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derek nance

What’s to eat? Raw Meat!

I don’t even like my steaks to be too rare; I always order them medium. Guess I’m just hopelessly civilized, and I’m okay with that. Lexington, Kentucky’s Derek Nance has a rare medical condition that won’t allow him to eat anything EXCEPT raw meat. That’s all he’s dined on for the past five years, and…

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The Man-Beasts of TARZAN

In the new film THE LEGEND OF TARZAN (which is spectacular, and if you haven’t seen it yet you need to remedy that, and if you have seen it you need to see it again to catch all the in-jokes—the crocodiles being summoned by a “mating call,” for example), the Mangani, the ape race that…

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old stinker at work

Hull Werewolf Sightings Prompt Public Inquiry

Ah, the good ol’ Freedom of Information Act. And here I thought it only applied to American government. Apparently it carries some clout in jolly old England, too. When a dude named Wayne Carr made a request to the city of Hull concerning their werewolf problem (more on that in a moment), the city’s information…

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Gonna go old school with this one. I’ve said before how I consider it a moral obligation to turn you youngsters out there on to the classics. 1978’s DEVIL DOG: THE HOUND OF HELL certainly qualifies as the latter; albeit it is a “classic” of a different sort. The story is fairly straightforward; there are…

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Experience a Camping Trip from Hell

No, I’m not gonna partake of this. I’ve seen the movie THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT, in which a group of thrillseekers, bored with the typical Halloween haunted attractions, seek out the touted “most extreme,” which turns out to be SO extreme that it’s real and all members of the group are killed. The organizers of…

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Bloody Lullabies

I guess everyone does it. You tend to forget that what is common knowledge for you is not necessarily common knowledge for everyone else. I know I’m guilty. In this case, because I am so familiar with the dark undertones present in fairy tales and nursery rhymes, I take for granted that everybody else is…

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Enough with the “Tarzan is racist” bullshit!

It’s just reversed racism. Political correctness itself is a sort of reversed racism. Only when no distinction is made between people based solely on skin pigmentation can we have true equality. Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote in the early to mid 20th century. Some of his notions and phraseology are somewhat unpalatable by today’s’ standards, yes,…

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Make Halloween a Federal Holiday!

I’m confused. I thought Halloween already WAS a holiday. Oh, you mean OFFICIALLY. Make it a FEDERALLY RECOGNIZED holiday, where government workers, bankers, and such get the day off from work and kids get out of school. Sounds good to me. Where do I sign? Since Halloween IS technically a true holiday, or “holy day,”…

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Does True Evil Exist?

I would challenge anyone who believes it does NOT to start paying better attention. I’d be glad to compile a list of True Crime cases for you to peruse; I expect reading the accounts of Ed Kemper, say, or Ted Bundy would quickly convince even the most diehard doubter. But there’s evil and then there’s…

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Direwolves! Get your plush Direwolves!

I have a confession to make. I don’t watch GAME OF THRONES. I’ve never seen a single episode. You might think a Fantasy show featuring dragons, naked babes, and swordplay would be right up my alley, and normally you’d be right on the money. But GAME OF THRONES just doesn’t “grab” me. I did read…

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la bete

Make-believe Monsters That Were Real

So promises the headline of this linked-to article, anyway. It’s pure clickbait, but I’ll do you all a solid and scroll through it for you, making mention here of any werewolf-related beasties that make the cut, without elucidation as to WHY they made it. I’ll deal with the pop-ups and long-running scripts so you don’t…

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lions bones

The Hunters Become the Hunted—and the Eaten

I’m just gonna come right out and say it. I have NO sympathy for poachers at all. None. I can barely force myself to view them as human beings. I find what they do THAT abhorrent. I view them as I view the worst kinds of criminals. (I view trophy hunters as being little better,…

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neanderthal skull

Neanderthals were Cannibals

Some were, at least. We can say that with certainty. There is substantive evidence. As for the whole species, we’ll have to resort to conjecture. (It’s a good bet, though, I’d say.) Human bones—that is to say, Neanderthal bones—found in a cave in Belgium bear the unmistakable signs of their owners having been butchered and…

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tarzan vs croc

Was the creator of TARZAN a Racist?

