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Grizzly Rampage – Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw

Of course I can feel compassion for any person killed by a wild animal. Unless they’re a poacher, in which case I call it just desserts and say no harm, no foul. But a regular everyday person, sure, a person who isn’t a criminal—c’mon, admit it. It’d be pretty hard to feel any sympathy for,…

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Werewolf Wear

We geeks do have our own culture, don’t we, and to an extent our own language? Trekkies have the Vulcan salute—a reminder that there are many and varied subcultures of geeks. And I am sure you have seen the practice among “normal” folks of putting numbers in the windows of their automobiles. I am told…

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Woman has finally come out as a cat Nano, 20, from Oslo, Norway, makes the revelation in an interview published on the NRK P3 Verdens Rikeste Land YouTube channel, and it's been viewed 122,000 times Credit: NRK P3 Verdens Rikeste Land/Youtube

Otherkin? OtherCAT? Is This Fur Real?

Tread carefully, Cheezman. Tread carefully. Remind yourself of the mandate in Matthew chapter 7: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” And remember that you are dealing with real people and not cartoon characters or Kardashians. Part of my job as Poet of the Paranormal (Y’all like that? I just made it up, but I…

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The Truth Behind WEREWOLF OF LONDON’s Makeup Kerfluffle

Universal’s first real foray into lycanthropy was not its seminal THE WOLFMAN (1941) starring Lon Chaney, Jr. but WEREWOLF OF LONDON, created six years earlier and starring Henry Hull. Usually overshadowed by its more famous cousin, the latter is a classic in its own right, and if any self-respecting werewolf mark has not seen it,…

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Dimples the Mystery Varmint

Werewolves are unfortunately rare in the world today. This necessitates your intrepid reporter, whilst scouring the current headlines, kicking over the moldering metaphorical logs that lie in repose on the great forest floor that is the worldwide web in search of tasty grubs—stories—to chronicle, to include other bizarre manner of creatures, not necessarily lupine in…

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ghost panther

The Ghost Panther

Residents of Hughes Springs, a town in eastern Texas, have been seeing a large, spectral-white animal. And the fact that livestock has gone missing, or been found bearing injuries, support the claims. Could this mysterious animal be an albino mountain lion? One thing this linked article fails to mention is the difficulty such an animal…

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Another Mass Murder – 10,000 years ago

The farther back archaeologists and anthropologists keep digging in our collective Human history, the more evidence of our innate violence they will discover. Living today, surrounded by civilization, it’s easy to forget that human beings are still animals—unless you start watching the news. Then you remember it, and fast. We have, thanks to the development…

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Alas, poor Snippy, we knew her (not so) well!

As a general rule, the more one studies a paranormal phenomenon, the less mysterious and paranormal it seems. This is the case with cattle mutilations. It was so easy to imagine aliens were abducting cows and other livestock for bizarre experimentation, then leaving the mangled remains behind to frighten and titillate us humans. Then some…

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Psychopath vs. Sociopath (Again): Do you know the difference?

The title here may constitute a trick question. There may not BE a difference between the two. As someone who has read extensively on the subject, I can tell you that there is wide disparity in thought and opinion among the experts. According to the information shared in this linked article, data provided by Dr….

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TEEN WOLF Star “Comes Out”

As I am writing this article, it is morning on Martin Luther King Day in the United States. This seems appropriate. I’m thinking now of Dr. King’s famous “I have a dream” speech, and of how far we as a civilized species have come in fulfilling that dream, and how far, sadly, we still have…

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Mystery Meat

Human beings are omnivorous. We eat both vegetable matter and flesh. We have that in common with chimpanzees, whereas gorilla and orangutans, the other two species of great apes, are strictly vegetarians. Is it mere coincidence, then, that humans and chimps are so notoriously violent while orangutans and gorillas are know to be more timid,…

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The Tale of the Teeth

The most popular candidate for the true identity of Bigfoot is the giant ape GIGANTOPITHECUS BLACKII, which presumably went extinct some 100,000 years ago. Its range, though, in eastern Asia, would have put it in a perfect position, believers point out, to cross the Bering Strait land bridge into North America, the same means by…

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neanderthal elder

Neanderthals in North Carolina?

