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Joss Whedon Explains Why The Hulk is a Werewolf & Why He Shouldn’t Have His Own Movie

Joss Whedon shares his thoughts on what it would take to bring a Hulk solo movie back to the big screen. Alright Hulk fans, I know it’s not going to be something you’ll like but I have call shenanigans on recent comments by Joss Whedon. Yeah, I know, how dare I question the infallible Joss…

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Quiz for the Ladies: Who Is Your Werewolf Boyfriend?

“Who Is Your Werewolf Boyfriend?” So, I didn’t get Jacob Black, for starters, –personally, I think he has anger management issues that will probably lead to spousal abuse issues at some point, and that’s totally not my thing. I was a bit disappointed not to get Alcide Herveaux, because holy shit, who wouldn’t want that…

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Teen Wolf: Netflix Giveth, and Netflix Taketh Away

“Teen Wolf is no longer on Netflix. The Viacom contract restructuring had many casualties, one of which happened to be Teen Wolf.” But WAIT! Actually, you can still stream the series on Amazon Prime, to the best of my knowledge anyway, –which is cheaper than Netflix, often has the same stuff (plus more) as Netflix,…

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Reboot of “The Howling” On Its Way?!

“”The Howling” was a 1981 werewolf-themed horror film directed by Joe Dante, who also directed “Gremlins.” Made for $1.5 million, the movie went on to gross $18 million in its initial theatrical release.”  Grab your Wolfsbane and silver everyone because there’s going to be reboot of the classic werewolf flick, The Howling which is a very big…

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An American Werewolf in Paris & 4 Other Sequels Everyone Hated But Me

“…shoddy digital effects and no atmosphere whatsoever. Blech!” So, Paul Blart sucked, and why they made a sequel I’ll never know, but that’s why the subject came up for our blogger. Apparently they were sort of forced to sit through it, and for that, said blogger has my deepest sympathy, because no force on earth…

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‘A Werewolf Boy’ is Now on Netflix!

“Summoned by an unexpected phone call, an elderly woman visits the country cottage she lived in as a child. Memories of an orphan boy she knew… come flooding back to her.” I know this is going to sound absolutely awful, but I really wish Korean TV was as good as Korean movies. In terms of…

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Real Werewolves Talk About Their Struggles on ExperienceProject

“I am a werewolf and I have been trying to find a way to give all you real werewolves out there some info on werewolves…”   I get sort of weirded out over the idea of teenagers who believe that they are really werewolves. I feel the same way about “real” vampires; supporting these sort…

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Check Out the Super Creepy ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Trailer

‘The doctors will see you now,’ so reads a tagline in the creepy promo, which introduces the new villains. You know, high school is hard. All the social sciences can just be confusing. These are our formative years where we figure out who we are so you can imagine how hard this is when you’re…

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Huge Werewolf Run ‘Bloodrunner’ in Maylaysia, July 2015

FORGET Edward Cullen, Team Jacob is where the party’s at (the Twilight series desecrated the vampire mythology but did have a great werewolf ambassador in Taylor Lautner’s Jacob Black).  Bloodrunner is going to be like, a huge international event organized by a local agency in Putrajaya, Sw1tch Strategies; there are 5,000 spots open for runners,…

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The “Werewolf” Mikhail Popkov is Supported By His Family Despite Confession

The ‘Werewolf’ serial killer used axes, knives and screwdrivers to murder women in a bid to ‘cleanse’ his town of prostitutes The serial killer known as the “Werewolf” –for his intensely brutal murders, including decapitation, removal of the heart, murder with an axe, among others, of 22 women, –has a very supportive family. His daughter,…

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Watch WolfCop on Netflix!

“Here Comes The Fuzz… “ Yay, it’s on Netflix! We posted this trailer a while back, and I remember saying like, “Okay, so, it looks cheesy but after watching the trailer…” and bla bla bla. I know, but the thing is, I don’t usually get down on werewolf comedy, –I actually find it a bit…

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Can Players Turn Into Werewolves in ‘Bloodborne’?

A rumor based on old wiki entries, item descriptions, and in-game animations is convincing some players that ‘Bloodborne’ characters can transform into werewolves. Do you want the short answer? Maybe there isn’t one… Some rumors are true, as the source points out; if you beat Metroid fast enough, Samus takes off her armor, –but there probably isn’t…

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‘When Animals Dream’ So… Werewolf or What?