I don’t understand why Tarzan is being picked on so much. The new film, THE LEGEND OF TARZAN, is fantastic. Yet a lot of critics are hating on it (though a lot are digging it) and the majority of this number are doing so based not on the quality of the movie, or the dearth…

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Demons are real, says Psychiatrist

The common viewpoint is that you have Science, and then you have the Occult, and between the two there is a great gulf fixed. One can be either a man of Science or a man of spirituality, but not both. This is a great generalization and it has a kernel of truth to it, but…

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The_Thing--dragoon AZ

Have you seen THE THING?!

Here’s a little something to tell you all you really need to know about me. No, not my full name, my political views or religious beliefs, my taste in music, or the age at which I first saw a pair of boobs. (Although I might give any or all of this away in some other…

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New Species of Prehistoric Canine Identified

One theory that is sometimes put forward as an explanation for werewolf accounts in previous centuries is that of remnant canine species surviving into the modern era and, upon encountering humans, being incorrectly identified as a mythological creature, i.e. a werewolf. It’s a more credible hypothesis than the suggestion that a human can physically transform…

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Tarzan LOT poster

How THE LEGEND OF TARZAN deviated from the Canon

Hey, I’m not gonna complain. Out of the HUNDREDS of Tarzan movies that have been made in the past century, you know how many of them have been faithful to the source material, the novels written by Edgar Rice Burroughs? NONE of them. Not until now, with THE LEGEND OF TARZAN. Those old black-and-white films…

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wolfman colorized

The Rock as the Wolfman?!

Nothing is official yet, so there’s still room for hope, but Warner Brothers is reputedly in talks with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to portray Larry Talbot in their upcoming revamp of THE WOLFMAN. We can all share a collective groan over this one, my fellow fans. What is WB thinking? Oh, right. Movie studio. Thinking….

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Did Evolution Stop Working?

Rush Limbaugh is an idiot. Or else he’s playacting the role of the idiot, to appeal to his idiot listeners, which might be even worse. Either way, I don’t follow his bigoted ranting, but I did see in the headlines recently that he, in his own knuckle-draggin’, imbecilic manner, asked a semi-legitimate question. When the…

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bigfoot evidence

Bigfoot: An Absence of Evidence, or Just an Absence?

And here is presented this week’s second (of three) primate/anthropology-related article. If you all will allow me to editorialize for a moment—and yes, I realize there is hardly a time when I’m NOT editorializing, either here or on one of our sister sites, but sometimes I tend more towards straight reporting of something and at…

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Fouke Monster Sighting

A recent sighting? Yes! How recent? Try last month. Yes, friends, the legendary Fouke Monster, the shaggy, three-toed beast that is SO legendary that it inspired the 1972 drive-in classic with the word in its title, THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK, did not fade away into the mists of nostalgia after its achieving of celebrity…

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Legend of Tarzan fight


Yeah, yeah, I know Tarzan is the APE Man and not a WOLF man, but it would be hard for one to miss the parallels, yes? This movie, and the Tarzan character, are about that mysterious, mystical, even, synthesis betwixt man and beast. Tarzan is the very archetype of one who manages to comprise both…

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Legend of Tarzan ape

Yes, Tarzan is a white dude. Get over it.

What’s the definition of a professional movie critic? If it is that you get paid to do it, then I’m a professional. I review quite a few movies, and I take the job seriously. If I’m going to comment on anything related to a film in that doesn’t appear in the film, anything extraneous, that…

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What Werewolves Do In The Shadows

I guess I need to get around to watching the 2014 Horror/Comedy WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS. It somehow managed to fly under my radar when it first came out, although I think it’s in my Netflix queue now, sandwiched between a couple of Vincent Price movies. There’s just so much in the way…

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