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Werewolf Top Ten

Cue the creepy music, the melodramatic voiceover, the (admittedly-effective) howls in the background. It’s the “Top 10 Facts About Werewolves and Lycanthropy!” (Available by clicking the source link below.) Top ten as determined by whom? Who knows. Are they really THE top ten, or just A grouping of SOMEbody’s top ten? Yes to the latter….

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The Demon Housekeeper of Fleet Street, or The Case of the Naturalist and the Missing Head

Today, people know Sweeney Todd from the Broadway musical by Stephen Sondheim, or, for the less cultured, from the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton movie. But ol’ Sweeney first made his appearance in a penny dreadful, THE STRING OF PEARLS, written either by Thomas Peckett Prest or James Malcolm Rymer, or both, or neither. No one really…

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burning straw goat

Got Your Goat Again

Ah, Christmas traditions. The cutting down (or buying) followed by the trimming of the tree. The hanging of the greens. The wassail. The gift-giving. The torching of the sacrificial giant straw goat. What, you’ve never heard of that last one? If you lived in Gavle, Sweden you’d know all about it. Sweden, like the bulk…

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Waiting for a new Werewolf Classic. (I hope.)

Waiting is not my strong suit. But then neither is change, embracing change. I didn’t buy a CD player until the late 90s, because I was loathe to give up my cassette tapes. (I also kept my bad 80s hairstyle well into the 90s, too, but that’s neither here nor there.) I was slow to…

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The Toys Santa Is Afraid Of

I’ve admitted before my weakness for things equal parts frightening and adorable. (One needs only to check my dating history for confirmation of this.) The murderous marionettes of PUPPETMASTER, the Critters, Gremlins, my collection of (bootleg?) Universal Monsters beanie babies. And I’m a big, burly dude. So if I love that kind of stuff, imagine…

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solstice at stonehenge

How Pagan is Christmas?

Beware the confirmation bias! This linked-to article comes to us via an online source promoting the theory—and in this case “theory” is a simile for “hypothesis,” as opposed to the way it is used in scientific terms, as in the Theory of Evolution, for example, where a “theory” is a collection or grouping of established…

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aztec werewolf

Jaguars and Wolves in the Dungeons!

The Aztecs, along with their cousins the Maya and the Inca, in spite of their trappings of high civilization, their excelling in architecture and the Arts, were a savage, bloodthirsty lot. I mean no denigration by referring to them as such, for they possessed many traits admirable and enviable, but any group known to practice…

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When Predator and Prey Became Pet and Master

Thanks to modern science, DNA studies in particular, we know when it happened—about 33,000 years ago—and where—somewhere in southeast Asia. That’s where and when the relationship between man and dog began, although the first dog wasn’t a dog at all, but a wolf, a member of the genus Canus and species Lupus. A Gray Wolf,…

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Bad Dogs

This week’s second report focusing on dogs and crime doesn’t have anything to do with human-on-pooch sexual activity, but unfortunately it’s even more tragic. In fact, if the former story sounds like something out of a raunchy Jack Black comedy or Set Rogen’s latest exercise in moron-ity, this next one comes straight out of a…

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NEON JOE on the Web!

Just last week I reported on the new Adult Swim series NEON JOE: WEREWOLF HUNTER. I stated that I was undecided as to whether or not the show, which straddles the line between stupidity and genius, leaned more the one way or the other, but I confessed that it DID make me laugh. I also…

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Who is the most depraved serial killer of all time? That’s a tough question to answer. For starters, how do we define “serial killer?” Hitler killed 6 million people, but not DIRECTLY. How about gang members on the Mexican drug cartels, the ones who’ve notched up major body counts? These aren’t the sorts that come…

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WILD MAN artifact

The Wild Man has been around for a LONG time.

Is it a group illusion? Or should that be, DE-lusion? Are people seeing things that aren’t really there? I’m referring to Bigfoot, the hairy “wild man” of the woods, by whichever of the numerous titles he, or it (or they) is known by. Sasquatch, Alma, Yowie, Yeti; or my favorite, the “Alabama Booger.” Whatever you…

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Man Has Sex With Wife’s Dog. And His Wife Takes Him Back.