The question that first came to mind for me while reading this linked article was, how’d the guy know what a Neanderthal looks like? He’s not a scientist. He’s not an expert. And, as the only Neanderthals we have seen are artistic recreations based on recovered fossils, and those constitute the best guesses of the…

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TEEN WOLF’s Lost Love To Return

The character Allison Argent, fans will recall, portrayed by actress Crystal Reed, is, or was, Scott McCall’s first love, a regular on the series until she was killed off in season three because Reed wanted to leave the show for greener pastures. Either those pastures weren’t so green after all, or else she foraged them…

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I hear the questions forming in your mind, dear reader: What does THE REVENANT, the just-released movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio, have to do with werewolves? And, even if I am attempting to make a tangential connection to the supernatural, shouldn’t I be posting this on our sister site, vampires.com? After all, a “revenant” is a…

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Cannibals G(al)ore!

Lots of cannibalism in the werewolf news this week. First I must report on Ocasr-winner Anthony Hopkins’s regrets about reprising the role of Hannibal Lecter after the success of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, then I chance upon this juicy little tidbit. (And yes, I am aware that using a phrase like “juicy little tidbit”…

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Hannibal Lecter would NEVER apologize!

Actors can be pretty fickle. Trust me, I speak as one gazing out from the inside. I’ve done my share of acting; granted, not on the same level of success as Sir Anthony Hopkins. And I’ve associated with scores of others, perhaps as MANY as Sir Anthony; whether these were unpaid “amateurs” or starving up-and-comers…

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Two-headed Cougar!

Okay, it’s more like one-and-a-third-headed, but that wouldn’t have made for such a snazzy title for this article. Granted, it would be a little more on target for the subject matter of this magazine if the creature involved had been a wolf instead of a puma, but this news story was just too good to…

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Is the Tasmanian Tiger still alive?

I really hope this is true. This witness, Tony Holgate, is far from the only witness to claim to have seen a Thylacine, aka a Tasmanian Tiger, aka a Tasmanian Wolf. For those who may not know, the “Tassy Tiger” is—or was—one of the most unusual and remarkable animals to live in recent times. A…

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Werewolf Captain America

Oh, what insidious, nefarious racism! Marvel Comics is sneaking one by us, fanboys (and girls)! What on the surface appeared a credible effort to fix a minority character (not to say a minor character) in a prominent position at the head of Marvel’s superhero pantheon, the replacement of Steve Rogers as Captain America with his…

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Move over, cuz! There’s enough room in this cave for the both of us!

I’m fascinated by the concept of alternate species of human beings. We know that we, Homo sapiens, at one time shared this planet with numerous other, different versions of ourselves. Neanderthals are the most well known, but there were many others. These were beings so much like us. Relating to them would be so easy….

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exists bigfoot

Skunk Apes: Bigfoot’s Meaner, Smellier Cousins

Back in my college days, one of my professors was deriding the belief in Bigfoot, but actually being fair enough to admit the far more than common prevalence of sightings by rational people throughout the country and the world. While he was describing the wide geographical range, one student asked him: “How does Bigfoot get…

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Secret Signs of a Psychopath

People with an interest in Abnormal Psychology can debate all day long about the differences between a “psychopath” and a “sociopath.” Both describe a person who lacks the ability to feel empathy. More to the point, a psychopath/sociopath has no conscience. Such a person has a reptile brain, a primitive brain, the kind that, theoretically,…

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The folks over at Schiffer Books sure do make some pretty shelf swag. Pretty inside and out. The latest selection I was asked to review, SEEKING BIGFOOT, is no exception to this rule. The author, Michael Newton, also penned STRANGE WEST VIRGINIA MONSTERS, which I have reviewed previously, and a host of other monster- and…

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hound of mons

The Moon Beasts

Here’s an interesting little story. I don’t usually look to any particular person’s conspiracy theories as fodder for articles, as I have found such theories, and such people, a labyrinthine miasma from which one can expect to mine little in the way of entertainment value and from which one extricates oneself, having entered therein, with…

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