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Cheer up a Cannibal (Star)!

Out of the subgenre of cannibal films that cropped up in the 60s and 70,s the best and most infamous is Ruggero Deodato’s CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. The film has been called “pornographically violent,” but the onscreen bloodshed and carnage didn’t bother me. The footage of real animals being killed, though, that I had a big problem…

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Wolf’s Museum of Mystery A-OK

I had a few tense hours last week, as Hurricane Matthew strafed the eastern Florida coastline. Certain areas got hit really hard, among them America’s oldest, most historic, and most charming city, Saint Augustine, Florida. Readers will recall that St. Augustine is home to the truly one-of-a-kind attraction that is WOLF’S MUSEUM OF MYSTERY, which…

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Obama bans machine-gunning of wolves

It’s galling and frustrating how environmental causes have become so politicized. What should be common ground is today anything but. We all live on the same planet, after all. Should we not all want to take care of that planet? Should we all not want to sustain it for our children and grandchildren? Yet money…

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Bigfoot captured by eagle nest cam?

When I say “captured,” I of course mean in the photographic sense. Alas, photos and plaster casts of footprints, and hair samples of dubious distinction, are all we have in the way of evidence for the existence of Bigfoot. It’s likely all we’ll ever have. I theorize that if such a creature as Bigfoot does…

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Will the real Bluebeard please stand up?

I have a soft spot in my heart for Gilles de Rais, the French madman, necromancer, and serial killer of children who inspired Charles Perrault’s fairytale “Bluebeard.” (Or was Gilles de Rais innocent, as many have claimed? Was he framed by greedy family members and corrupt politicians?) Gilles de Rais was a soldier, a war…

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Ghost Ship of Insane Inbred Cannibal Rats

This one sounds, or reads, like total clickbait nonsense, but I actually recall hearing about it, or reading about it, a few years back. The story seems to be true. The LYUBOV ORLOVA was, or is, a forty-year-old Russian (the name probably tipped you off) cruise ship designed for Arctic exploration. It is now floating…

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The First Gay Werewolf Story?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the werewolf was gay, does it? Oh, it does. Okay. I thought maybe it was just a werewolf story for gay people. Granted I’m not sure what would constitute a “gay” story. If one or more of the lead characters was gay, I would imagine. Or if the story examines…

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I know you all have been stressing over what to get me for Christmas this year. I mean, sure, I’m easy to shop for, just like every other geek. But the problem arises from having so many admiring fans, and you all having to worry that one of the others is going to buy me…

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Living with Wolves

Okay, okay, this article actually offers advice on living with COYOTES, but they’re related species. And Native Americans believe in were-coyotes, and in Coyote, the anthropomorphic Trickster god, so there’s still the lycanthropic connection. The article is pretty spot on. If you don’t want to bother with it, though, I can sum it up for…

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Grow a spine, America!

Before I really get ripping on the subject of political correctness and entitlement mentality, let me stress that I do have sympathy for anyone who has suffered from the crime of voyeurism. I would not in any way belittle how traumatic such an invasive offense could be to a victim. We clear on that? You…

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Poster released for ANOTHER WOLFCOP

Recent reports that the instant classic, the Horror/Comedy romp called WOLFCOP, was getting a sequel had me doing figurative cartwheels. Now there’s this new poster for us all to salivate over. Check it out. It’s right above you. Above these words. Okay, who gets the snarky reference? Anyone? Surely some of y’all were around in…

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Black Moons and Moon Pooh

The link between werewolves and full moons is eternal. Now. It wasn’t always. In fact the connection betwixt the two is of fairly recent vintage, cemented by screenwriter Curt Siodmak in the early 1940s with his masterpiece, THE WOLFMAN. Not even a hundred years old, and yet it’s likely the strongest trope of them all,…

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The Grave of Wiccademous

As previously noted, I’m a paranormal tourist. Anytime I’m traveling, I will always consult two things before I look to any standard vacation guides or tourist websites. I check out roadsideamerica.com, a compendium of all places and sites strange, odd, unusual, or kitschy. I also do an Internet search to find out in there are…

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Cannibalism at Jamestown

The article I just completed was on the latest season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY entitled MY ROANOKE NIGHTMARE, wherein the series’ writers are mining colonial-era American history to tell us some scary stories. The “lost” colony at Roanoke, Virginia went missing sometime between 1587 and 1590, and the mystery of what happened to it is…

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They kept us guessing right up until the premiere of the hit TV show’s sixth season. Nobody outside the cast and crew knew just what would be the subject of the latest installment. Were you disappointed that it wasn’t one of the other possible plotlines they decided to go with? Not me. This one looks…

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I got to see Alice Cooper in concert a month or so ago. It got me to thinking about this wonderfully awful movie I had watched back during the olden days of my childhood, 1984’s straight-to-video werewolf flick MONSTER DOG. Take the plot of the original THE WOLFMAN, change the setting to 1980s America and…

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Our Ancestors Had Bite

I don’t think there is anything that better symbolizes humanity’s struggles against Nature, and this including its struggles against its own lower, more base inclinations, than teeth. “Nature, red in tooth and claw,” as Tennyson said. Everything is a struggle, and every living thing is in a struggle, either to eat or to escape being…

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The last time I visited this fine establishment, back in May of this year, I was somewhat pressed for time. I didn’t get the chance to spend as much time as I would have liked there—and much time is needed; there is so much stuff to see—literally every available inch of space is packed with…

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RAW: Cannibal movie making audiences faint

Legend has it that a woman had a heart attack during Lon Chaney’s unmasking scene in Universal’s silent classic THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Ever since, movies getting that kind of a physical reaction from audiences has been a much-sought-after prize, a wonderful, scintillating gemstone of free publicity. This is especially true of Horror movies….

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CGI has been both a blessing and a curse to the movie industry. It allows today’s filmmakers to do things that before they, and movie viewers, could only have dreamed of. For all that, though—and I do think the balance is far more to the positive side than the negative on this one—there are shortcomings….

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Vampire or Werewolf?

Down where I’m from, the dominant religion is SEC football; Christianity comes in second. (Note: I’m not really kidding about that.) And, much like the Sunni and the Shiites in Islam, there are two major sects, and they hate the ever-lovin’ hell out of each other. I’m speaking of the “Roll-Tiders” and the “War-Eaglers.” It…

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Last Stand of the Neanderthals

One of the services I provide, as I see it, is to encapsulate longer articles for the benefit of my readership. Time is precious, after all, and if you are like most people you see many articles that look interesting, but taking the time to read them all becomes problematic. I, however, when I’m on…

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An American Werewolf in Orlando

If I ever get the chance to take a vacation to sunny Florida during the month of October, you can bet your ass I’m gonna be heading to Universal Studios Theme Park in Orlando for their HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS, which is billed as the biggest and most spectacular haunted attraction in the country. (For the…

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A Serial Killer Board Game?

He who fights monsters must be careful lest he turns into a monster, Nietzsche warned. Likewise, Robert E. Lee cautioned that a man must not become “overly fond” of war. A similar thing can be said of True Crime junkies like me. The vast majority of us are entirely harmless; as a general rule, criminal…

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Holy Terror

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia for you. Anyone who has even a passing knowledge of history has heard the name “Borgia,” and anyone who’s heard that name already knows that a person’s wearing of a priest’s collar and holding of a supposed-to-be “holy” office will not in any way limit or hinder the capacity…

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