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167 Werewolf Inspired Songs for Werewolves

September 22nd, 2009 § 145

threeweresWelcome back faithful readers and hello new readers,
If you are on this site reading this I am assuming you like werewolves. Right? Good. You probably like music as well, because come on, who doesn’t? So if you mix the two you have werewolf-y musical goodness! Hurray!  This post is dedicated to music that has to do with werewolves. This list of werewolf songs, whether they be about actual werewolves or have a somewhat were-theme, is pretty massive and I have that list for you at the bottom of this post. Since there are SO many, I’ll just cover a few worth a listen…

1. Warren Zevon: Werewolves of London – This is probably the best known werewolf song out there. You got the classic rock sound, a bloody story, and a catchy beat; the makings of an awesome werewolf song. So great in fact that many bands have covered the song over the years.

2. Metallica: Of Wolf and Man – You can’t have a list of werewolf songs and leave out the hugely popular Metallica song, Of Wolf and Man. Whether you like metal or not you can’t help but want to scream along “So seek the wolf in thyself!” Cue the head banging… Now!

3. The Cramps: I Was a Teenage Werewolf – This is one of those weird, trippy 80’s songs that you can’t help but love right away. You listen to the odd lyrics, the excellent guitar riffs and you just fall into a musical daze where all you can do is sway your hips to the beat. You can watch a crazy live performance of the song here.

4. Shakira: She Wolf – Haha! How is this for different? A mainstream pop singer, singing a werewolf themed song. Ok ok, the song may be a bit cheesy but you have to admit it’s catchy and the video is so damn sexy it makes me wish I had a cage of my own to play in.

5. Moonspell: Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade) – A beautiful gothic rock song with haunting lyrics… “She brought the Night hidden in her sad Wolf eyes…A werewolf masquerade. In her eyes the wolfshade.” Moonspell has quite a few other werewolf songs as well, all worth checking out.

6.  Heather Alexander: Wolfen One – If you like folk music, you’ll like this song. It’s pretty difficult to find a wolf song by a woman that isn’t folk. This song is mellow, has a great drum beat and is a song to sit back and relax to.

7. The Misfits: We Bite – We covered rock, metal, pop, folk – so now it’s time for punk and who better than The Misfits. We Bite is your old school punk song, perfect for crowd surfing and breaking stuff.

8.  Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising – This song may not be about werewolves but it’s used in plenty of werewolf films and can for sure be seen from a werewolf point of view. A classic song everyone knows and loves and can’t help but sing along to.

9. Ozzy Osbourne: Bark at the Moon – This may not be the greatest song of all time but come on, it’s a classic. Plus the music video is entertaining; who doesn’t love bad acting, campy effects and straight-jacketed Ozzy?

10. Type O Negative: Wolf Moon – And we end this song list with a well loved goth band and their incredibly eerie song, Wolf Moon. The vocals are so powerful in this song, as is the instrumentals; it sends chills down your back.

For more werewolf/werewolf themed songs check out the huge list below. If you know of any songs we missed please let us know.

