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As a true Horror lover, it tickles me pinkish that Krampus is coming into the mainstream of American pop culture, is getting “over” in wrestling/carnie parlance. Or you could argue that he is ALREADY over, thanks to the excellent “big studio” theatrical film from last year. (Which I bought for less than two bucks thanks…

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Interview with a Bigfoot Researcher

I’ve written elsewhere this week about my visit to EXPEDITION: BIGFOOT, the Sasquatch-themed museum in Cherry Log, Georgia. Having the opportunity to meet and chat with proprietors David and Malinda Bakara, our conversation quite naturally centered on Bigfoot and other cryptid curiosities. We discussed Dogman sightings, i.e. werewolves, whether or not Bigfoot is able to…

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The Freaks Come Out At Night

I miss the freakshow. The carnival sideshow, where you’d commonly see the attractions emblazoned in colorful caricature, fluttering in the breeze. THE BEARDED LADY! THE HUMAN SKELETON! THE HUMAN CATERPILLAR! I missed out on the heyday of the freakshow. By the time of my early childhood in the late 70s (I know I’m dating myself…

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Werewolves Inquisited

This past week, I was doing a little light reading on the history of torture. I learned nothing new, but reading the detailed accounts of actual incidents is sobering, to say the least. A man, one of the Knights Templar, accused of heresy but in all likelihood innocent, had his feet cooked to the point…

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Are the spectral Direwolves far behind? I’m speaking of the real-life animal, not the fictitious versions that appear on the TV series GAME OF THRONES. I mean, technically they aren’t real-life, not anymore, since they’re extinct. But Direwolves WERE real, living animals, larger and more ferocious versions of today’s wolves, part of the mega-fauna that…

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Hammer Time!

If you are a Horror fan with an appreciation for the history of the genre—unless you are, in other words, one of those “special” Horror film fans who considers SAW to be an “old Horror movie”—then there are two names, two titanic, monolithic agencies, companies, studios that stand tall, eclipsing all others, and it is…

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I was thinking about last week’s report, the video captured by a state employee clearly showing a crocodile swimming along in an icy river in Alaska, and it occurred to me that this was most likely a case of an OOPs, or an ‘Out Of Place” animal. The term isn’t anything with which your average…

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Wolf in a Cup

I think all these are pretty sweet, actually. The dragon, a couple’a kinds of dinosaurs; even the squirrel is kinda cute. For our present conversation, however, we need only focus on the first product pictured here: a wolf. It’s a detailed depiction, sorta medieval-looking to my mind. Heraldic, even. It COULD be a werewolf, easily…

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Underworld: Blood Wars – Watch the Trailer, Cross the Fingers

Kate Beckinsale used to be number one on my list of celebrity crushes, and it was all due to the original UNDERWORLD. I’d always though she was lovely, but seeing her in that skintight leather bodysuit portraying a badass vampire babe, that did it for me. A nice addition, some frosting for the cupcake, to…

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Book Review: MONSTRO BIZARRO by Lyle Blackburn

I was excited when I received a copy of MONSTRO BIZARRO to review. I have read and enjoyed the previous works from Cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn: THE BEAST OF BOGGY CREEK: THE TRUE STORY OF THE FOUKE MONSTER, in which Blackburn reexamines the historic rash of creature sightings that spawned the cult classic film THE LEGEND…

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The Biting Nun and Other Stories

I wish I could give more of my support to Skeptical Enquirer. It has long been my belief that scientific principals should be applied to incidents of a paranormal nature, so I applaud the magazine/website when it/they do just that, shine the light of Science into the darkness, apply the scientific method to the unexplained…

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Howlin’ Wolves

The children of the night. What music they make! Y’know, I’ve never found the howling of wolves in any way frightening. To me, it’s calming, relaxing, haunting and beautiful. Granted I might have felt differently about it if I had lived in a place where wolves were common, where I could hear them at night…

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The Ice Crocodile

Sure LOOKS like a crocodilian, doesn’t it. Just below the surface, swimming along, ice accumulated on the bony ridges of its back. Only crocodiles and alligators are coldblooded. They can’t really move when it gets that cold—“that” cold in this case being cold enough for ice to form. In point of fact they aren’t supposed…

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Fake Phalluses Open the Devil’s Doorway!

