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Horror Film ‘Werewolf Fever’ Coming Soon to DVD

April 29th, 2012 § 4

ww fever

If you’re a fan of gratuitous violence and gore or just a lover of modern day grindhouse, then I have got the campy horror flick for you. Coming to DVD July 24, 2012 is Werewolf Fever, a film that is definitely not low on gore or camp.

Plot synopsis:

“At the Kingburger Drive-In, the food is fast, the service is sexy, and the price is right. But tonight, terror is on the menu when the Kingburger’s cantankerous boss leaves the late shift employees to wait for Donnie, the delivery driver. Meanwhile, Donnie is attacked by an animal in the woods on a deserted road. Under the full moon, he transforms into a vicious creature of the night – descending from the darkness and back to the Kingburger! Suddenly, the unsuspecting co-workers find themselves trapped in a bloody battle for survival against their feral friend! It’s babes, brawn and burgers versus fur, fangs and fury in this action-packed monster thriller!”

Sexy, bloody and very violent – Yup, sounds like grindhouse to me.

According to the reviews I have read on this film, it’s a low-budget horror that’s all about a rampaging werewolf killing everything in its path. Apparently there’s not much of a story, it’s just a werewolf going on a killing spree.

After writing about grindhouse professionally years ago, I learned very quickly that these movies are SO not for me, so I’ll be passing on Werewolf Fever. What about you, will you give this movie a watch?

Check out the Werewolf Fever trailer below?

What do you think?

- Moonlight

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4 Responses to Horror Film ‘Werewolf Fever’ Coming Soon to DVD

  1. Paul says:

    I could be wrong but wasn’t this originally a Canadian indy film? Grindhouse may be releasing it on DVD but am almost certain I heard of this before.

    • moonlight says:

      Yes it was, it came out in 2009 but is now coming to DVD here. And grindhouse (exploitation films) isn’t a company releasing a film, it’s a genre of film. Grindhouse is a type of low budget movie that’s usually super gory, or super violent, or super sexy…etc, there are a lot of subgenres. Grindhouse was originally a theater where exploitation films were shown, but now it’s kinda of known as the genre of film.
      You can read more on it here. :)

  2. I’m on the fence; I usually never watch grindhouse films, though. They remind me too much of Dark Wolf and the Saw movies. Boring at best and making you feel dirty at worst.

  3. Mary says:


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