* Indicates covers

  • A-Ha – Cry Wolf
  • A Radio With Guts – Werewolf Weather
  • Acoustic Rescue – The Lycanthrope
  • * Adam Sandler – Werewolves of London
  • Annika – Varulvar och alvor (Werewolves and Elves)
  • The Barbarellas – Teenage Werewolf
  • Barry Dransfield – The Werewolf
  • Betty – Wolfwoman
  • Binary Star – Wolf Man Jack
  • Blaster The Rocketman – I Like Lycanthropy
  • The Browns – American Werewolf In Calgary
  • Calabrase – Werewolf Boy
  • Chama C. Fox – The Wolf in You
  • Chama C. Fox – Wolves
  • Cradle Of Filth – Amor E Morte
  • * Cradle of Filth – Halloween 2
  • Cradle Of Filth – Of Mist And Midnight Skies
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising
  • The Cramps – I Was a Teenage Werewolf
  • Cynthia McQuillin – Fleas
  • Cynthia McQuillin – Hunter’s Moon
  • Cynthia McQuillin – Night Heat
  • Cynthia McQuillin – Wolfling
  • Da boy tommy – Full Moon
  • Danzig – Killer Wolf
  • Danzig – I’m The One
  • Danzig – Trouble
  • David Bowie – Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
  • Deadman Our Eternal Ghosts – Werewolves
  • Death In June – Smashed To Bits (In The Peace Of The Night)
  • Death In June – Power Has A Fragrance
  • Diamondback – Midnight
  • The Doleful Lions – The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here!
  • Dr. Killbot – Lycanthrope
  • Duran Duran – Hungry Like A Wolf
  • Dylan McLeod – Wolf – Clowns
  • Echo’s Children – The Least of My Kind
  • Evileye – Lycanthropy
  • Fang – Diary of a Mad Werrwoulf
  • Five Man Electrical Band – Werewolf
  • Forgive-Me-Not – Werewolf
  • The Four Eyes – Lycantrope Nerd
  • Fugitives – Wolfman of the Bricolage
  • Garmarna – Varulven (Werewolf)
  • Genesis – White Mountain
  • George Fenton – The Message And Main Theme
  • Ghoul Squad – I Was A Teenage Werewolf
  • * Gosling – Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
  • Gowan – Strange Animal
  • Grateful Dead – Dire Wolf
  • Guana Batz – Werewolf Blues
  • Heather Alexander – Wolfen One
  • Hedningarna – VargTimmen (Hour of the Beast)
  • Hedningarna – Räven (Fox Woman)
  • High on Fire – Fireface
  • The HopHeads – I Was a Teenage Werewolf
  • Iced Earth – Wolf
  • Ilaria Graziano – Valse de la Lune
  • Inkubus Sukkubus – Woman To Hare
  • Jefferson Airplane – When I Was a Boy I Watched the Wolves
  • Jerk Alert – (I’m a) Werewolf
  • Joni Mitchell – The Wolf That Lives In Lindsey
  • Josef Jahn & Kirk Adams – Eclipse Jam Mix
  • Joyce – Run, Wolf Warrior, Run
  • Julia Ecklar – Timmain
  • Julia Ecklar – The Wolf Pack
  • Julia Ecklar – Golden Eyes
  • Kamatu – Shapeshifters
  • Kamatu – The Wolf Within
  • Kamatu – Howlin’
  • Kathy Mar – Shapeshifter
  • Kathy Mar – Fox-woman
  • Killers By Trade – Loup Garou (Evil Version)
  • King Diamond – House of God
  • Krokus – Night Wolf
  • Kroll – Werewolf
  • Leslie Fish – Cat Maiden
  • Leslie Fish – The Beast!
  • Little Miss Freak – Werewolves
  • Llanfair P. G. – Werewolves Song
  • Los Lobos – Will the Wolf Survive?
  • The Lucky Nightsticks – Japanese Werewolf
  • Lurking Fear – Werewolf
  • Luxuria – Animal In The Mirror
  • The Lycanthrope Project – Lycanthrope Spell
  • The Maulies – Werewolf
  • Meco Monardo – Werewolf (Loose in London)
  • Megadeth – She-Wolf
  • Metallica – Of Wolf And Man
  • Midlife Crisis – Werewolf of Love
  • Miguel Bose – Como un Lobo
  • Mikhal – Loup Garou
  • Mil’nica – Oboroten’
  • The Misfits – We Bite
  • The Misfits – Wolfsblood
  • The Misfits – Demonomania
  • Moon Theory – Shapeshifter
  • Moonspell – Full Moon Madness
  • Moonspell – Sanguine
  • Moonspell – Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
  • Moonspell – Wolves From The Fog
  • Nazca Nine – Werewolves
  • Nazca Nine – Werewolves II (live)
  • Otyg – Varulvsnatt
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon
  • Pearl Jam – Animal
  • Pegazus – The Werewolf
  • Penumbra – Lycanthrope – Emanate
  • Rainbow – Run With The Wolf
  • Ray Obiedo – Werewolf
  • Ritchie Blackmore – Wolf of the Moon
  • Robert Miles – Full Moon
  • Robert Mirabal – Skinwalker’s Moon
  • Running Wild – Prowling Werewolf (Live)
  • Running Wild – Prowling Werewolf
  • Sagent – Lycanthropy Paraphrase
  • Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs – Little Red Riding Hood
  • Samhain – Halloween 2
  • Samhain – The Shift
  • Samhain – The Howl
  • Savage Garden – The Animal Song
  • Schoolyard Heroes – Curse of the Werewolf
  • The Schulz/Lockhart Project – Werewolf Silence
  • Seasons Of The Wolf – October Moon
  • Seraphim Shock – Shapeshifter
  • Sha-Boom – Werewolf
  • Shakira – She Wolf
  • The Shy Guys – Werewolf in Love
  • Sicko – My Tribute to the Misfits (aka- Your Sister Is a Werewolf)
  • Siouxsie & the Banshees Juju – Nightshift
  • Six Feet Under – Lycanthropy
  • Smoove Diamonds – Loverbeast in Paris
  • Soil & Eclipse – Lycanthropy – Meridian
  • Sonata Arctica – Fullmoon (From “White Pearl, Black Oceans”)
  • Sonata Arctica – Ain’t Your Fairytale
  • Soul Whirling Somewhere – Every Female Werewolf Ever…
  • Southern Culture On The Skids – Werewolf
  • Speed Devils – Werewolf
  • Steve Roslonek – Werewolf
  • Strawberry Bazzare – Wolf
  • Sturmtrupp – Der Werwolf
  • Styx – Witch Wolf
  • Tad – Lycanthrope
  • Tanglefoot – Loup Garou
  • Tera Mitchel – The Werewolf’s Lament
  • This Busy Monster – Loup-Garou
  • Tool – Forty Six and Two
  • The Tragically Hip – Im A Werewolf, Baby
  • Trance Factor – Lycanthrope
  • Type O Negative – Wolf Moon
  • Ulver – Ulvsblakk
  • Ulver – The entire ‘Nattens Madrigal’ album
  • V.S.B. – Werewolf
  • The Vacancy – Teenage Werewolf
  • Various – Hour of the Wolf
  • Walker T Ryan – Werewolf Blues
  • Walter Egan – Full Moon Fire
  • Warlock – Cry Wolf
  • Warren Zeavon – Werewolves of London
  • Wednesday 13 – American Werewolves In London
  • The Whisky Horrors – The Minotaur In Me
  • The Whisky Horrors – Werewolf Moon
  • Willy DeVille – Loup Garou Bal Goula
  • Wolfstone – Crowfeathers
  • XIII Stoleti – London After Midnight
  • XIII Stoleti – Transylvanian Werewolf
  • - Moonlight