Y’all bear with me on this one. It was just too good not to share, and I expect most of you will find it as entertaining as I did. Did you know that if you are a female and you masturbate, you are opening a portal to the underworld, through which demons aplenty can enter…

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It’s The THING!

As in, the Thing from Another World, from the John Carpenter movie. Or the Howard Hawks movie, of which the former was a remake. Sure, you could argue that the Thing is really more of a vampire than a werewolf, as it did, especially in the original, have a taste for blood, but werewolves like…

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It’s official. I don’t know whether to be excited about it or depressed, but it’s been confirmed; it’s for sure happening. I reported on it a few weeks back, when it was just a rumor. Max Landis, son of John Landis, director of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, one of the greatest werewolf pictures ever…

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Get Your Exorcise!

Here’s a creepy video for you, courtesy of the new Fox television series THE EXORCIST (based on the movies of the same name, naturally). The video, though, is supposed to be (and looks) genuine. A minister was out to save the soul of a killer, one Aljar Swartz, by casting out the demons inside of…

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Tomatoes Cause Werewolves

Tomatoes are evil. I call them the “Devil’s Fruit.” It goes all the way back to the beginning. The forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden? A tomato. Original sin itself, contained in a spherical (sorta) red package. Then there was some confabulation with the tomato vine and a snake, and the snake got the…

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To quote from “Foolin’,” that song from Def Leppard, “Is anybody out there? Anybody there? Does anybody wonder? Anybody care?” I’m writing this in reference to our recent contest, a contest stillborn if ever there was one. We here at vampires.com and werewolves.com had teamed-up to offer some witty vampire and/or werewolf mark the chance…

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Snuggle up with Wolves

There’s a resort in Norway where guests can play with wolves. The resort is creatively named “Wolf Lodge”—wonder how long it took ‘em to come up with that one?—and it is a part of the larger Polar Park in Narvik. (“Polar Park?” Really? What is it with these Norwegians and their simplistic, obvious names for…

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Goin’ Down

It would be interesting to know how the concept began, the belief that the underworld, Hell, if you will, is located underground. Was it because of volcanoes, spewing forth fire and brimstone? Then again, who decided that Hell was stuffed full of fire and brimstone, anyway? (Viking Hell is a place of agonizing COLD, for…

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Werewolf Robs Bank?

Of course this happened on Halloween. A call was placed to 911 operators in Omaha, Nebraska, by an unnamed concerned citizen. The caller reported seeing a werewolf, or, to be more specific, a man dressed up as a werewolf, run out of some bushes with a sack and charge into a bank. The caller assumed…

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A group of teenagers, all of whom have secrets, one of whom has a secret darker than the rest, is having a party. There’s alcohol, drugs, and sex aplenty. And then they start messing around with a Ouija board. Then one of the group gets possessed, and bad things happen. How cliché does that sound?…

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Interview with Makeup Artist Dennis Preston

Special Effects guru Dennis Preston was in Decatur, Alabama this past weekend—as was yours truly, but it was a much shorter commute for me than it was for him, as I live in Alabama and he calls Chicago home—for the LEGLESS CORPSE HALLOWEEN HORROR FILM FESTIVAL. He was there to display his work, publicize his…

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This one is as much Frankenstein as werewolf. And since it’s really a dog’s head and not a wolf’s head, it’s really more like Frankenstein. But (a.) we don’t have a Frankenstein-based website; (b.) it’s a freakin’ dog’s head brought back to life(!); (c.) the Russian scientists conducting their mad Cold War experiments could just…

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