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How To Kill A Werewolf

August 23rd, 2009 § 31

Werewolves or lycanthropes are mythical man-beast hybrid creatures that exist in the legends of many different cultures throughout the world. The transformation has been said to occur for many different reasons and in many different ways, but the most common form of the myth in horror stories today is the man who changes into a wolf or wolf-like beast on every full moon and who can turn others into werewolves by biting them.

A werewolf traditionally possesses supernatural strength and augmented senses as well as the natural hunting instincts and weapons of the wolf, like menacing jaws and claws. Therefore, they are formidable monsters and very hard to kill. One of the most ancient talismans against lycanthropy is the herb wolfsbane (said to have grown from the saliva of Cerberus, the three-headed dog guardian of the Greek underworld, when Hercules brought him up to the surface world). Other herbs that legends say are effective as werewolf repellents include rye, mistletoe, and mountain ash (rowan).

Werewolves are not affected by religious symbols like crucifixes and holy water (unlike their counterpart monsters, vampires), but in modern fiction, they are vulnerable to weapons containing silver, such as silver bullets or silver blades. The silver bullet is the most iconic anti-werewolf weapon, but in many stories, anything silver causes agonizing pain if it touches the beast. Therefore, to be most certain of killing the monster, a werewolf hunter should carry good quantities of wolfsbane, rye grains, mistletoe, and mountain ash leaves or wood, and be armed with a variety of well-made silver weapons.

Since it is likely that a werewolf will overpower a human in close combat, it is essential to have a gun or two custom-designed to shoot silver bullets at a long range; once disabled by the gun, the werewolf can be finished off if necessary using a sword or axe with a silver-plated blade.

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31 Responses to How To Kill A Werewolf

  1. glucan bleaver says:

    werewoves was in my room so i put it in oven `and it burned and went to hell aka good dinner

  2. Kristopher (The no-life king) says:

    That is not all true you can kill a werewolf with out silver ou need to get it to the flor nd cut off its head when that is goo the wolf will die thought it is much easier with a silver gun or bullet or sword. wolf hunting fun times

  3. SheWolf says:

    Killing a werewolf with wolfsbane is a joke among us wolves. It actually has many helpful uses to us like antibiotics, it can forge a transformation when in large doses, but in small doses can prevent a transformation. On the other hand, silver is our kryptonite but like any animal if you want to kill it you have to hit vital spots. If you want to cut our heads off you first have to get close enough and I doubt any human could do that without at least loosing a limb first.

  4. DpWolf says:

    Lol, my Step Dad had a box of silver bullets for one of his handguns.

  5. taratuta says:

    some bullets have silver tips, will that do?

  6. wolfqueen says:

    u people really believe u can kill a warewolf without getting killed…u humans dont know anything about immortal creature..like me.. GET A LIFE PEOPLE DONT U HAVE ANYTHING ELTS TO DO THAN TO LOOK UP HOW TO KILLA WAREWOLFE..and BTW vampires and warewolves r friends

  7. Creeper says:

    The idea of the silver bullet killing werewolves has its origins in the story of the Beast of Gevaudan which was ultimately dispatched with a blessed silver bullet in 1765. As far as killing a real werewolf they are generally as vulnerable as a natural animal to physical damage, however base metals such as iron or silver will rupture their the etheric form so you can face the (now wounded) person inside.

    Its funny when you claim to be a werewolf and cant even spell the word right when its in giant bubble letters on the top of the page and written 50 plus times in the arcticle and comments. Yet clearly you know nothing what so ever about werewolves outside the world of ficiton and roleplaying games.
    Outside of fiction the only werewolves are the occult kind and the transformation is done through religio-magic ritual. Many people on here are claiming to actaully be werewolves in the sense that they are portrayed in the movies and games, dont get me wrong I like werewolf movies myself, but the actual truth behind the werewolf is a very ancient shamanic tradition that is still practiced today and we are the only real werewolves. For future reference I would do a little research into a subject and find out whats “under the skin” before making such silly claims on a public forum, I mean if you want to be taken seriously, in the mean time us true werewolf practioners will have to suffice with a good laugh at your expense.
    “fiction can be fun but I find the reference section much more enlightening!”

  8. zaylon says:

    silver only affects us that it forces us back into human form, besides that, it only does damage like it would to you humans

  9. Ryan says:

    Whats the must way of becoming a werewolf? its been my dream to become one,

  10. trent says:

    i like myth i always dream to become a dragon and serve all werewolves.

  11. i want to become won iam a boy

  12. Patricia says:

    I dont mean to be mean but r u guys still alive

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  14. lolol says:

    yes we are still very much alive .

  15. ANONYMOUS says:

    i have experienced some strange things in the last couple of years. i would appreciate it if an expert could explain. EXPERT. so here it goes. i am a spiritual therian. i used to have a small group of spiritual therians and we would mentally shift together.the last time i shifted mentally something weird happened. i began to vomit. i was angry for no reason. then out of no where i fell to the ground and began to shake( if thats what u would call it)and all the muscles in my body clenched at once. it felt horrible but amazing. my friends quickly ran to my side. i yelled stop and it stopped. i was so scared. i cried. i haven’t shifted sense then out of fear. my friends said every vien and tendon in my body was visible. please help.

  16. anynomys says:

    Its not true silver is a myth a certain type of bullet and werewolves are shape shifters human but a wolf

  17. Gerald says:

    I think my neighbors are werewolves
    one of them actually said so

    one day i was outside talking to them, accidently got them angry then i ran inside of my house locked the door ran into my room and locked the door.
    i need a way to be protected!

  18. Wolfie says:

    Lol silver is hurtful smells and is boring but the shine…

  19. Alicia says:

    Can you reply about werewolves and vampires because they don’t being with friends. THEY ARE ENMEISE

  20. The Wolfman says:

    Yeah right!

  21. The Elder of Werewolves says:

    Vampires and Werewolves have been mortal enemies since the death of Dracula! Why Dracula? Well because us Werewolves had a deal with the guy over which villages and towns would be Vampire feeding grounds and and which ones were Werewolf feeding grownd. And because he was supposed to be imortal. But, as we all know he wasn’t so…yeah. After his funeral(we didn’t have his body) and respect was payed to the great elder, the Vampires dishonored the agreement and attacked our kind. Since then…well…i’ll just say much blood has been spilled.

    PS- I know, I was there…

  22. Sierra da weirdo says:

    These creatures are real I am becoming one tonight. If u want to kill them u have to go through me first!

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