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the wolf charmer by John La Farge

Werewolf Art Appreciation

How up are you on your classic werewolf Art knowledge? That’s Art with a capital “A,” so you know we’re talking about the highfalutin stuff, the intellectual stuff. The kind of paintings and such you might find hanging in a museum as opposed to the latest postings on Deviantart. (Not that there’s anything wrong with…

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Werewolf Potpourri

Each week I search the cobweb-shrouded, darkened corners of the Internet to bring to you, my loyal subjects, all the news and ephemera relating to that fearsome, chimerical beast known as the WEHR-WOLF. Sometimes, rather than risk regurgitation of topics covered before or repetition of the overly-familiar, the offerings I present bear only a tangential…

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The Universal Monsters shared universe is something to get excited about

I think we were all somewhat disappointed, if not disheartened, when we heard that Universal planned to revamp their classic monsters but offer movies that were more Action-Adventure than Horror. We have to understand, though, this is strictly a financial decision on its part. An adventure movie, rated PG-13, like the Stephen Sommers-directed MUMMY films,…

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Upcoming Werewolf Flicks Look Promising

New werewolf-related projects tend to come along fairly frequently; the genre is as wildly popular as ever, and there are moviemakers aplenty willing to pander to that appetite. Granted, sometimes you have to look for them. For every GOOD werewolf film there are ten bad ones, at least. (And even a bad one can be…

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Hypertrichosis: A Hairy Condition

If you’ve ever heard of JoJo the Dog-faced Boy or Lionel the Lion man, you’ve heard of individuals who suffered from the condition hypertrichosis, which causes the growth hair all over the body. I have a bit of the Carnie in my soul, so had I lived in years past and been unfortunate enough to…

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TEEN WOLF’s Nogitsune: A Worthy Werewolf Opponent

What’s your favorite villain/monster from MTV’s series TEEN WOLF? I’d have to say mine is the Nogitsune. I’m not a huge mark for the show, honestly, but it is at its best when serving up new and different types of evil baddies for its heroes to have to face. I enjoy the sampling from other…

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Werewolf Kittens Return!

I’ve written about the Lykoi, or “werewolf kitten,” before, but they’re getting coverage in the news again, so for those who might have missed it the first time, here’s the skinny on these cute (depending on who you ask) little feline lycanthropes. They are the result of selective breeding processes, and, as there are some…

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Nazino Island

Cannibals in the Cold

It wasn’t a bad plan, as far as plans go, if one takes any trace of morality out of it, any considerations of human decency, and looks at it from strictly a pragmatic point of view. Russia, under the brutal Bolshevik reign of Joseph Stalin, had lots of land the government couldn’t make use of,…

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This photo provided by the Bexar County, Texas, Sheriff's Office shows Mercedes Salazar. Authorities said Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015 that Salazar and three others kidnapped a woman and held her captive for three days in a San Antonio-area home while forcing her to ingest drugs and at one point conducting a “blood ritual.” Police arrested Salazar on Sunday, Oct. 25 _ the other three were arrested within days of the unidentified woman's escape last month. (Bexar County Sheriff's Office/San Antonio Express-News via AP)

Kidnapped woman a victim of “blood ritual”

This would seem to be a case of standard crime, and thus not warrant mentioning here, were it not for the “ritual” connection. A young woman, unidentified by police, was kidnapped by 32-year-old Mercedes Salazar and three cohorts in San Antonio, Texas about a month back. The 25-year-old female had been dating Salazar’s brother when…

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Real-life Exorcist weighs in on Hollywood

Any writer can tell you, the old adage “Never let the facts get in the way of a good story” is an important rubric of great value and should be frequently put into practice. Screenwriters understand this better than most, and sometimes take it a step farther than necessary, seeking to fix what isn’t broken…

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We’ve Created a New Predator – And Why That’s Not Necessarily a Good Thing

Here is the formula: Human beings move into an area, clearing the land, transforming the forests into farmland and killing off the indigenous apex predators: wolves, bears, and mountain lions. These people bring with them their dogs, quadruped companions of our species for tens of thousands of years. It isn’t as easy to kill off…

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conjuring house

Demonic Real Estate

I do feel bad for the owners of the house featured in the movie THE CONJURING. (A well-made film, but perhaps a little critically overrated, as the events recounted in the movie, ostensibly based on a true story, are all the same pretty familiar to genre fans.) The house shown in the movie is NOT…

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Freedom of Religion – Except For Yours

When you hear some right-wing Christian fundamentalists today crying about persecution, what they are really bemoaning is that they are no longer afforded preferential treatment. And when those same zealots start touting “freedom of religion” as their mantra, what they really are saying is they demand the right to force their religion on YOU. These…

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bride 2

Is it dead, or is it Memorex?

