Face

You know something that bugs me? How whenever you hear a reporter or whatever talking about a crime and a suspect, and they are oh-so-careful to say “allegedly.” Like how OJ “allegedly” killed his ex-wife. They’re so afraid of getting sued. Well to blazes with that, I’m just gonna come right out and say it….

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176000 years old neanderthal structure

Neanderthal Rings

Calling someone a “Neanderthal” is still an insult today, but it’s a fallacious one. The idea that Neanderthals were brutish, stupid, and unevolved has been demonstrably proven to be false. They were no more brutish than our own Homo sapiens ancestors. They were just as smart, just as capable of existential examination as we are….

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I try to walk the straight and narrow. I do, especially in a public forum. In private, I give vent to my puerile, sanctimonious nature far too often, but online I try to remain open-minded and enlightened. I remind myself that I am not qualified to pass judgment on anyone else. My house is composed…

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PENNY DREADFUL: Ethan’s Heel Turn

(SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the latest episode of PENNY DREADFUL, “This World Is Our Hell,” stop reading now.) This big change to Ethan, I’m not sure I like it. It’s too big an alteration for my tastes. I’m talking about his haircut. I don’t care for it. I miss the long hair. I…

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The Homicide of Harambe the Gorilla

Just gonna cut right to the chase on this one, peeps. The zoo officials were in the wrong to kill the gorilla. They acted precipitously, when a better solution, one that would not have involved any loss of life, could have been reached. They shot first and asked questions later, and a young, healthy member…

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Big Bones

The Smithsonian has been taking part in a global cover-up, trying to conceal the existence of gigantic human skeletons from the public at large. Why? Because proof of the existence of giants would confirm the Bible as true and factual, and that just wouldn’t do, so the devil and his minions, possessing the minds of…

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