Nar Dyrene Drømmer – First international trailer for When Animals Dream, a new werewolf tale that follows “a young girl who is hunted down by those living in… So, this girl living in a small coastal village in Sweden, basically grows up with everyone around her knowing that at some point, she’s going to turn…

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More Werewolf Beer, This Label From Brazil: Dancing Werewolves Are Delicious

“This raucous beer label by Sao Paulo’s Elefante Project Design popped up on The Dieline last week….” Anyone here a fan of down-home Brazilian beer? If you are, and you’re fan of the furry things that howl in the moonlight then you’ll like collecting these awesome looking beer bottles.  You ever get tired of running…

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Bloodborne Guide: How to Complete Eileen the Crow’s NPC Quest Line

Eileen the Crow is one of the few allies you can find in Bloodborne. Here is a guide to show you how to properly complete her quest line. It’s been a few days since we reported anything about Bloodborne, which means I know you’re all probably hungry to hear a little more about game that’s…

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‘Teen Wolf’ Has a New Monster in Season 5: The Sluagh

“Teen Wolf’s” first ever Sluagh, a supernatural creature which will be introduced in the show’s Season 5, is played by a 16-year-old Texan, named Mike Lynch. There’s actually a really cool story behind the new monster; the kid playing the first Slaugh to appear in the show is Mike Lynch, who landed the role through…

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‘Beast’ by Todd Michael Cox: Not Your Average Werewolf Story

“There are no full moons, no curses, no silver bullets.” The story isn’t even really about the werewolf; it’s about his uncle. Cox basically describes a sort of supernatural melodrama, a soap opera about living in rural Wisconsin; I’ve lived there, and personally I don’t think the people up there could be described as being…

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Klavan’s Werewolf Thriller Doesn’t Deliver Much Respect for Women

Andrew Klavan’s werewolf tale bounds along at a thrilling pace, but its treatment of women and its repetitive tics dull what could have been a sharp narrative bite. The story sounds good, –we reported on an interview with the author a little while ago. And I said I would still read the book, despite the…

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Bloodborne is Going to Kick Your Ass… And You’re Going to Like It

“The werewolves, zombies, giants, and giant werewolf zombies are meticulously built and thoroughly creepy, to a one.”  I’m so excited about getting this game… I’ll get it eventually, I never buy games new, because they’re too expensive. I wait till I can get them at GameStop, –that does mean I miss release parties sometimes, but…

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An American Werewolf in London & 9 Other Movies We Want to See in 3D!

“Whether you’re in the eyes of the wolf himself, or if you’re weaving in and out of a nightmare state, an even more immersive cinematic experience would be a nice new lens on such a familiar genre classic.” I think they’re crazy, personally… I just don’t see why this movie would be good in 3D…

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Does Bloodborne Make Up For The Order: 1886?

It’s bloody and it’s marvellous – even when you’re dead There isn’t as much werewolf action in Bloodborne, –but to be fair, most of The Order: 1886 was supposed to be a story that revolved around werewolf hunting and from what I understand from the numerous disappointed reviews… the werewolf fights and scenes were pitifully…

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5 Werewolfy Alternatives for Justin Gabriel (After His Werewolf Pitch Was Rejected)

Justin Gabriel was supposed to be a lycanthropic adrenaline junkie before it was scrapped. Here are five alternate gimmicks that are way, way worse. Justin Gabriel sucks. And he sucked a long, long time before he started introducing himself as the “Darewolf” at shows, so the kind folks over at Uproxx came up with some…

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A Werewolf Novel Written by a Best-Selling Author? Finally!

“Why are werewolves such great monsters? Edgar Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Andrew Klavan explains it in a 10-minute conversation with The Bookmonger about his new novel, Werewolf Cop…” Andrew Klavan gives a great interview; the Bookmonger, John J. Miller discusses Werewolf Cop –and of course, Klavan cites American Werewolf in London and ye olde Universal classic Wolfman as…

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Horrifying Story of Werewolf Sightings in Great Britain

“Paranormal Investigator Damon Simms explores the dingiest corners of some of Staffordshire’s spookiest places. This week Damon explores an old legend at Cannock Chase…”  The really scary part of this story is when the sightings began; in April of 1975, a boy claimed to have promised his soul to the devil through a Ouija board…

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What’s Your Werewolf Name?

“Find your werewolf name and personality with the werewolf name generator!”   I loooove this thing. So. I’m sitting at home, watching  Supernatural, wondering what the hell smells like feet… contemplating the socks next to the couch and if I should drop them in a biohazardous waste bag… and I find this werewolf name generator doodad….

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