I’d seen something on this before, on Travel Channel or something. There’s a bridal shop in Chihuahua, Mexico, called ‘La Popular,” with a mannequin in the front window that may be the mummified corpse of the previous owner’s daughter, Pascualita. The young woman, so the story goes, died on her wedding day from a spider…

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mars werewolf 1

A Werewolf on Mars

The human brain is programmed to recognize faces. That’s why we so often see them in places where they don’t really exist. How many times has the Virgin Mary shown up in cake batter, or in the grain pattern in hardwood flooring? Anybody remember Jesus’s face on that billboard shilling spaghetti? Our tendency to spot…

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rougarou large

The Rougarou

“Rougarou” is a sort of Cajun werewolf. (The word derives from the French Roux-Ga-Roux, which is itself a conflation of the more familiar term “loup garou,” or werewolf.) It is unique among lycanthropes, however, and deviates from the standard myth in many key ways. As with Bigfoot-type creatures that are said to inhabit swamps and…

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What is it?

Other than nasty and doubtless smelly, that is. Discovered by persons unknown near the Parana River in Carmen del Paraná, Itapúa, Paraguay, the decomposing corpse looks a little like an alien. Or a Chupacabra. Or a skinned orangutan. Or a miniature version of the Flukeman from my favorite episode of THE X FILES. Or the…

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Thundah(foot)! Ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah!

He’s the biggest and the baddest Bigfoot around. Probably the smelliest, too. They call him Thunderfoot. “They” in this case being the producers of the Destination America TV show ALASKA MONSTERS. (I hear they’re planning on doing a show later this season on the Palin family called “White Trash from Hell.”) I’m not sure if…

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Cannibal Hotdogs

So the story goes, workers in meat processing plants would fall to their deaths inside the vats, wherein they were ground up into unrecognizable pink globs and become intermixed with the bologna or hamburger or whatever. No customer ever noticed, as humans taste similar enough to cattle or pigs. This happened so often that it…

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Cannibal Loose in the Funhouse!

You know, almost every day when scanning social media, I am taken aback by something that some friend or other has shared, believing it to be genuine. Most of my friends are not idiots, and so are educated enough and savvy enough that they should recognize fallacy when they see it. I suspect their confirmation…

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Werewolves Runnin’ Wild In Brazil

Man, Third World countries have all the fun! Why don’t we have werewolves here, in the good ol’ USA? Besides the Michigan Dogman, I mean. And the Beast of Bray Road, Wisconsin. But why don’t we ever capture any of them on film? (Oh, wait. That’s happened, too.) Okay, but nobody here BELIEVES in such…

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The Greatest Werewolf Transformations in Film

This video compilation won me over by beginning with perhaps the greatest werewolf transformation ever committed to celluloid, the one from AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. Genius, pure genius. Then following it up with Eddie’s transformation from THE HOWLING? Yes, this list is legit. But while the fight scene between Hugh Jackman’s werewolf and the…

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Now how’d THAT get in there?!

This list of 19 “alarming” places where dead bodies have been discovered (and that should be specified as dead HUMAN bodies, otherwise your nearest neighborhood grocery store’s frozen section would qualify—although this probably wouldn’t be that alarming to anybody NOT a vegan) is pretty entertaining, but some of the claims are a little spurious (the…

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Take the Werewolf Diagnostics Test

In case you can’t figure it out for yourself, here’s a handy Internet quiz to apprise you of the fact that you are a werewolf. Go ahead and take it. I know, you’re probably scared to find out; if you didn’t already at least suspect that you were lycanthropic, you wouldn’t even bother with such…

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Temporary Lycanthropy?

There is a condition known as Wendigo Psychosis (although some psychiatrists refuse to acknowledge that it even exists, that it is a prime example of the Rumplestiltskin Effect, something that exists only conceptually, and only because someone coined a name for it) that is defined as a sudden, irresistible craving to consume human flesh. In…

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