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    145 Responses to 167 Werewolf Inspired Songs for Werewolves

    1. Tank says:

      Has anyone heard florence+ the machine yet? they have a song called howl…it’s amazing totally should be on the list…

    2. Oddball says:

      Cocaine Werewolf by Rye Coalition is another down and dirty rocker

    3. Dean says:

      How about Donkey Rollers – Silver Bullet?? That should so be on the list. The Werewolf howl in it sends a shiver down my spine

    4. Bambi says:

      Rob zombie -werewolf baby!

      Duck sauce – big bad wolf

    5. Muran says:

      Thinking Plague – Lycanthrope

    6. Black Lion says:

      Hi! Such a gorgeous werewolf playlist (and website) missing the most awesome album songs of all the time? Try and search for the album “Timeless Miracle – Into The Enchanted Chamber”. It has this two completely awesome songs about werewolf’s:

      01 – Timeless Miracle – Curse of the werewolf
      07 – Timeless Miracle – Return of the werewolf

      Those songs are just simply awesome, everyone should listen! Their lyrics are really touching, specially the first one!

    7. olivia says:

      i hant listened to them but i hope these sons r likee wilderness peacefull touching or hiphop r something but i’m betting their good.

    8. olivia says:

      she wolf is a masterpice made moon i was cursed byy the song all i could do was sing along n listen to it 5000 times shewolf is a masterpice song made it touched me heart so much its such a masterpiece!!!!!

    9. theres another werewolf song which is michael jackson’s thriller does that count

    10. smexy ninja werewolf says:

      songs about werewolves are probally the greatest thing that ever happend to this world…….. ive even written a few :)

    11. shewolf07 says:

      the rob zombie one is great…

    12. shewolf07 says:

      oh FYI The Howling Reborn it sucks!!!!!!!!!! The outfits not done very well. Every thing about it just sucked…..