What is the werewolf conceptually, if not the Jungian representation of Man’s inner, unevolved, animal nature given free rein, allowed off its leash to . . . Ah, screw it. I can’t be all highbrow while reporting on something like this. It’s one of those things where you have to laugh, or else hang your…

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Going Ape

I’ll just warn y’all upfront, this is going to be a big week for simians. Our hairy closest living relatives are making all kinds of news, and since they ARE hairy and bestial and so closely related to us, they warrant consideration on a site dedicated to the study of all things werewolves. If, by…

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Dead Woman Eaten By Dogs

Look, humans have done it, under extreme circumstances. They’ve resorted to cannibalism. One of the results of starvation is an impairment of cognitive function, so who’s to say you wouldn’t do it, too? And dogs are far closer to the wolves they evolved from, in terms of the passage of time, than humans are to…

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werewolf neon joe


Just in case we were starting to take the whole werewolf thing too seriously. Here is a bit of silliness called NEON JOE: WEREWOLF HUNTER. It aired in half-hour increments on Adult Swim midnights December 7th through the 11th. Don’t sweat it if you missed the premiere airings, though, as they will no doubt be…

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Cannibals, Cannibals, Everywhere!

Sawney Beane had a lot of children. In the movies, that is, metaphorically speaking. The brood from Wes Craven’s THE HILLS HAVE EYES, for instance. They were his. One could draw parallels to the murderous brood in THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE as well, though the honor of inspiring this last largely goes to Wisconsin serial…

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Toque Monkey

Murderous Monkeys

Continuing our coverage of primates, we must report on the latest homicide of a man in India at the hands of murderous macaques. Priest Munna Mishra, serving at a temple in Patna in northeast India, was killed at his home when monkeys sitting on a ledge above him pelted him with bricks and rocks. (The…

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Krampus claw

The Koming of the KRAMPUS!

It fascinates me, the way Myth evolves over time. Consider Krampus, for example. The new movie in theaters (which is the best Xmas Comedy/Horror flick since GREMLINS) has introduced him to a lot of people who may never have heard of him before. If you’re one of those, and you haven’t seen the movie yet…

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werewolf hands

The Blackfoot Werewolf

If you’re like me, when you hear the word “Blackfoot,” you think of the rock band before you think of the Indian tribe. (I totally dig on “Highway Song,” by the way. The guitar riffs are retro-sick!) While impatiently waiting for WHEN ANIMALS DREAM and BLOOD MOON to become available for me to watch and…

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Goatman has been getting lots of press this week. I’m not sure why. To my knowledge there have been no newly documented sightings. There was a story that appeared on creepypasta, that served as inspiration for a short film. Maybe that’s it, and it just took a little while for it to catch on. People…

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The ROUS’s really existed!!!

Australia is a kind of wonderland, second only to Africa for me, in terms of its pedigree of exotic badass-ness. It’s STILL a veritable Garden of Eden of the wild and exotic, but in times past it was way more so. There was a giant monitor lizard called a Megalania, which reached lengths of over…

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furry costume

In Defense of Furries—Not Really

A “Furry” (or, alternately, “Furrie”) is a pervert—I mean, a person—who has a furry animal fetish, who likes to dress up in a furry animal costume and have sex. – You know, actually, I’m gonna have to stick with “pervert.” (For the record, I am a proponent of freedom. Anything done between consenting adults, so…

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Turducken and Cthurkey

This really doesn’t have a lot to do with werewolves, but it involves H.P. Lovecraft, and since we’ve just finished with Thanksgiving I guess it’ll be okay. Before this year I’d never heard of a Turducken before. A friend of mine made a comment about it, wondering if my family would be having Turducken for…

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dorian grey

The Men Behind the Monsters

Supposedly all sorts of real-life individuals and situations have been renamed and presented to the world in fictional guise. Science Fiction writer Philip Jose Farmer argued (mostly with tongue in cheek) that Edgar Rice Burroughs based his character Tarzan on a real man. Likewise, fans have searched for the “real” Sherlock Holmes and the “real”…

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