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The Ancient Origins of Fairy Tales

When I was a little boy, my grandmother told me a story about “Rawhead and Bloody Bones.” It scared the pee out of me. As an adult, it fascinated me to learn just how many other kids had also had the urine frightened out of them, and for how long this had been going on….

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The Mc-Long Pig?!?!

“Long pig” is a slang term for human flesh, when it is used for food by other humans. Supposedly the term can be traced back to a letter written by one Reverend John Watsford, a missionary to the Pacific Islanders in the 1840s, who described witnessing the butchering, cooking, and eating of human bodies. According…

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REAL Werewolf Encounters?

Ignore the cute kitty, poised in prayer, at the beginning of this video. It’s about WEREWOLVES, baby! And not the kind you see in the movies. REAL ones. What’s that, you say? Werewolves don’t exist? Hmm. I sense a skeptic among us. Check out this video, friend, and you just might be a believer! All…

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1 legless corpse deimosimine


What does that word even mean? I don’t know, but it’s the title of the upcoming release from the guys who organized the LEGLESS CORPSE FILM FESTIVAL this past weekend, which has been so all up in my article posting for this week. Chad Armstrong is the director, Andrew Thompson the scriptwriter and producer, and…

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1 legless corpse film festival april 2016 murder for pleasure

The Ugly Bastard Offspring of LEGLESS CORPSE FILM FESTIVAL

I have saved the worst for last. The one offering out of the dozens I viewed that was just plain BAD. I don’t mean bad in the good sense. Not the Ed Wood, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE kind of bad, where the film is so enjoyable simply BECAUSE of its shortcomings. I’m talking about…

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1 legless corpse film festival april 2016 60 SECONDS montage


And if you don’t know what film festival I’m talking about by now, peeps, you just haven’t been paying attention. (Look around the page. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.) There weren’t a lot of monsters on display, and the ones there were constituted phantasms and ghosts, a zombie here and there; there were plenty…

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1 legless corpse head 2


Here is a brief summation of my experiences at the LEGLESS CORPSE FILM FESTIVAL held this past weekend in Somerville, Alabama, a celebration of short and full-length independent movies. For the most part the quality of the films presented was very good. (There was one big exception, but I’m saving that one for a separate…

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1 legless corpse table


If you’ve been following our sister sites vampires.com and zombies.org, you’ve already heard about the LEGLESS CORPSE FILM FESTIVAL that I attended this past weekend (April 23rd and 24th) at the Somerville Playhouse in northern Alabama. I saw some great films, some good ones, and one trainwreck from hell. (More on that one in a…

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This could be fun. The fictitious organization FVZA, or the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, has released some pertinent data concerning werewolves. ‘Cause, fer realz, if you live in a world where zombies and vampires are a problem that must be dealt with, it’s a safe bet you’re gonna have some werewolf issues, too. Haven’t…

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jeremy blue


In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit upfront that I am tooting my own horn, here. This stage play was written by yours truly, directed by yours truly, and produced by Evil Cheez Productions, my theatre company. We just finished a three-week run, and I am pleased to announce that it was a…

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lowry house spooky


Most all my original productions these days are staged at The Historic Lowry House in Huntsville, Alabama, an antebellum mansion located in the city’s historic cotton mill area. Before Huntsville became home to NASA and started sending people to the moon, it was a cotton town, with no less than three large mills. Each mill…

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BLUEBEARD poster 2


Gilles de Rais is one of the most fascinating characters in all of history, but it isn’t surprising that so few people have heard of him. Everybody knows about Joan of Arc, even if they can’t tell you when exactly she lived or even in what war she fought or why she was burned at…

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1 white thang larg

The Alabama White Thang

You can read an overview of the White Thang phenomenon at the link below. (They spell it wrong, though. It’s not “thing” but “thang.” This is Alabama, remember.) However, I thought you all might enjoy my own personal story involving the White Thang. I did not see the entity, whether cryptid or specter, myself. Nevertheless,…

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1 heart cake

It’s just a cake!