    13. mwaxolf says:

      Furr by Blitzen Trapper

    14. harriet says:

      im going to become a real werewolf in two weeks time and im that excited that my friend belive in me when i told him.!!!!!!!,and it is almost christmas!i cant belive its really gonna happen to me”!

    15. aaron says:

      i like werewolves and i wish i was a werewolve but i would like to be the alpha of the pack and i would like to be the king of all werewolves and i would like to be a werewolve with 4legs and look like a regular wolf but bigger.

    16. Aleera says:

      Also, Howl by Florence & The Machine.

    17. mike says:

      the howling, lupenb tooth, and she wolf all by the kick ass bnad Blitzkid

    18. cristine says:

      so 1980′s know everything

    19. Thexterra says:

      A Beast Am I by Amon Amarth. Its battle metal and its technically about the Norse myth of Fenris,rather than werewolves but its a hell of a song.

    20. Wolfie says:

      Metallica is my favorite band, and i absolutly love Of Wolf And Man!! :) Its a realy good song! Look up the symphony version, its amazing!!! :) Right when the fireworks went off just now, my family and I had it playing on my boom box,so when they said “see the wolf in thy self!” We all howled!!! ^_^ SO MUCH FUN!

    21. Kaylie says:

      There’s a SheWolf in your Closet~

    22. bryanna says:

      you missed Animal i have become by three days grace i love that song abouslotely LOVVVVVEEEEE THAT SONG

    23. Duane says:

      There is one song left out of this list, possibly necause it is new-ish: The Animal by Disturbed check out the video on youtube. It has fast become one of my favorite shifter songs.

    24. Victoria says:

      I like the song “Hey Ther Little Red Riding Hood’ it’s about a pretty girl and a very handsome horny werewolf. ;-) ;-)

    25. KarlHungus says:

      thanks for the list.
      here are some more songs to add: Phish “Wolfman’s Brother”
      Wolf Sisters “Big Bad Wolf” (from Teen Wolf Soundtrack)

    26. Swedish publisher Malört Förlag (Wormwood Publishing) has recently released a record with eleven original songs inspired by Swedish werewolf myths: “Werewolf Songs – Music Inspired by Swedish Folklore”.

    27. hey wht about michael jacksons thriller

    28. Richard Wantuch says:

      Great list. You can also ‘Wolf Like Me’ by TV On The Radio. Excellent song by an incredible band!

    29. Grace says:

      The Wolf by Fever Ray is pretty good. In the movie Red Riding Hood. Very haunting and eerie :D

    30. Spence says:

      I remember as a child in the 90′s, there was a specific song & music video I used to watch on the TV. It is either 80′s or 90′s. The only thing I can do is try to describe what I remember.
      In the beginning, there is one man sitting on his porch in a rocking chair singing. The house is in the middle of nowhere at night. It appears to be a desert area.
      As the night changes, there is a huge moon when he looks out the window. He then starts to transform into a werewolf.
      He starts to go crazy & howls all over.
      Anyone know what I’m talking about? Your help will be greatly appreciated cause the search for this is driving me mental!

    31. Me no likey likey silver says:

      Got one (Not sure if werewolf one – could be wolf or vamp :/)

      Bruno Mars – The Other Side

      | @ @ |
      | (@) |
      |\/\/\/| RAWRZ

    32. ShellH says:

      I see you have a lot of filk artists here on your list but I don’t see my favorite song which is Wolfman’s Bride by Ookla the Mok. It’s an awesome song about the lead character from the old 1941 film The Wolfman with Lon Chaney Jr. And how he can never have a wife because he’s the wolfman. :D It’s a really great amusing song with a great rock feel.

    33. javion says:

      well as i knw the vampires bet not cross the line

    34. DarkSoulKnight says:

      Omnia-Wolf Song

    35. Weisser wolf says:

      Check out blessed by a broken heart-she wolf!!

    36. Jojo says:

      Wolf Like Me by Tv On The Radio
      Rasputina’s cover of Bad Moon Rising
      Bitten By the Wolf by Chickenfoot
      Wolf At the Door by Radiohead
      Howl by Florence + The Machine

      Hope theses ones make your list. Pretty good.

    37. Raya says:

      Very nice list !
      Now I need to start listening to all these songs…

      How about Cat Power’s “Werewolf” song ?

      And maybe it’s just me, but when I think about werewolf music, Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” always comes first.

    38. Ramstien: Du Richest so gut

    39. Pup says:

      Has anyone done the leg work to complete this collection so that it may be shared…? I’m hoping to save myself some time of doing it myself… if not… this might take a while. But I will do it.

      • Raya says:

        I’ve started an Excel file with all the songs listed in the post and comments.
        Right now I’m trying to find all album names.
        When it’s done, I’ll look for youtube links (this may take some time, though).

    40. Anne Molloy says:

      This may be a long shot but does anyone remember a werewolf song on SOMA FM’s Doomed channel? It was years ago and I can’t remember anything about the artist or the title and I don’t think they play it anymore. I know that is very vague but if you like werewolves and you listen to the station I don’t think you’d ever forget it. I have e-mailed Lucretia but no response thus far….

      • Raya says:

        I had a look at their twitter playlist (found some not-werewolf-related-but-still-very-interesting stuff, btw).

        Anyway, found two new werewolf songs there :
        Ah Cama-Sotz – The Howl Of The Werewolf
        Coil – Tenderness Of Wolves

        Seems like they are still playing these songs on Doomed though, so it’s probably not the one you are looking for.

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    42. Fuck Off!!! says:

      1. Wolf Chant – A Wolf’s Tale
      2. Satanic Warmaster – The Burning Eyes Of The Werewolf
      3. Nebelhexe – Totems
      4. Penumbra – Lycanthrope
      5. Moonspell – LyKanthrope (again???)
      6. Lycanthropy’s Spell – The Wolf Lord
      7. Wolf Chant – The Desire Of A Wolf
      8. Angeldark – Wolf
      9. Wolven Howl – Wolves From Blackdeath Realm
      10. Skyforger – Werewolves
      11. Battlelore – Summon The Wolves
      12. Opera IX – The Call Of THe Wood
      13 (13) (13) Vampiria – Brother Wolf (The Path Of Seventh Moon)
      14. Einherjer – Wolf-Age
      15. Black Funeral – Spirit Of The Werewolf
      16. Theatre Des Vampires – When The Wolves Cry
      17. Limbonic Art – Lycanthropic Tales
      18. Absurd – Werwolf
      19. Vampiria – Pagan Celebration (Celtic Evocation)
      20. Metallica – Of Wolf And Man (if you like this band…)
      21. Moonspell – Wolves From The Fog
      22. Hagalaz’ Runedance – Serenade Of The Last Wolf
      23. Folkearth – The Iron Wolf
      24. Absurd – Wolfsblut
      25. Nox Arcana – The Howling (NOT the movie)
      26. Wulfgar – Wolf’s Tale
      27. Nox Arcana – Night Of The Wolf

    43. William says:

      “Lycanthropy” by Fear Before The March Of Flames

    44. Steve O'Gwin says:

      The duo S and M have a cool song on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou6H7M_tKag
      from their new concept album “Waxing Gibbous”, which has like 19 songs about werewolves on it.

    45. pierce says:

      there is a song by skillet called monster you should check out

    46. Hal says:

      The big bad wolf by I See Stars, Raised by Wolves by Falling in Reverse.

    47. There’s a Swedish Hardcore-Punk band called WOLFBRIGADE with brilliant songs like “damned to madness”, “Hurricane Veins”, “the Curse of Cain”, “Hour of the wolf”, “In Adrenaline” and “Reality Lashes” just to name a few.

    48. paisley says:

      Andrew Jackson Jihad – Darkest Heart and Nature
      Ed Harcourt – Heart of a Wolf
      Eels – Fresh Blood
      Meisce – A Virgin’s Demise
      Murder by Death – Ash
      Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Do You Love Me?

    49. i like darkest heart and heart lf a wolf

    50. Luna Nocturna says:

      I’m making a werewolf cd so this helps out a lot, thanks! But I do have to point out two songs that you left out which I believe should be on your list. 1st: She-Wolf by Blessed by a Broken Heart and the 2nd: The Animal by Disturbed

    Leave a Reply