Anyone who knows me well, and any regular readers of my ramblings here on this or any of our sister sites, can tell you, Horror and food are two of my favorite things, and of the latter, I adore baked goods in particular. I’ve got a monster sweet tooth from hell, which is a sad…

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Calling All Filmmakers! Are You a Horror Hound?

HORRORHOUND WEEKEND is a traveling convention, although you probably knew that already. It gets lots of press coverage. It’s a Rondo Award winner! (See this week’s post over at darkness.com for details on the Rondos, if you don’t recognize THAT name, either. You probably do. Heck, go on over to our sister site, anyway.) Anyway,…

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Thrown to the Wolves. (Um, make that “Dog.”)

Seems like a lot of these type stories are cropping up as of late. Killer dog stories, people being mauled by dogs, murderers feeding victims to dogs, etc. Here’s another one for the record books. Newlywed Svetlana Batukova, a 46-year-old Russian woman, murdered her husband, 66-year-old German Horst Hans Hinkles (seriously?) and fed his remains…

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Survival Tips for Dealing with Psychopaths

Psychopaths, aka Sociopaths—the latest thinking is that both a biological predisposition as well as certain environmental factors are necessary to create such an individual, and thus the two terms are being used more and more interchangeably—are, for the most part, and despite what the movies and the entertainment industry would have us all believe, NOT…

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wendigo curse

First Nations Suicide Curse?

First off, please don’t mistake my featuring this topic on an entertainment website, which this one obviously is, as any indication that I am dismissive of the seriousness the subject warrants. I am in no way disparaging the real life tragedy that is unfolding, and has been unfolding for many years now, amongst the indigenous…

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Happy birthday, Roger!

Roger Corman is a legend. There is no denying that fact. The man has been around so long and done so much, produced so much work and had his hand in so much that is modern Hollywood that even the snooty “Academy” had to acknowledge it, awarding him an honorary Oscar in 2009. Several of…

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The Devil is in the Details—No, make that the Sirloin

The word for today is “simulacrum,” or, in the plural form, “simulacra.” It is Latin in origin, and according to Webster’s dictionary, it is defined as “(1.) a slight, unreal, or superficial likeness or semblance. (2.) an effigy, image, or representation.” In all the cases in which I have encountered the term, it is used…

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Giving in to Temptation

I have to, y’all. I just have to. I came across this headline and knew this story was going up here at our website. I can’t NOT report on it. I’ve seen the story, you see, read it, and the only way to purge it from my psyche, to provide myself a catharsis, is to…

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Real-Life Frankenstein Monster vs. Real-Life Werewolf? It could happen.

Which of the “classic” monsters is most likely to exist in our mundane “real” world? If you accept that the furry, fanged werewolf of the movies and of folklore is a metaphor for the bestial side of human behavior, a sort of supernatural stand-in, then the werewolf exists ALREADY, and always has. What, then, is…

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drac vs wolfman


If you’re thinking, “Wait, what?! I haven’t seen that one? How’d I miss it?!”, you didn’t. It is a movie that was never made. What I am reviewing is the script, written by Bernard Schubert, which WAS completed. The movie was supposed to come out in 1944 and to be a sequel to either FRANKENSTEIN…

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Equal Time

Pitbulls are not werewolves. The only thing they could possibly be seen as having in common with werewolves is their ferocity. The only times I have written about pitbulls or other dogs is when a human being had been attacked by them—and the attacking dogs in question have all been either part- or full-blooded pitbulls….

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origen domesticación del perro

Man’s Best Frenemy

Was there ever a time when wolves preyed on our primitive human ancestors? Certainly. (That was a long time ago, though. Today, humans prey on wolves.) More than from predation, however, wolves would have proven a threat to early humans due to the competition they provided, as wolves and humans fed on the same animals….

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